Saturday, December 12, 2009

A happy birthday wish to my baby sister....

Today is my sisters Birthday.  She is 49.  I sent her a birthday song on her e-mail this morning.  I am sure she will say a few "words" to me about it.  But I do love her anyway.  Her being the youngest of us kids,  I included that she would be joining us at 50 and over next year.  But I also told her that it's not over the hill,  for when I turned 50,  I told my kids that I wasn't going down the hill on the other side,  I had enjoyed the climb up this side so much that I was sitting down and sliding back down it.  No need to travel roads not traveled before when we can take the same route and enjoy the scenery again,  we might have missed something on the first trip.  lol
Since I am only 2 1/2 years older than her,  I can't remember her as a baby,  the new addition to our family,   but I do have many memories of growing up with her and enjoying our lives as we aged and moved on in life in our own directions.  I am proud to say,  we turned out alright in life and I think our parents would have been proud of all 6 of us,  they just didn't know how to tell us when they were alive,  a void in our lives we made sure not to repeat with our own children. 
So she turns 49 today,  she has a beautiful daughter  and her husband and her have done a great job to raising her right. 
So to my baby sister,  I hope your day is bright and happy.  That you are loved more today than yesterday and less than tomorrow.  I love you sis.....

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