Thursday, December 17, 2009

Join me in God's Garden

I come across this picture,  and no matter how many times I view it,  it always makes me feel so peaceful and in it somehow.  I can feel myself sitting on a bench listening to the water flowing down the stream,  across the rocks in it's whispering way.   I can feel the cool air on my skin.  I can actually smell the flower scents of the many flowers and the trees as they transport me into the lovely scene in front of me.  Sitting there in the shade of the willow trees,  I feel connected to God and feel the love he has for me lifting my spirits and filling me with his grace.  If a picture can make me feel this good,  I can only imagine what it would be like to really sit there in person.  I don't think I would ever leave. 
So tonight as I sit here gazing at this picture,  my thoughts turn to all that I am thankful for,  as this year comes to an end.  2009 has brought about so many changes in my life and that of my family as a whole.  For me,  I had to admit defeat from my injury and quit my job, ending my fiancial contributions to my families income.   On the up side to that,  I was able to put in a bigger garden,  contributing to the self suffiancy of food supply.  Adding to the fact that next year I can contribute even more with a bigger garden.  My over all physical activity has improved by being able to rest my injured arm,  making my headaches less intense,  meaning I take less medication for them,  and saving my internal organs a little.  Hopefully extending my years some.  
Then there is the greatest gift we recieved in the form of a grandchild.  She has given so much pleasure to the whole family,  and we are so proud to have her as an addition to our family.  God please bless her with long years ahead of her and happiness every day of her life.  Amen.  
2009 brought about a whole new adventure as Steve and I put in our first season of crops of our own.  The outcome was very good for us.  We prayed for nature to cooperate so often,  and God answered our prays with the days of sunshine and wind to dry the ground after the rain,  then to get out the crops again we were praying for dry weather and God sent the freeze so we could harvest our crop.  
Now as winter sets in,  we will take the nice days to battle the ever growing weeds,  and trim the overhanging limbs back out of the way.  We will put rock in our roadways,  cut dead trees for the firewood,  clear the overwashed out waterways and get the ground readied for the spring planting.  Overall,  this will give Steve and I more time together,  working side by side like we have for all our years together.  Building the strong bond we have built even stronger.  
I look forward to 2010 with a light heart and full of love for our heavenly Father,  as he walks with us and mostly carries us into the new year.  May God be present in your life and into your new year also. 

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