Friday, December 25, 2009

No Snow on Christmas Morning

Merry Christmas - 2009

Woke just after midnight,  look outside to see if rain has changed to snow yet,  and was disappointed that it is 52* out and still raining,  and still to rain most of the day with flash flood warnings. 

I was so hoping to see snow this Christmas.  Looks like the middle of the country where I am will have a green Christmas this year.  I do have sympathy for those who are having the blizzards.  Wonder if this messing with the weather that Russia is doing has anything to do with our weather here in the USA. 

Started a new book last night when I went to bed.  Didn't get much read til I was tired enough that the lines were blurring and I was asleep before 10.  Course up by midnight as usual.  I stood at the window looking outside,  wishing for snow,  and remembered 2 gifts I had bought which I hadn't wrapped,  heck,  I forgot I bought them til thinking about the snow.  So I quietly wrapped them,  so I didn't wake Steve or Leslie.  My little kitty was playing noisily with her Christmas bells around the kitchen floor,  but I was quiet. 

I looked thru a recipe book,  I think Leslie left on my desk in hopes I would make her this Tiramisu bowl dessert she thought looked good a few weeks ago.  At the time she told me it looked good,  I told her to make it.  She's a big girl and a good cook when she wants to be.  So I might surprise her tomorrow and whip it up.  Like we really need more sweets around the house with all sitting on the table now. 

Well I guess the kitty is ready for bed,  she's attacking my feet under my desk now,  so off I go back to lala-land for another couple of hours.  Maybe I can dream of snow and wake up happier in the morning.......I'm dreaming of a white christmas,,,,just like the ones I used to know....

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