Saturday, January 30, 2010

Winter Auctions

Steve and I went to an auction today.  We have tires there on consignment sale,  and they at least sold,  so we don't have to haul them back to farm. 

It was so cold out there too.  As we walked around,  you couldn't hardly recognize most people unless they stopped us,  for they were dressed in layers and hoods and hats.  Most weren't able to move too fast for the coveralls and coats,  but we did talk to everyone.  We visited more than looked.  But for us,  it wasn't the hunt this time for anything special,  so I don't think we missed anything. 

Ran into one of my Mom's brothers,  Uncle Bob and his son.  We caught up with what was what and how everyone was doing in the family.  That was nice and glad to hear all is well. 

Then another friend/nephews father in law,  and he said he had fell off a grain wagon and torn his akelis (spelling?) tendon.  The big one up the leg from your heel.  There.  Anyway,  he said he now has to have surgery to repair the tear.  I wished him well,  and pray they are able to fix it for him.  He would be lost this year if he had to miss the Alaska trip they take every summer.  He loves his fishing trip. 

Anyway,  we left there and headed to SD's to fix the interior wiring and head liner on one of his tractors for him.  Then on into town,  stopped at DQ for some lunch,  then on to SD's other farm just outside of our town to put horn button on our grain truck.  All those types of things have to work when they test the truck for road use.  Steve was inside putting it on the steering wheel and when he connected the wiring,  the horn would blow.  So me sitting in my truck waiting for him to get done,  honked my horn back at him.  He just shakes his head at me and smiles.  That completed,  we headed on home taking the back roads for scenery route.  We may go cut some wood and bring it home to split,  not sure yet.  We are warming up first.  Temp is 30* out,  but at least the sun is shining and I got my Vit. C from it this morning while huddled in my layers of coats and clothes. 

Friday, January 29, 2010

Dust bunnies beware: Pay up or leave.

It is a good morning here.  Even tho I didn't sleep much, I still feel energized today.  I accomplished quite a bit of cleaning yesterday,  and my living room should be labeled "dust free"  after the time I spent in there moving things and cleaning them.  If only there was a way to collect rent or tax from dust bunnies,  we could be rich.  How long will it last,  probably 2 days with this old house.  But for today,  I know it's done and I can tear into another room and work some in it.  Won't get much done,  must computer catch-up,  for Kiley will be here in a few minutes and my day will be spent entertaining her. 

Kids come over last night and they got their taxes filed.  Melanie and Dave have to file amended after the 18th,  for they sent them before they had Dave's unemployment W-2.  They get more money back so that's a plus.  Leslie gets everything she paid in back.  Steve and I are going thru reciepts and labeling what went on what.  Some were labeled when I put them in file,  others sort of went in not labeled.  Must have been some of the busy times we had.  Or else just my lack of discipline in keeping up with what should have been done in the first place.  So, my bad.  

For anyone having calves born in the next couple months out in the pasture.  Here's a tip to warm them up right after they are born.  This tip is compliments of SF magazine's - All around the farm"  collection book.  Take 4 to 5 milk jugs,  fill with hot water,  place around calf on ground and cover calf with blanket.  Hey,  this might even work for humans if they get cold working outside,  if they have access to hot water.  Little survial tip just in case.  

Well, off I go to get some things done again today.  Headed to catch some more dust bunnies and turn them loose outside to go to the neighbors instead of my house. 

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wanted: Yarn Roller and Bark Stripper

Today I spent some time getting my yarn rolled into balls.  Didn't get it all done,  but some and it's waiting in my take along bag for when we go on trips, or I just want to carry it thru the house.  I wondered while rolling it,  why doesn't the yarn company just roll it into balls when they produce and package it instead of the loose skeins they sell.  It would be so much easier to start on projects than having to ball it before starting.  I have used it as skein,  but then I forget to watch how I pull it out and I have a knot and have to cut it out.  I know I should watch what I am doing,  but I just work some and put it down,  then work some more and forget to watch it.  So instead I roll it before beginning.  Just a lot of work when the factory could have it ready. 

Also I started stripping the bark off some of the wood pieces I am going to use to make an outside table for my porch.  I spend much time out there and want something that looks like nature.  So I am going to use some medium size branches to make the legs out of.  I thought the bark would just like fall off.  Oh no,  I had to get a knife,  and then I have 2 puncture wounds to my left hand as the knife slipped several times,  but only connected the 2 times.  One to the little finger top by nail the other to side on thumb.  Not bad,  just a little blood.  I got the bark off them,  now I am using wire brush to buff the grit off the wood.  It has little bug runs on the wood so it will give the finished piece some design.  I need to get my shelf for quilt started,  but it's too cold out to work in shed.  This little table I am making,  I can work on it on the kitchen table.  So with newspaper spread out,  I have bark,  wood shavings,  and my sticks sitting out. 

