Monday, December 7, 2009

Dec. 6th and 7th

We finally got a dusting of snow. Yesterday I went up to farm to get more firewood for fireplace before the rain and snow hit, forecast said it would move in late Sunday night. Sure enough, by 8PM it was flurrying. Got all excited and was hoping for enough to stick to the ground. When I got up this morning, on one of my nightly ups, I looked out to see the ground covered, but the roads were clear. The best kind of snow to stay off the roads.
When I got up to the farm the drive and lane back to the trailer was very muddy and slick on top of the ground. Of course my truck is light and sits on top and spins, so I called Steve, he was on his way to help neighbor get crops out, he stopped by and drove his truck back and hooked to trailer and brought it up to my truck, Dave, Steve and I loaded up, Steve then took trailer back to parking area.
Got home with wood, fixed lunch for the kids and I, unloaded the wood, Dave helped me bring some in and then I cut out rocking chair for our little grand daughter for one of her Christmas gifts.
So with things moving right along, my Christmas gifts should be all done and wrapped and under the tree this week. Then I start on making the cookies and candy which I have planned for this years gifts to family and friends.
The house is lonely tonight. Steve had to go to Kinze school for 2 days. So it's just me and my cat. Oh Leslie is in her room like usual, but it's really just me, for she will probably head out to see her friends in a little while. I am planning on heading to Wal mart after midnight to get the newest Harry Potter movie which comes out. Thank you God for 24 hour Wal marts. lol
Well, since I am listening to more Carrie Underwood Christmas Special than thinking here, I will finish the show and take my book to bed with me and read til I fall asleep or midnight comes whichever comes first. God Bless everyone.

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