Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fall Clean-up

I'm beginning to think we will never be done cleaning up the leaves from our home yard.
They have all fallen off our trees, but the neighborhood leaves seem to blow into ours. I think Oak trees are the very last to loose their leaves, and the neighbors tree is really big and beautifully filled out, so their leaves are all over us too. Our neighbor said yesterday that she has raked over 40 bags of those leaves, and the tree still have millions of leaves on it. We have hauled them to farm and put them in our washout areas, and took 5 more up yesterday with ours.
Morning was attending a family friend funeral.
The day was chilly warm, if that makes since. Flannel shirt over tee was only needed. We unloaded wood from truck, moved tractors around in shed making room for mowers with snow blades to be readily available for use when needed this winter. Log splitter also in front for splitting wood, which we still have some on trailer needing split. Rain stopped the progress of getting that done.
We then used the yard sweep to clean the yard, then hauled leaves to farm. We have had over 3 inches of rain here this week, so actually, we went mudding when we got to the farm. Now Steve has his truck to wash. Then when it dries he will have to level the ruts he cut going to the back where we put the leaves. Never ending jobs created everyday.
We are to have another beautiful chilly warm day today, so we plan on being outside working again. Hope to get my flower bulbs dug and put in basement for winter. Ground is real wet yet, may have to wipe mud off them the way it looks.
Spent the evening watching a Christmas movie. I have read the book, and after watching the movie, I liked the book version better.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Staying warm anyway I can

Last week, Steve, Leslie and I headed to farm for Steve to put blade on tractor, and push some dirt into some water washout areas in our field. I had driven the 706 to the area with dirt scoop hooked on it for Steve to use. So when I started getting cold standing out in the wind, I sat down inside the tractor tire out of the wind. Silly me, I didn't take a coat, just a flannel shirt of Steve's to put over my tee, as it was shirt sleeve beautiful out when we got there. As the afternoon progressed, it got chilly, then got cold. Standing next to the motor of the tractor running wasn't keeping the wind off me. So I planted myself inside the tire out of the wind. Leslie laughed at me, and said to give her my phone. She then took this picture to show people I am a dork she said. I told her I thought I was smart in finding shelter. We enjoyed a good laugh. After Steve was done with this tractor, we took it back to park and got the truck and kept warm while he finished filling area needing filled in. I made note to self, put extra coat in all trucks to be ready for these sort of days in future.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

It's been a very good day here at the Garrison home. Our little family spent the day hanging out, and just doing whatever each wanted. Some read a book, others watched TV, and the littlest played hard with everyone.
For lunch, I made a big pot of Beef and homemade noodles. For supper I made nachos. Nothing traditional this day, as we had the big meal on Sunday with the whole family.
It turned cold here today. Rain turned to sleet, now the wet puddles are frozen. The air is brisk and clean feeling, like it usually feels when it gets cold. I was hoping to see some snow flakes today, as the snow always reminds me of a cleansing.
Today I spent a lot of time remembering our parents, both our parents are gone, and they were here with me today as I recalled holiday's past when we all gathered for a big meal and lots of laughter. My house had fewer people gathered, but we laughed and spent time just being together and loving each minute of it.
The dishwasher is going, TV has a Christmas special on here with me, Steve is stretched out in his chair resting after the strenuous day he had entertaining the granddaughter. Leslie is in her room chatting to her friends on the Internet, Melanie and Dave headed home with Kiley to get her bathed and into bed after playing hard all day. Jade and Dusty had plenty to eat with left overs. I spoil the grandpuppies.
I am thankful today for the opportunity to have my family close and healthy, loved and loyal. God Bless those who couldn't be with their family today, may their memories be as good as mine have been. Those who gathered, I hope they made memories that last a life time for someone they love.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Rainy Wednesday

We are finally getting some much needed rain. It rained Monday afternoon 1.2 inches. But came so fast and hard it ran off more than it soaked into the ground.
This morning early, it started raining again. This time the rain is slower and soaking in. It's a very cold rain, making sitting on back porch watching the squirrels feast on their ear corn, not quit comfortable. But I sat out there anyway.
Yesterday I tried out a new biscuit recipe. Bacon Cheddar Cheese Biscuits. Turned out very well. Will be sure to make it again, maybe for a Sunday morning brunch meal on a lazy winter day.
Weather forecast is for rain to continue and turn into sleet, possibly snow during the Thanksgiving day tomorrow. Such a contrast to the last months weather we have had here. I have to be honest, I am anticipating the snow. I love to watch the snow fall. There is something about the calming effect of falling snow, walking in it, catching the flakes in your mouth, just breathing in the cold cleansed air of a snow fall.
So now that I have envisioned snow falling, I feel sort of down with the dark clouds outside. I feel closed in and restless. Looks like it will be a piddle around day and maybe a Harry Potter movie. Can't wait to see the newest release.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Steve and I have more wood to put the wood splitter to work. Wish we had gotten it done while the weather was so nice. But other things needed done, and so we left this for another day.
Saturday afternoon we headed to farm and got most of the washouts filled in. Hope they stay filled in throughout the winter and spring. Needing to get some new tile layed, which will keep washouts from occuring so often. Mother nature has her own way of controling the rains and how heavy they come at times.
Today Steve took a vacation day from work. He worked on his blue truck, and was winterizing my truck when the rain started. We need rain really bad in this area. Haven't had much rain fall since early October to moisten the ground.
We had Kiley outside with us while he was working on the trucks. She found every wrench Steve had on the ground lying by him under his truck. Good thing she likes handing Pa his tools. In the house helping me, she runs away with the stuff I am using.
I got all the holiday things which I had out to use for our Sunday dinner with Dave's family put away. As we only need small bowls and such, the larger ones are put up for large dinners. We had plenty of food, and everyone ate til they were stuffed. I cooked a small turkey, only a 13 pounder, and we had ham also. Then the trimmings of mashed potatoes, yams, homemade noodles, green bean casserole, sweet corn, dressing, cranberry sauce, homemade bread w/homemade butter, gravy, pumpkin pie, cherry pie, and pineapple apricot cake, and whip cream. Everything was delicious.
The visiting after the meal was great also. We all enjoyed the beautiful day we had. Devon wasn't able to be present for our dinner this year, but we all talked of him and remembered him in our dinner prayers. In 2 months he will be home with us again for a couple weeks and we can again have a dinner with him. God Bless you Devon as you go about your career choice of being a US Marine.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