Steve got home and he laughed at my mess,  and I told him I am just playing around to see how something ends up looking from my vision only I can see now. 

So he worked outside when he got home.  He got the hydraulic hose for the log splitter put on,  and cut some wood and split it and brought it in.  I have used almost all the wood we had cut.  But he sure likes the added warmth of the house when he gets home at night.  While I was fixing supper,  my nephew and a friend of his stopped to pick Leslie up.  They were all heading to play pool and then the ones not in the tournament will watch.  So run out and talked with him a minute.  Supper got done,  we ate,  dishes are done,  now I am ready for my book and laying on the bed for a while.  Wish I could weld a knife with the left hand and control it.  Would feel so much better than the pain tonight. 

Monday, January 25, 2010

Dreams and Ghosts

Dreams have me awake tonight,  more than the usual pain waking times.  Having gotten used to the ghostly sounds of our home over the years,  this weekend they have been more active and loud.  In loud I mean bumps,  thuds,  clicks,  taps,  bangs,  and clinks.  To add to the list tonight is the dream of hearing the ghosts talk and argue between each other,  waking me with the "real" feeling of a dream being real. 

The weirdest part is the voices even had familiar faces,  and they were arguing over who I heard and spoke with the most.   Have I become so anti-social - I now only speak with ghosts?  Should I fear for my sanity?  Do I spend too many hours without talking with people,  I need to get out more?  Do I talk too much to myself in my mind that I am starting to answer myself too?  Or have I emersed myself too much into research on the internet of too many project plans at once?  All probable causes for such a dream.  Too deep to understand and my mind is too tired to try.  Bottom line,  I will blame it on the winter blahs,  rainy gloomy days and dark damp weather.  Healing prescription,  take 2 advil,  go back to bed,  and pray for some sunshine to brighten my days or snow to brighten my nights.  Message was sent,  now received,  so winding down now and hoping for my ghosts to quiet themselves and sleep for the night. 

Friday, January 22, 2010


I finally completed my tote box project.  It took some time,  as I can't hold the paint brush as steady as I once could,  making me disappointed in the way it was coming out.  I don't like to paint for the painstaking time between painting and drying are tedious moments for me,  but I hung in there and did it.  Many nights I could have worked on it,  but the pain in the neck and headache prevented me from sitting and being able to even see it without blurred vision. 
Yesterday,  I was able to finish and the box is now done. 

Here is picture of the little tote box I intend to use for paper napkin holder on kitchen table.   It will probably get used eventually for holding something else in another room,  but for now use in the kitchen is it's purpose. 
I can now proceed to my next shelf making item on my list.  I still have my logs out on the back porch to work with,  but with the wet the last week,  they aren't drying out like they need to.    I will just leave them on the list for now.  I have to dig in the bottom of my closet for the quilt the shelf will display for the width measurment I need for board and rod.  My quest goes on to do what I can when I can and the best I can.

Plans and Grandparenthood

An interesting little bit of trivia.  Do you know what windshield wipers,  fire escapes and dishwashers all have in common?  They were all invented by women.  

Mission accomplished today,  by finishing up my tote box I started over a week ago.  I finished the painting and clear coat on it late afternoon.  Cleared kitchen table of paints and will take picture tomorrow in the gloomy day light.  Today marked the 7 day mark for fog and gray skies in our area.  I look forward to more snow just to brighten things up outside after this last week.  

Sunday finds another nephew a year older.  He will hit the 32 year mark.  Grown into a fine young man and very good father.  I am proud.   Happy early Birthday Jason.

Ran across a blog which reminded all that spring is only 2 more months away.  Winter has been typical so far,  bitter cold,  now thawing,  coming of more cold,  yes,  sounds like typical winter.   I now have another project to start on.  I can see it in my head,  need to get started building it.  My plan is to make a long shelf,  and on bottom will be long rod to hang a family quilt on.  In 1988,  I painted picture of in laws farm house on white material,  right in the middle.  Then with some helpful ideas,  placed 4 squares on the corners which included each one of their childs names,  anniversary date,  and birthdate, and list children and birthdates under each one.  The In laws recieved this for thier 40th Wedding Anniversary.  Turned out quite nice,  and Mother in law placed it proudly on guest room bed for years.  Both Steve's parents are gone now,  and I have the quilt,  now I would like to display it.  On top of the long shelf,  I plan to place most of mil's bell collection,  what bells we were allowed to have.  So now I want to get started on yet another winter "keep me busy" craft. 

