Monday, December 28, 2009

Face of author

So often when reading blogs or visiting social sites on the internet do we wonder what the person behind the keyboard looks like.  Well,  here I am with my husband Steve,  which I introduced you too a few journals ago,  our first grandchild,  Kiley,  whom I have talked of non stop,  and me,  Laura,  the face behind the words.  Note: date for journal,  Christmas 2009. 
LOL,  I think I woke Leslie up when I opened her door looking for my kitty.  She goes to bed with Leslie,  for her room gets really warm,  being right over the furnace and getting that first burst of hot air when it kicks on,  Sassy loves to stay nice and warm.  Anyway,  Leslie ventured out for a drink and bathroom visit,  shaking her head as I sit here in front of my computer pounding the keyboard.  She threatens me with Shady Pines Home when I need taken care of for my wierd spells.  Wonder if such a place really exists?  lol 

So I planned on doing nothing yesterday,  and I pretty well didn't do anything.  I put roast in oven for supper,  did the dishes after supper,  uploaded some pictures to computer,  (note to self:  have Dave put on my little puter UBS thingy pictures added to puter today)  watched some TV,  (don't remember what for I just had it on for noise while on computer)  enjoyed messaging back and forth with new friend on CM in the morning,  then meebo-ing with another one in evening.  Answered some e-mails,  group posted on facebook,  and started a new book at bedtime.  So I guess my day really was spent doing nothing.  Was fun nothings,  but nothing real physical.  I am already planning in my head another wood project to do.  I surfed the web and am looking for plans for my family room addition of complete shelving area to build around my desk for more organized look and use. 

I am still very happy with our snow fall.  We have had snow showers off and on all weekend since Christmas morning.  Must have about 2 inches out there.  The winds have blown it around so much can't really tell. But the ground is white like it should be for winter in my area.  Tiny little snow drifts all around things in the driveway and yard.  Pretty to walk around and look at.  Of course my footprints are in a lot of the drifts,  from my walk arounds outside.  I will enjoy it while it lasts. 

So,  now I will bid all good night and surf some more sites for a little while longer,  I love reading others blogs and knowing there are normal people out there in the world doing things they love to do,  as I too love the things I do in my world.  Signed:  Blog author with a face now,  ~Laura~


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