Sunday, October 23, 2011

God, Hear my prayer.

Dear God,
I talk with you often, and love the way I feel afterwards. I'm sure we laugh together, with some to the thoughts that go thru my head. Of course you know each and every one, and I pray you forgive me for many of them.
Tonight, I sit here with a heavy heart. Many prayers have gone up to you, and I hope they are continuing to be piled on your stack of prayers you receive every minute. Tonight Lord, I'd like to ask you, Would you please sit with my brother, talk to him, let him really feel your presents, enter his heart and fill him with your blessings, help heal him, and help him to come home to his family soon. He's alone there right now, just the nurses to watch over him, this would be a great time to whisper some words of love and encouragement for his ears only. Please let his stroke be a mild one, and help him to recover fast. He's always been strong for everyone he knows, and now he needs our strength, but isn't sure how to reach out to us and let us help. He's a good man, Lord, had it hard at times, pride always kept him going. Relying on you when things were tough, and you always come thru for him and his family.
I ask you tonight Dear Father, please heal him, and if it's his time to go, please don't let him suffer for long days and nights. But we would like more time with him here with us on earth, if you see fit to leave him healing. Either way, it's in your hands Lord. Please hold him tight, and make him better, whether it's here on earth or in heaven. In Jesus' name I pray, AMEN

In my Attic

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