My days have been busy trying to keep entertained my 5 month old grand daughter.  She is learning fast.  She now knows high 5,  when you place your hand up and say "high 5"  she reaches with her hand open up and touches ours.  Just yesterday while playing on my bed during her little play time,  she was talking to herself and even got out the sound  "ha ha" like I have been teaching her.  I got right on the phone to her mom and let her hear her talking,  so Melanie put her on speaker phone for the whole office to hear her new word.  I tell her daily that Granpdpa will teach her to say "ha ha Grandma" to times when she is doing everything with him.  I cherish the time I have now,  for as soon as she is able to be Grandpa's shadow,  I know my time with her will be limited.  So for now I am soaking up all the Grandma time I can.  She likes watching my cat chase her balls around the room,  and Sassy also likes to wait under Kiley in her walker for the baby toys to hit the floor,  for then she takes off with them to play with herself.  It's a full time job entertaining her,  very tiring some days when she decides to soak up love the whole day.  But she gets whatever amount she needs. 

Spring gardening should be an adventure with her working outside with me.  I just hope she is out of the stage of eating everything that she gets hold of like she does now.  I have been working with her on that.  I give her some toys and tell her she can bang on floor or high chair tray instead of eating them,  we play with running them on tray and making sounds while doing it,  hope to teach her not to put everything in her mouth. 

This spring when we place our garden,  we are going to mark off area which we will build on.  I am planning on doing some small areas in landscaping and plan to purchase a rose bush to be named after Kiley.  I will let her help me in the digging of dirt to plant it.  She will get her own gardening tools to use also,  plastic of course,  but she will be able to plant her own garden while I plant mine.  Should be interesting to take pictures of,  for she will be 7 to 9 months old at that time,  depending on when gardening can be planted in our area this year.  As fast as she is learning now, I am sure she will be all ready to assist me,  or tire me out from a day in the garden.  I have already warned Steve, he may have to build me a pen for her to play in.  Should be interesting to see what he comes up with to help me keep her safe and contained at the same time while I garden and landscape on the farm as well as here at home,  without putting her in a swing for long periods of time.  I am sure a swing will be included though.  He was very creative with our girls outside play things. 

I can see another project forming in my head to discuss with him to bring to life......but this will be his project.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Not Me Tonight.

Tonight I sit here,  with nothing to say. 
Unusual for me.  My head has so many thoughts floating around in it,  and most are confused thoughts,  which the media has instilled in my mind.  I blame it on the media,  for without the outside communications media network I would have no idea an icon in the world of religion spoke the devils words to the nations public through our airwaves.  I pray God will forgive him,  for most of the world won't forget his evil words.  So to any who venture to this blog,  God Bless You and all those in the world who believe our GOD is a Good GOD and does not order distaster to his people.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Blooms in Winter & Oil Treatment for Hair?

I picked up some "clearance" hyacinth bulbs last fall.  I figured I could force then this winter for early planting in my flower bed in the spring.  I wasn't even sure they would grow at all,  being late in season and on the clearance rack.  But I gave them a try.  I planted these in early December,  watered when soil needed it,  let it dry out a couple weeks then watered it again,  thinking it was a waste of time.  In the clay pot I had even just stuck in a baby off my spider plant so pot would have some green growing it it.  Behold,  I saw sprouts coming out of soil just after the first of the year,  and now I have spring flowers in the middle of January. 

I couldn't believe it a first when I saw the pink in the green of the tips growing,  I thought it was the color of the stalk being an odd shade.  But as the little buds started opening,  I see they are flowers.  I have never planted the hyacinth bulb before.  Only a potted plant.  So now,  I have potted hyacinth plants to plant when spring gets here which I grew myself. 

Watching these flowers bloom makes me want to get more seeds and get them started for my vegetable garden as well as more flowers.  Depending on the weather,  spring time comes here late March early April for planting vegetables and flowers.  Some years we have had to wait til mid May even.  So I don't want to jump in with plants everywhere too soon.  But I plan on hunting for seeds in the next week. 

Hopefully I will have plants growing in the next 3 weeks and watching them amaze me like these little bulbs did. 
Since God sent me color for my winter inside hole-up,  I won't have any winter blues at my house this year.  Thank you God..........

