Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Let's fry Laura's brain.........

I'm sad I couldn't find a picture to go with this blog post.  I guess I could have taken picture of the service manual,  didn't think of that til now. 

Anyway,  you'll just have to visualize this one.  Sitting here at my desk tonight,  is Steve.  He has this 6" thick service manual on table to his right,  class study guide spread out in front of him on desk top,  and his on-line test on the computer screen in front of him.  He has 27 questions of multiple choice to answer.  Ok here goes,  simple test for it's somewhere in the list is the answer,  some are true and false,  easy right?  He can use his study guide and manual if he wants,  yes he wants....so he looks up the first question,  he had answered but wanted to make sure it was right,  it is right by book,  second question,  oh he knows this one,  third question,  he's not sure which number this one should be,  but thinks it is multiple choice (b),  turn pages,  yes here it is.  So far so good.  Whewww....thought this would be really hard.....not sweating here..........WHOA,  what is this?????  interplant and non interplant implements?   Lauraaaaa,  come read this.........Laura enters into test area,  Laura looks over Steve's shoulder and reads question,  she re-reads question,  and re-re-reads question.  Heck if I know,  I didn't go to that class and I don't work on those things.  So she re-re-re-reads it to Steve,  note to blog,  this test started at 5:45PM... Steve flips through huge 6" thick manual,  pages flip, Laura stands behind Steve with mouth open,  eyes large,  mind blank,  holding breath,  re-re-and so on reading question over and over....finally Steve chooses answer.  Whew Laura can now breathe,  sneaks back into kitchen,  I don't think he really knew I left.  Steve contines with test,  again yelling,  Laauurrrraaa,  come here,  I meekly return to spot behind him reading his test question and frantically flipping through pages of study guide for some hint of any words from question,  note: this request is several times during this test taking by him of me.... here's one,  sweat popping off my forehead,  does this mean anything for that question.  Steve looks at computer screen,  he had already answered that one,  he's on this one.  Laura then does the duhhh,  I see the little green spot highlighted for answer.  Steve is flipping through big book,  I again disappear,  this time to bathroom,  alone...with my paperback book..........

It's 9:20PM...Steve sits back in the chair and takes off his readers,  and askes me if he should send it and get his test score?  I guess if he's done.  So he sends it.  Top of the page returns,  red letters and numbers show up.  He has to have score of 80% or higher to get his certificate.  Says he missed 4 out of 27.  His score is 85.19%.  HE PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

When ever I hear that someone is never too old to learn,  you bet cha I will hop right on board and tell them,  Oh yes we are.  I am sure the both of us grew gray hair at the rate of 50 per inch per minute after this session.  By his class being canceled,  the test was harder for it doesn't cover the manual,  it covers the class itself.  Anyway,  another night of fun at the Garrison's tonight.  I vow here and now,  if he ever has to do this kind of testing again,  I will find somewhere I have to go while he takes the test.  I will make up some sort of emergency to attend to just to leave the house so I don't get asked to help in anyway shape or form.  In summary,  conclusion,  findings,  I am too old for that sort of brain racking.........I love you honey,  but.......................I have no clue how to do your job........and no desire to learn it................

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