Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Page of the day scripture.

Tonight the winds have calmed some.  Snow just amounted to flurries.  It's still bitter cold outside. 

I was looking for an instruction manual today and run across some old photo's which I had just stuffed into a drawer.  As I looked at those pictures, I realized that there are probably more hidden away among the papers in other drawers of my desk.  I put this "find photo's" on my to do list.  I didn't have the time or energy today to search for others.  But I know they are there waiting to bring back memories. 

This time of the year,  memories seem to cloud my mind.  Lost are those who helped shape my life and put me on the path which I have chosen.  No one is ever sure where that path my lead us,  but in my heart I hope it's to the pearly gates of heaven some day. 

In my bible opening yesterday,  I run across scripture in Psalm 86,  which I didn't quite understand til today,  they pertained to my life so closely.  7,  11  and 13.  7-in my 30's I put God to work in my life,  and truely became a faithful follower in my heart and mind.  11-God has showed me over and over again he is the way to eternity,  by answering so many of my prayers and getting me thru the rough patches in life.  And 13-God took my hand and brought me up from a deep dark hole which had become my mouth,  my mind,  and my personality.  He made me who I am today,  just by loving me and guiding me thru my life. 

So tonight as I say my prayers for a safe journey home for Steve tomorrow,  I will include in them,  my thanks to God for never giving up on me and showing me his love in every way.  Even the snow and winds today were some of the beauty I had forgotten,  but will keep them as a memory of a cold winter day,  where I was safe and warm in my home which he has blessed us with. 

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