Today,  we collected some firewood again.  Thought we weren't going to with the fog and thawing out we have had,  but Steve said we could get some already cut wood and just split it and not go out into woods to cut.  So off we went,  another day of mud everywhere you walk and drive.  Hooked wagon and log splitter behind tractor and off we went.  I found some very unique pieces to cut for unique picture frames.  This tree when cut was rotting on the inside,  so it had big hole in the center.  Oh what a vision when I saw it laying there.  There were many odd pieces I found which can be transformed into some crafty items.  I hope we have enough to have some firewood out of this load,  for I have some great ideas for so much of it.  Can't wait til we get back to the walnut tree laying just inside the woods before the crops get put in.  I will have to bug Steve til we can get it cut up and dragged home.  But first must help spot dead trees to cut for firewood so he doesn't split up all the walnut to burn. 
And I thought my winter without working was going to be long and lonely after all the years of working outside the home.  Boy,  was I wrong............Only drawback today was the terrible head ache and neck pain I suffered when we got home this evening,  with too much lifting today.  But the pain has eased up and I am looking forward to tomorrow when me and my little chain saw head outside to start cutting and shaping my wood. 
Oh,  yeah,  our adventure today ended with the hydraulic hose on the log splitter breaking and spraying hydraulic oil all over the back of my coat and my bare head,  note:  wear hat when being around hydraulic hoses in future,    so now I have to wash my hair with Dawn to remove the oil.  Fun fun...on the upside,  I smell like Steve does when he gets home from work after working on farm machinary all day everyday.  Smells familiar,  but not fun to wear. 

Friday, January 15, 2010

Thoughts of Yesterday

January makes a walk in the woods ideal.  No bother of bugs,  no snakes to scare up and scare me,  watching the squirrels play in the trees,  looking down at the snow which is left with all types of little animal tracks.  Trying to identify the tracks are some of the little things the walk has in store.  Following deer tracks,  stumbling upon the den they slept in last night.  Maybe if lucky,  I might see some deer lingering off in the field digging up some ear corn left from harvesting. 

The quiet of the trees echoing the wind as it gently flows through the limbs.  The peace and quiet,  opening the mind for thoughts to flow,  from memories of yesterday,  to the plans of the future.  Nothing to distract the feeling of being free of worry,  troubles,  and leaving cabin fever of winter behind for a few hours. 

I can remember many such walks growing up.  The place we lived had an abudance of woods.  With 6 of us kids,  we could venture out all in different directions and not cross paths for hours.  Most walks we paired up.  Usually one of us was more daring than the other,  for crossing a fallen tree over the creek,  to treking up the steep hill in snow drifts,  just to see who could make it and how far the other would walk along the banks to find an easier crossing or path up the hill. 

Today was just a trip down memory lane,  in the anticipation of our trip into the woods tomorrow.  I am so looking forward to it.  Even though it is to work.....

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Keeping at bay, the winter blues

A beautiful day we were blessed with today.  The sunshined all day long,  temps moved up into the high 40's,  and the days are becoming longer giving us more daylight hours. 

I only got a few chances today to step outside to enjoy the sun,  but when I did,  the birds were singing and the snow is melting,  the ground in the driveway is mushy.  My truck needs washed real bad,  sporting mud from last woodcutting day,  blobs of mud lay on top of the back tires from thawing out finally.  For me that's a no-no,  for I have always been so particular about my truck,  so now I am raring to get to car wash to wash it.

Here it's been 2 full weeks into the new year,  and so far I am holding up to the winter hostaging in the house.  This being the first year without working,  which I had invisioned winter blues to set in,  social withdrawl hasn't over come me yet.  There were days at the beginning of November,  after gardening was done,  that I thought often of my job I left and people I missed seeing,  and I didn't look forward to winter months that lay ahead of me.  So far so good though.

I am bummed,  yesterday I didn't get to finish the painting on my tote box.  But spending time with little Kiley was an upfront,  first in line,  top of the list thing for the day.  She demanded it,  I gave it to her,  she deserves the attention of as much love as she can get at such a tender young age, which knows only loving arms can make it all go away,  for she had a winter blah sort of day.  Maybe today she will enjoy watching me paint and talk to her during the time she has to sit and watch me.  She may be my inspiration of bright colors introduced into my barn scene.  I intend to be her sunshine and do my best to make her smile and laugh as much as I can. 

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Wednesday

Little Kiley is spending the night.  She zonked out after her bath last night on PaPa. 