We were blessed with another beautiful day yesterday. Temps soared into the high 60's. Steve headed off to work, just a half day on Saturdays, I started preparations for hosting our annual Thanksgiving get together with Dave's family.
Devon won't be with us physically this year, as he left to do boot camp in the Marines in late Oct. But he will be with us in our hearts and conversations throughout the day.
After getting the things prepped and dishes done, kitchen cleaned, house readied, Leslie and I went to the farm with Steve to help him unhook equipment from tractors, and put the blade on the 966 to use to fill in some waterways made last spring and summer from our abundance of rain we had. Now into fall we are in drought conditions. Praying winter brings much needed rain or snow for the spring planting.
When we got to farm, the afternoon was beautiful, sun shining, warm, shirt sleeve warm, slight breeze blowing, enjoying the fall view from our little acres. On the way up, we saw many trucks parked in fields, as hunters were out taking advantage of a nice day for deer hunting.
As the afternoon turned to early evening, sun was covered by clouds moving in, the breeze turned chilly. At one point out in the middle of the field working, it got cool enough and the wind picked up, I took refuge sitting inside the rim of the back tire on the 966 as Steve was using the tractor and dirt scoop I was driving to work with. Leslie thought it was funny, me sitting in the tire, she had to take a picture on my cell phone of me. But hey, I was out of the wind, and it took the chill off some.
Note to self, put extra coat into Steve's truck for trips to farm to help him on those start to beautiful afternoons in Nov., for they turn into chilly evenings and a flannel shirt over a tee just isn't quite warm enough.
This morning I am up early for some quiet time and coffee before the day begins. Building list of things to do today in my head. We are all looking so forward to our visit today, and sharing our blessings with such a nice family. As both Grandma's will be together, little Kiley should not have any problem getting many kisses and hugs from us both. As if the kid isn't spoilt enough already. But she's only young once. Thank you God for another beautiful day and the bounty we will enjoy. Amen

Friday, November 19, 2010


This fall I walked around our field while waiting on Steve to get the combining done, picked up ear corn that I found on the ends and where he got plugged up several times.

The corn I picked up is now feeding the squirrels which live in some of the trees in our yard at home. Since we live in town, it's a treat to sit in the mornings and watch them play in the yard.

Now that I am feeding them in my little wagon I use in the summer months for a flower pot, I get

a really nice view of them eating.
There are several which come to eat at my house, but today there were only 3 which hung around when I went out onto the back porch with camera in hand.
This winter during the snowy times, I am sure I will see many more taking advantage of the corn I put out for them to feast on.
Next trip to farm, I am going to pick up some acorns, as there are a few trees along our driveway. They should enjoy getting those too.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Short on Time

My truck is fixed and it looks awesome. Thank you Jerry, great job.

Days are getting shorter and seems like time is passing faster than I can keep up with. Days are filled with things to do, things getting done, but more things to do.

We have cut wood, cleaned yard, cleaned flower beds, worked fields and garden, put up a small gardening shed, winterizing autos and winterized tractors, picked up another piece of equipment, got blue truck head gasket put on and it running again, some decorations and one tree put up for holidays so far, and still more to do before taking some time off for winter. I am looking forward to our first snow fall, just to do nothing but watch it snow.

Kiley is growing so fast, learning so many new things everyday, and likes to help me do anything I am doing, which slows down my progress, but that's ok, for it makes memories no one can ever take from her.

Dave and Melanie are all busy with work, Melanie is getting ready to start college classes in Jan., Leslie is looking for work, and Steve has been very busy in fields and his job.

Having an early Thanksgiving with Dave's family this coming Sunday, so preparations are being made for the get together, meaning I am baking and cooking ahead of time as much as possible.

Devon left for boot camp the 25Th of Oct. We will miss him this holiday season, but he will get home for 2 weeks end of Jan. so will have more holiday time with him when he gets home.

Must make time to catch up and keep up with things happening. Short on time to get everything done, then too tired when I have a minute, or mind is blank.

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