Thursday, December 31, 2009

Another day on the farm....

I will share my day with you all, and hope to make you laugh.

After lunch I was to meet Steve at farm to cut firewood. So I get there, park my truck and hop in to ride back with him. I have no idea where we are going to go. He had just said in the corn field which is now winter pasture for cows. He opens gate, we pull in, he hops out to close gate, back in, he tells me to hang on for we have to get through this mud area. So I hang on. We start going bee bopping over deep cut ruts from big ole combine tires, and all of a sudden we stop. Steve guns the motor, we are spinning, he puts it in reverse, again we spin. I hear, "Damn, I figured this would happen." And he hops out of the truck. I don't say a word, I have been in truck many times over the years when he got stuck, you just sit in your seat and wait for him to open your door to talk to you. So here I sit, he walks around the truck, the neighbor stops at gateway, Steve goes and talks with him. Steve comes back to my door and tells me he is going after tractor. He leaves with friend. I get out of truck and start laughing til I almost peed my pants. The cows in the field are standing looking at me.

Now here is why I am laughing. When we first pulled in, I could see the mess we were about to encounter, i just can't figure out why he even tried in the first place, but I ain't gonna tell him that. I have to live with him... Anyway he come back with tractor, and hooked chain to truck and tells me to just follow him. So I get in drivers seat, start the engine and put it in neutral, he pulls me all the way back to fallen tree area. We then start cutting up wood. And my little baby chainsaw does cut wood. I trimmed the little branches off for him. As we continue working, the field where we are walking is getting muddier and muddier. Water is starting to stand in our footprints. Then while he's running log splitter cause that's a man thing, he stood too close to a piece as it split and it kicked him good in the thigh. Hour and half, we had tree cut up and split and loaded. Now for treck back to road. Again he pulls me. During the pull to road, I can't tell how the wheels, his steering wheel is way off. And at one time he turned in tractor seat and makes circle motion with his finger. So I turn the wheel. Ok, moving right along. We get out of field and Steve can't hardly walk, for the muscle in his leg is so sore. At least when I was running it, I stood where he taught me to stand. As in "out of the way of busting logs". But it's one of those sayings, "Do as I say, not as I do."

Anyway, if you made it this far into my book here, We are a couple of tired old people tonight. Don't know if we will make it to midnight. Man, walking around in all that mud used muscles we forgot we had.  Steve is laying on couch smelling like Uncle Bengay,  and I sit here making fun of our day.  Couple of Advil might make these old ankles not so sore come bathroom trips tonight,  and bed looks so good right now,  but it's only 7:30.  If I whine,  will someone send me to bed early?   Oh, to be 30 again.............

Happy New Year to all. 

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  1. This explains why your not logged on , lol Your still sleeping!!


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