Spent the day painting on my tote box.  During the spells when I had to wait for paint to dry,  I cleaned the house.  Used the new lavendar scent Lysol,  so house smells lavendar-y.   Melanie and Dave come over for supper,  made Lasagna and garlic french bread.  Steve got home from work while I was cooking supper,  and found I had brought the last of the wood in from porch.  I heated the whole house today with the fireplace,  the sun helping as it shined bright all day.  The furnace needed the rest after the last 2 weeks of non stop running.  So he and Dave went up to the farm to get some more out of the trailer we have of cut wood.  Well,  the phone rang about half hour after they left,  I am assembling the Lasagna to go into the oven.  They are stuck and we need to bring tow strap and Melanie's 4x4 to come pull them out.  So we start truck to warm up for Kiley,  Leslie headed out to get chains and strap to put in Mel's truck,  Melanie gets Kiley ready to go,  and I slap the Lasagna together,  put it in oven at 250* and we head up there.  We get about 5 minutes out of town,  Mel's cell rings.  The guy's managed to get out of ditch,  Dave got out and pushed,  while Steve kept rocking back and forth,  but they finally made it out.  So we turned around and come back home.  Girls laughed that we had a nice little ride anyway. 
Kids stayed and watched the Marine 2 with Steve.  I cleaned out fridge and fed the grand puppies the left overs.  Did up the dishes,  and then tried to sit down to some computer time.  But,  didn't get very far,  for Kiley had to have a bath,  and jammies,  bottle and Grandpa.  Sat down again,  Kiley fell asleep so I put her in her bassinett in my room,  then kids got ready to leave,  saw them off,  and it was just shy of 10 then.  So shut down computer,  got my jammies on and layed in bed and read for while.  I don't remember Steve even coming to bed. 
Up by midnight,  and Kiley was up shortly after.  Leslie was still up,  so I took her in her room and the little booger,  she started kicking and laughing when she saw the TV on in Leslie's room.  Les gave her her bottle but had to take her to living room and sat to watch the fire place to get her to go back to sleep.  Her mom and dad will kill me if she starts getting up at home in the middle of the night now.  lol  Anyway she is back in bedroom with Grandpa asleep for a while.  Guess I should head in there and sleep while she does. 

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Whacky Monday

Reminder:  Go to bed and lay on left side,  DO NOT lay on right side......

Yesterday,  the weather warmed up to a whole 28* by 8:30 when I started wondering "what to do today."  So in the mist of the heat wave,  I wanted to try out the sander Steve bought me for Christmas.  0* to 8* doesn't bring much chance in using it sooner.  Oh,  well let me tell you though,  I did try it out in the kitchen,  but I didn't like the cleaning up of the saw dust.  Yes,  I did really start sanding some peices on my counter top.  Let's just say,  my microwave is black,  when I got done with some playing around,  it had turned a light gray color.   So I had to then clean up my mess.  So outside it went to be used.  I don't use patterns,  I look at something and form the image in my head ,  draw out on paper what I see,  and measure,  cut and put together.  So my project was to make a sort of tote carry all,  with dowel rod handle,  for putting my napkins in on my kitchen table.  It can be used for anything really,  craft item storage/display,  jars of spices on counter top,  I even thought about putting my clothes pins in it.  Maybe that will come when spring hits and I am able to hang clothes out.  
Anyway,  I put my coat on and headed to the shed,  cleaned off work bench (Steve's mess still there from overhauling his lawn mower motor),  positioned my saws,  and cut my peices using some scraps of 1/4" plywood I had stashed under bench for crafts.  Rummaged around in pantry cabinet in kitchen for extra dowel rod from makiing rocking chair for Kiley,  and commenced cutting out my peices for the tote.  

Then I headed to sander.  Let me just say it was so fun using it and made the sanding part of woodworking so much easier.  
Thank You Steve for this Christmas present.  

Notice, this is in the house on the kitchen counter where I first tried it out,  making my mess.  LOL  Good thing counter tops are pretty indestructive,  I do many many odd things on them.  
Anyway,  I am at the painting stage of my craft,  and now I know why dedicated craft makers cut many projects out at one time,  then they start painting them.  One thing at a time is so painstakingly slow progress.  Paint,  let dry, paint, let dry,  surf the net,  paint some more.  Eeerrr.

I hope to finish my painting sometime soon,  but in the mean time,  I am invisioning another project to sketch out and proceed on.  I can't wait to go cut some more wood and get my chunks of walnut to work with also.  So that was another day in my whacky Laura's world..............

