Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Little things that make me laugh.....

So many little things in life we find to laugh at or about. A list of mine today is as follows.
1. My oldest daughter Leslie, lives with her phone in her hand or in her pocket at all times. When she goes to sleep, it lays on her bed or pillow. This picture so reminded me of her sleeping. She's just as cute too.
2. My little grand daughter sneezing with a mouth full of green beans, while I stand in front of her to catch the over spray. That precious little laugh at the look on my face. I should carry a mirror with me to see the funny picture too.
3. My husband walking in the door with mud all over his boots, putting his lunch box away and empty dishes in the sink after a long day in the fields.
4. Starting the washer, tending to grand daughters cry, only to find half hour later, I forgot to add the Tide and Downy after the water filled washer.
5. Chasing down Christmas tree ornaments which my cat has decided to take off the tree and play with. Today's choices were bulb and bell ornament, along with partial stand of lights and beads.
6. Phone ringing while stepping into shower, waking baby from napping, removing those 15 minutes to myself til next nap time.
7. Watching the dust grow on shelves and nicknack's every time the furnace kicks on. Add dusting to my to do list.
8. Turn on water to make dishwater to keep up on the growing mound in the sink, when they were all done last night, it's only 9AM, sinks half full, only to run see what grand daughter is doing screaming in other room, come back to kitchen, sink is overflowing into other side, bubbles galore.
9. Check that baby diaper, only to find it oozing out one side of rubber panties. Fingers do wash though.
10. Crack door to take a pee, only to have the cat decide it's time for some loving and hop into my lap and crawl to my shoulder. Is there ever really any privacy in the bathroom any more?
11. Get into bed, tired from the day, and not much sleep last night for grand daughter spent the night and Grandma doesn't rest well, listening for her to not wake up, only to notice lights still on in the kitchen. Can no one else find the light switches.
12. Crawl back into bed, only to find Steve is cold and has the electric blanket on high while I'm having a hot flash early tonight.
Life is a barrel of laughs if we can find the energy to laugh at them. I find time often, for it's good for tightening the belly muscles. Who needs excise videos when you live at my house. Welcome to the funny farm.

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