Friday, December 11, 2009

Home safe and bearing gifts

Thank You God. 
Steve made it home safe and bearing gifts for all.  Calculators note books for the kids and I,  a tee shirt and tote bag for me,  and a play blanket/mat for Kiley.  He was tired,  and thirsty for glass of our tea,  but immediately took little Kiley into his arms and she was good baby for him.  I really think she missed her Grandpa.  She was very good the rest of the evening.  He even gave her her bottle and she konked out sound asleep by 8PM.   Kids stayed for supper and stories Steve got to tell about the weather and the class he attended. 
The class he went to got cancelled after the first day,  the snow shut down the town and area,  so he only got the one day in.  They said they would mail the material to them,  so he can at least have the books to learn the new stuff he needs to know about the equipment. 
I was so glad to hear from him when he reached Hillsboro to head home.  No snow in our area, so was easy end trip home.  He said getting out of Iowa was slow,  but once they hit the IL line,  the roads were not bad.  Heading south then they ran out of snow band areas,  and come home to just cold windy weather. 
Another prayer answered.....

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  1. Glad his travel was safe. We ended up with a foot and a half of snow on Wednesday!! Winter travel can be precarious!


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