Monday, May 21, 2012

Spring of 2012

This years 2nd yellow rose in my flower bed. It's smaller than the first one. But love the bright color of it once again.
This years lilies, camera did not bring out the orange of this one.
This one is my yellow lily. They both flowered earlier than usual, with our mild temp. My peonies even bloomed and are gone way before Memorial Day. Loving the colors of my flowers that have bloomed early. I should have mums blooming in a couple weeks. Hoping for color all summer long and into the fall.
Garden is planted, adding later crops in a few weeks. Garden is planned for all summer long harvesting with the space between first planting and later plantings.
Also in the works, is restoring/painting a golf cart and a Farmall - H. Been busy most days with working a little on all the projects, along with getting trees trimmed along roadway at farm, painted a wagon we made last winter, helping Steve get the soybeans in, cleaning up after heavy flash flooding rains, and mowing, which started the second week of March, and has had to be mowed at track, farm and home once a week. Then there is watching Kiley everyday too. She's such a big helper to me now.
We also have started tractor pulling, so we have our fun days too. It's good to be outside working again. Sure lifted my spirits, after a nice warm winter without being able to really do anything til the weather was for sure going to stay warm. Farmers took advantage to plant early, but some had to re-plant, as we had low land flooding from heavy rains which made the creeks go out of their banks into the planted fields. We held off planting til last Tuesday, normal planting time. Wishes for some snow next winter. Sure missed it.

In my Attic

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