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Post 101, I made it this far

Just visited the dashboard page to catch up on some blogs I am following,  and learned I have 100 blogs to date.  Truthfully when I started this blog,  I didn't know it would keep me interested enough to keep it up,  but I have to be honest,  I feel more connected here in my own little world writing than I do in other places on the web I hang out.  Does that make me "the person outside looking in?"  If so,  I don't have to describe myself any further,  because this is where I am happy.  Here I don't feel like I have to connect.  I hope who ever reads these learns something from them,  even if it is only to laugh with me,  and at times, at me. 
Life has been good to me,  and delivered it's share of storms my way also.  I try not to dwell on the bad things,  for the sun always shines eventually.  My door will remain unlocked and open,  and I welcome any and all who enter here.  I look forward to sharing our ventures,  our accomplishments,  and our faith in God.  So as you see me outside your window,  give a wave,  it might make my I ride the waves.............

Saturday, January 9, 2010

1829 - House deeded into Home.

Oh yes,  my summer is within me.  Today, I even plotted out on paper some of my ideas for landscaping and gardening.  Dreams are free and life would be dull without them.  Without dreams where would our future be today. 

I let Steve have a relaxing day,  he seems to limp less.  But for some reason,  while sleeping just moments ago,  he elbowed my sore thumb for touching it when he moved his arm in bed.  He thought I was the cat,  for she likes to sleep with us,  and he don't want her near him.  She usually sleeps behind me,  with me in middle,  and evidently he thought she was there.  I am up now.  I think I will take back my thank you to him the other day for this trick tonight. 

With this cold spell,  our furnace has run non stop.  The house is feeling it,  my humidifier isn't putting out enough moisture,  so I will dig deep into the freezer today and find something to boil for hours on the stove for supper,  putting much needed moisture into the air and house itself.  Nice pot of beef and homemade noodles sounds good to me. 

My accomplishments today included baking a cherry chip cake and frosting it with cream cheese frosting with cherry flavor,  yummy.  I did venture out today,  I picked up the deed and abstract of our house.  Our bank moved to new location in November,  and they hadn't moved all files with them,  so they had to locate it and call us when it was ready to pick up since we paid it off December 23,  2009.  Looking through it today,  the first recorded record states the United States to Lindsay H. English,  dated August 28,  1829.  Wow,  our home is older than I thought it was by about 30 years. 
Interesting to see what the cost of it was over the years.  At one time it sold for $75.00. 
Wonder back then how long it took to pay that amount off? 

So sitting here in my antique home amoung my antiques and me being an antique myself,  I should put myself back into my antique bed and rest these antique eyes and body.  Today I did feel old,  but I did have a Red day like promised myself I would. 

Gray day behind me, RED day coming

Since I lost a day this week,  I figure I had better remind myself what day it is.  At my age,  these things need to be worried over. 

It is Firday night,  just turned Saturday morning by the clock.  I'm going to force myself to have a RED day today.  I didn't sleep much Thursday night,  so I had a GRAY day yesterday. 

Found myself with a fuzzy mind all day,  no focus,  not much energy,  didn't have my usual humor about me kind of day.  I know it's the dreaded cold weather we're having making me feel this way.  I need my fresh air,  and with temps in the 10's,  I don't get my fill.  Praying for a few days for my dose of vitamin C from the sunshine,  even in my winter coat. 

Received my bible reading assignment,  but didn't even open it today to start on it.  Shame on me,  maybe that's why I feel so restless.  Kick in the behind should be dealt me,  anyone wanta volunteer? 

Steve came home tonight with a very noticable limp,  he said too much climbing up and down on combine he is working on.  I am thinking maybe he should go have it x-rayed,  but getting him to go to doctor isn't easy.  He isn't one to complain,  but since he took that hit from the log in the thigh,  he has been taking Advil without prompting from me.  Very unusual,   if you knew my Steve.  He has to work half day today.  Maybe some rest this weekend will be good for him.  I will try real hard not to find something for him to have to help me with.  Wish I had some old fashioned horse linament to put on his sore leg area,  that would help,  but don't have any around.  Wonder if Farm and Home would have any?

We have our first of the year meeting Sunday with club.  Looking for new year to bring some changes to pulling,  getting new and old pullers to resurface.  Should be an interesting meeting with the older ones that keep saying,  "in the past,  we've always...."  ,  not giving new ideas a chance to be voiced.  Maybe this years President will over ride those old voices and let the new ones be heard.  We shall see....

Need to put on my to do list,  make reservations for March first pull of season for us.  Road Trip!!!!!  A weekend away.........and our anniversary weekend at that. 

Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday Blubberings

Thank you Steve,  you've given me something to think about all day.
He just informed me today is Friday.  Guess I had 2 Thursday's this week,  or maybe it was 2 Wednesday's?

