Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sunshine brings visitors...

Today while outside,  working on the rocking chair we are making for Kiley for Christmas,  I saw a bluejay.  I watched where he went to when he finally flew away,  and I saw him land in the neighbors big pine tree.  I think maybe they live there in the winter.  There are several I see off and on all day as the sunshine brings the little animals and birds out to entertain me.  I put out some corn I picked up from the field,  I am hoping they will eat it,  and the little family of squirrels which live in one of my trees can feast also.  We have one little squirrel that gets in the back of my truck,  sits on the side of the bed and eats his food,  cause he leaves me the empty acorn shell.  Wonder if that is a hint to leave him some food there this winter? 
Today was a warm day here.  Steve dropped off the tractor at tire center,  ordered the 4 tires we need,  they will call when it's done.  Steve will have a cold ride to farm with it getting cold here again,  when we pick it up.  We went shopping this morning.  Picked up new batteries for 966,  note date,  and a first toy tractor for Kiley's start of her collection.  We plan on buying her one every Christmas til...whenever....
Then this afternoon,  we worked on the peices I have cut out for the rocking chair we are making for Kiley.  Just need the get them the rest of the way sanded now,  and then drill holes for dowel rods then start gluing together.  Can't hardly wait for the finished project.  It sure looks cute right now.  I have placemats to make up yet for gifts.  Then I will be able to assemble my baskets,  tins,  bowls and little items and candy/cookie goodies and get then delivered. 
Well,  another year is almost a memory.  Have made many memories this year,  and will take them out one day and smile back on them with fond thoughts and lots of smiles.......and feel much loved....

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