Sunday, October 31, 2010

October 31, 2010

Ten months of 2010 have passed. Two more months to go.
Here at our home we have seen many accomplishments, and many to do's left on list.
Seems like we get one project done and find 4 more to do.
Yesterday Steve and I worked at farm. I finished disking, but Steve didn't get the chisel plowing done like he wanted. It was windy, and as he lit some thick grassy areas, he had to stand watch that they only burnt our grass and didn't jump to the neighbors fields.
Today we will head back up so he can maybe finish. I will work on my shed, and try to get the top put on it. We still have the cap to put on top, then I can fill it with my gardening tools. Our tillers are already in it, stored for the winter.
Yesterday while Steve was using the 1950-M to push dirt into waterway-washout, just up and died on him. After trying to start it, no luck, he had me take the truck over and pull him from field. He tried to start it while I pulled it, but it made grinding noise, and he thinks maybe the timing gear broke on it. That means taking the whole front end off and timing cover off just to see.
I figure when he starts taking parts off it, I can clean and lightly sand areas that need it, and then wipe it down with TSR and I can re-paint it. It does need it, and since that seems to be my part of keeping the tractors looking good, I can do this one now.
Next one on my list after 50 is done will be the 1942-W-6. I learned my lesson on it. I didn't use a hardener in the paint on it, and paint job didn't last. This time hardener will be added, and it can hold it's luster like the 1942-H, being the first one I added hardener to, back in 2004 when I painted it.
I am looking forward to another paint project.
Trick or treating is tonight in our town, so we will be home in time to welcome all those little ghost and goblins who ring the bell or knock on the door, than we get to try to guess who they are. Fun way to end the month of October.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Boo, See me now?

Be cautious driving, especially this time of year. Hunting season makes the deer move even more than usual.

A deer tried to beat the odds of crossing the road in the beams of my headlights Sunday night. Only to find a startled driver when I suddenly saw a tan/brown slim necked deer slam into the front of my truck.

I have been driving a lot of years now, and this was my first experience in it happening to me. I didn't know whether to curse the deer for the fender bender, or feel sorry for it lost it's life.
God guided me thru it, for I was not hurt and was able to drive on home.
$2000 damage, but fixable, and hopefully it won't happen again. After 11 1/2 years of owning my truck, God has seen to keep me safe and accident free all this time. Monday morning at 8am, I will drop off my truck at Ford dealership here in town, and they will do all repairs. I made appointment on Wed. and they pulled the bumper back from tire so I could get door open and drive it if needed. Right turns were putting tire into bumper, left turns were fine, and now I don't have to climb across from passenger side to enter either.
Hopefully with in a week, I will have it back. Not looking forward to the loaner car. Maybe I can talk them into a truck loaner.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall Garden

This is the look of my fall garden. Holly hocks and green peppers are the only things left which I planted. I do have some volunteer lettuce come up, scattered around where I took the seeded plants out. I can pick it to eat as it grows before

frost hits it. We also had a volunteer potato plant come up in the area where the potato crop was planted which didn't come up in the spring. We went ahead and dug it up to see if there was any potatoes on it. It had 2 small ones. So we brought them home and I fixed them in with baby reds for supper.
I do have some weeds trying to take hold, but as soon as Steve gets the disk hooked up to W-6, he is going to disk under the top soil for the winter. That will take care of any of those weeds.
Steve is still working in the evenings to help get harvest out of the fields. Many farmers are done, but we are not yet. Price of corn and beans have risen over the last weeks and may go even higher. Prices for today's close is at 5.19 corn and 11.43 for beans. End of week will depend on crop brought in thru the week. We shall see how it holds, steady or drop.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


I figure I will be laughing tomorrow at what I did today.
I slept in til 7:45am this morning.
Made my coffee.
Surfed around on the computer til 10:00am.
Made tea.
Took my shower, got dressed, which took me a total of 2 hours to complete.
Ate a bowl of corn flakes for lunch.
Surfed some more around the web.
Read some more in my book, which is at a good part anyway.
Had company, visited with him for over 2 hours, just catching up and reminicing as well as gave and received advice from each other on some family legal matters.
Surfed the web some more.
Finished my book. Happy endings make me happy.
Finally turned on TV to our channel 9, watched home improvement show, wood working, rehabs, landscaping.
Made myself chili/cheese smoked brats for supper in the microwave.
Surfed the web some more.
Still watching/listening to home improvement shows.
Now blogging about doing nothing today.
I love days by myself once in a while.
Tomorrow I will bust butt and get things I wanted/should have done today.
But for today, I just didn't do anything constructive at all.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Club pulling season over. Winter meetings set.

Antique Tractor pull season is offically over for the year, at least for our club sponsored events.
Now I can put away the totes of club items I store for club, and have some free'd up storage space again.
Steve and I went shopping Saturday night for the club cookout food, figured on feeding about 75. Hot dogs, brats, beef, cheddar, and italian sausages, dozens of buns, ketchup, mustard, chips, soda, marshmallows, and ice. I provided the pickle relish out of the stash I canned this summer. Only thing we ended up needing more of was pickle relish, and since we live only 7 blocks from our pull site, Leslie came home and got 2 more jars. What was left in the last jar went home with a puller friend of ours. He said his wife wants the recipe. And I sent a jar of relish and jar of pineapple up to our friend that works with Steve, for he said he really liked it too. I told Steve I should of taken it out and sold it by the jar.
Others want some also, so will take them theirs at the next club meeting. One is going to trade me some jars for the relish, and I sure can use the jars for next years canning.
I stopped by our library and booked our winter meetings for the next 4 months. Inside meetings take place in the cold months, and we have a great meeting room in our public library to use free.
I have to finish up website pull results and maybe re-vamp some on the website itself later on this winter. Hoping for a chat night with pullers to cover what we are planning for next year as well as getting ideas from them and sharing dates set.
Well, now I need to balance club checkbook and figure year end totals. Maybe I will have the next meeting organized and ready weeks in advance this time.

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