Early morning again here at our house.  Gotta start truck extra early to let it get warmed up before he leaves for work.  8* degrees again,  wind is still blowing but suppose to calm later and then pick up again this evening. 
Snow drifting over cleaned roads,  the country roads haven't even been touched,  for they are fighting the highway drifts.  So,  Steve made his own path home last  night.  Schools are closed again today due to weather. 

I received the next 4 days of the 2010 Challenge,  so have some reading and assessing to do this weekend.  The author hits so many short-comings for himself which I can relate to in my own life.  Living life for God is a challenge for everyone everyday with the world we live in being so tempting.  So this challenge brings to light why we must daily thank God for loving us with our simple sins as well as our major sins, of which we have many.  God Bless

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow, perfect timing of Challenge of 2010 Bible Study online

23*  Yesterday,  just hung out inside,  watched the day begin with bright sunshine,  and as the day flew by,  the clouds moved in,  bringing the snow with it.  By 6:30 the flakes started falling.  

When Steve got home,  we started up the log splitter and split the wood we had brought home last wood cutting,  one load was split,  one not.  Got it split before snow could collect pile on it.  So we're set for another week of firewood.  

As I sit here the temp out is 24*  and it's still snowing,  only about 2" out there right now,  but as I looked at the driveway,  I can see the snow starting to drift from the wind kicking up.  the sky looks fierce with the dark gray clouds to our north.  Steve says he thinks my little leaf blower will work for cleaning sidewalks in the morning.  We have a hand snow blower,  but one year it wouldn't start for Steve and he just shelved it for future repair,  which didn't get done,  but it is too heavy for me to use.  

Supper was BK last night,  as we were outside off and on working.  Steve took one lawn mover over to Dave and Melanie's for Dave to blade off his driveway with snow blade on it.  BUT,  he hadn't yet got the snowblade on his lawn mower yet,  so there he was,  laying on the ground in the snow,  where he had blade Dave and I had dragged out for him to put on before the snow even hit......

My day was busy with Kiley.   Got another story started in my book, it has 2.   Read some while Kiley napped this afternoon.  Enjoyed the fire going and not doing anything but the essentials around the house today.

Received my first online Bible Study e-mail today.  Matthew 1-2 are the chapters for study to start.  Looking forward to this Challenge for 2010 I accepted through site I am a member of.    

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cold out, fire going, reading material, Shopping

8*  Might as well keep track of temp.,  may be a need to know later on. 
Our wood pile is dwindling fast,  as I keep the fireplace going around the clock to help the furnace.  It's running non stop with the cold spell.  The sun was shining here today,  I took advantage of it to open blinds and let it in also.   I was outside several times today,  just standing in the sun,  looking at the trees as they stand bare and cold.  Snow is moving in for my area come Wednesday night into Thursday morning.  2 to 4" expected.   Looking forward to watching it as well. 
Surfing the web today,  I ran across a site I haven't encountered before.  It's a recipe site,  Recipezaar.  I found it a different one,  for it gives recipes for things like coffee creamer,  which I may try for I use creamer in my coffee,  so it might be cheaper and better flavor if I make it myself.  Will make note later if it is worth it,  flavor wise. 
We didn't get to Sears Sunday to pick up my sander,  Steve just wasn't up to walking around with his bonked leg.  It does seem to be better today,  but climbing up and down on the combine he is working on,  he said that was a b**** today.  Leslie and I are making the trip in the morning to see if it's in.  It's too cold out to work with the logs I have laying by porch to carve around on with my little chainsaw.  I do wish for some above freezing weather soon so I can play outside.  May have to visit some of the other stores while I am there,  especially the book store as I am almost out of stash to read.  I am on the last book and I do need my nightly reading material.  lol 
I wonder if joining a book club/swap would be beneficial for me.  I don't know of any local,  but may check closer to see if maybe the library knows of any.  Could save me quite a chunk of change.  I have to confess,  I have a library of my own with the years of books I have purchased.  One day,  I will have the shelving to have them at fingers reach whenever I want,  but for now,  most are in my closet and attic in boxes.  I have read many more than once,  and favorites more than that.  My favorite books are by authors who can transport me to another era,  country,  state,  or make me feel like the character.  In my traveling dreams,  I think I would like someday to travel to Ireland,  just for the country side viewing,  it looks so beautiful in words.  I love to watch the movie "The Quiet Man"  with John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara just to see the country.  "Gone With the Wind"  sequel is another,  "Scarlet",  it too is set a lot in Ireland.  Wish I new the family lineage,  I may have Irish blood. 
So for now, I am off to the fireside and my book for a while,  it's not Ireland,  but it's a mystery and they are about to figure out "who done it".  I think I know already,  but I have been wrong before......

Monday, January 4, 2010

It's winter,  that is evident. 
Good thing today,  the sun is shinning bright.  Makes for at least looking out something to smile about. 

On staying inside,  I sat down this morning to look at Steve's Red Power magazine,  and I see where Red Power Round Up is being held in LaPorte, Indiana.  I will be sure to look up that city and see how far it is from us.  I love to go to the shows they have.  We went to our last one in 08',  it was held in Columbia, MO,  just over 2 hours from us.  So if this one isn't too far,  I will make sure to make plans to attend it also.  Note:  Dates  June 24,25 & 26, 2010.  If anyone reads this and wants more info,  it's

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Another ramble about my day.

This was Steve and I today.  We just hung out together.  Made the trip to grocery store for supplies for our bellies.  Wow was it ever cold out there today.  The wind was cutting right thru the clothes.  Poor Steve is still hobbling from the wood splitting incident the other day.  So his treck to the doors was longer than my sprint.  I hurried my behind into the warmth,  or I thought warm, inside.  But truthfully,  the darn store was cold in there.  As we went about our treasure hunting,  we encountered many shoppers with their gloves on.  Wish I had worn mine in,  I too would have pushed my cart with them on,  those handles were ice cold. 

We also picked up the latest "Marine 2" movie.  So this evening before supper Steve asked me to watch it with him.  I made it in to the last half,  for I fixed supper and did the dishes before settling down on the love seat.  I sat very near the fireplace with the flames roaring.  Which made for movie watching relaxing and very enjoyable. 

So today is the second day of the new year,  and I haven't hear yet from Sears if my sander is in yet or not.  I think tomorrow we will make a trip down and see if they have just forgotten that it's paid for and no one called.  I hope it's there,  I am ready to test it out on some wood and see how well it works opposed to the hand held ones I have.  Your sure to know if it comes in...

Kids called tonight,  their little border collie Jade,  she was outside running around in snow,  and somehow,  yanked off one of her toe nails.  Dave run her out to vets office,  but it was closed.  So we told him to put some gun grease on the nail and wrap it to stop the bleeding.  That is what we did in the old days on the farm when an animal got hurt.  Guess it worked,  they didn't call back with any more hints on what to do.  Dave said he would keep eye on it.  She's his dog,  and she also takes good care of me when she's around here.  She's a sweet dog,  I call her my grandpuppy. 

Picked up some new ideas for some wood projects surfing around on the web this morning.  Found a rocking horse I just might have to make for the Grand daughter.  And, some more ideas for shelving and mounting them to wall.  Looks like my winter can be filled with sawdust if I keep this up....

I do have some sewing to catch up on,  and I want to whip up a couple more bonnets and dresses for Kiley.  I also have an afhagan started for Steve,  a lap blanket,  big IH design.  Need to pull it out and get it finished.  I put it away when I decided to make the one for Kiley for Christmas.  Got it done,  and went to work on the rocking chair.  Some times,  I get too many irons in the fire and have to re-group and finish those un-finished things. 

Well,  laundry is done,  house got vac'd,  dishes done,  groceries bought and put away,  fire blazing,  and now my blog is done,  so I am calling it a night,  and heading to the bedroom with my kitty and book..............

Friday, January 1, 2010

It's now 2010

January 1,  2010.  Today was a relaxing day for us.  We unloaded trucks of firewood,  and then spent time with family.  Steve is still sore today,  this morning he was very stiff,  but tonight he is walking around a little faster. 

I even took some time to sit through a couple of Monk shows.  Kids got me the first season of Monk for Christmas.  I loved that show.  And I run across one on my DVD which I hadn't seen,  so I was real happy about that. 

Melanie,  Dave and Kiley come over.  Dave and I played around with my little chainsaw.  He hadn't seen it yet.  So I showed him how it worked and then we tried our hand at carving with it.  I think Dave likes it as well as I do.  We have some pieces of wood to play around with,  so he and I will get together one day and carve some more.  I also told him my plans to make some outside tables with some of the unique pieces of wood I brought home whole.  I also am thinking of making some shelves using sliced up large logs,  cutting them in half and hanging then randomly throughout the house for a very country looking decor.  I will sand them and finish them for easy cleaning and shiney look with polyurethane.  Another project to keep busy with.

Time now for my bible verse after dishes are done.  God Bless us as we enter into this New year,  guide us as we go about our days,  fill our hearts with love and pleasant dreams in our nights.  Thank You Lord for another year.  Amen 

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