Monday, May 30, 2011

Playing on Kiley's little 1948 Farmall C

Dave didn't get any pictures of Kiley and I on her tractor, but she did get to ride around while Pa and Dave got the track worked and ready, and then Papa getting the sled out of the shed so we could see how her little tractor pulls it.

She loved going for a ride and kept laughing and waving at Papa, Daddy and Aunt Leslie as we drove by them.

Her little C here is completely restored by Steve and I. Motor building and tuning is Steve's department, the restored paint job is mine.

We finished this tractor just after Kiley was born, and Steve said it was hers when she grows up. I hadn't had a chance to drive it much, so today while we had it out testing the sled for small tractors to pull at our coming pull Sunday, I took advantage of getting used to it.

That feat wasn't easy for me. I struggled to get it into gear left handed. Darn right arm isn't strong enough to move the gear shift, but I managed to push the throttle forward and pull the sled. Steve ended up having to adjust the carburetor, but it finally sounded smooth and went right on down the track.

Earlier in the day, Leslie and I headed to farm to mow. Steve headed to finish washing planter, and 706 from planting in mud spots this year. When he was done to neighbors where the planter is parked in shed, he come to the farm and hooked the 966 up to shredder to mow the ditches/road banks, then he and Leslie headed back to neighbors to get the 706 to bring to town for pull, Leslie followed him in his truck. I headed home ahead of them with mowers on trailer, unloaded, made tea, and then joined them at the pulling track. Dave and Kiley met us out there too.

Mean time, temps soared into mid 90's, both window fans quit working while we were gone, and with the heat, I turned on the AC. Sure makes for more comfortable inside, but miss the fresh air of the windows open.

While at the farm, I checked on my garden. Everything is growing great. Rain helped everything green up, and my broccoli looks like it is starting to make little heads. My lettuce leaves are getting bigger, the tiny ones where great in my wilted lettuce salad the other night, but the bigger ones allow me to have many more salads than just the one like with first picking.

Plans for tomorrow are to head up to garden, work in it getting out any weeds that think they can set root in it, plant my zucchini, transplant the flowers from my starter boxes left over after planting what I wanted into my house flower beds, and tie my tomatoes to the panels. Before I leave, I have to remember to spray my animal repellent, as I saw deer tracks in my garden today. Darn things jumped the fence to feast on my plants. That's a big NO NO.


I prayed a selfish prayer this morning.

I asked God to take away my pain, to heal my body and mold me into his follower and teacher of His word, in ways that are blind to me.

I have days when I have to push myself to do my chores/duties around the house and farm.

Today I really would like the energy and strength to work in my garden, help Steve get things ready for our club pull, and just have a "feel good ole me" day.

Thoughts of getting things done on this long weekend off for Steve and I, well, the to do list is still unmarked off, and I am feeling it has been a waste of time.

Ony things we have accomplished so far this weekend, mowing at track area, cleaning out shed, washing and waxing 3 of our tractors, and attending a graduation party for my niece.

It's back to work for Steve in the morning, so today is the last day for getting things done. My prayer is being sent for the stamina to keep going today, and the feeling of accomplishment tonight when the sun goes down.

God bless everyone.

May 30, 2011 Memorial Day

Remembering all those whoes lives were lost due to fighting for the freedom of the USA. Many battles have been fought, and many more going strong.

May God Bless each past and present Military person, served or serving for our great Country.

Thank you veterens and serving personel, your work is never done, your sacrifice is remembered.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Eyes to the Sky Daily

Storms came and went all week long.

Some mornings it rained, then the afternoons brought another round, with tornado watches attached, other mornings were sunny and warm, afternoons hot and humid, bring another round of tornado watches and heavy rains.

Years past, we have had tornado watches, tornado warnings, have had tornadoes hit our town. But those tornadoes were bouncing tornadoes. Not one which hit and skid along for miles like the ones which have hit our neighboring state of MO.

Living in town, we don't have the view of a long distance sky, being able to see movement of the clouds. We can only see just right above us and around the trees and homes.

This years round of storms have put us on a whole different alert and preparedness at our home.

I have sent many prayers for those hard hit towns across the storm areas, it's the only thing I can offer of myself right now.

I am a firm believer in God, and I questioned if this was his way of turning non-believers into followers and believers. Not that He sent the storms, but that he allowed them to hear the prayers come from the minds and mouths of those who march against Him.

My own self fish prayers turned to prayers for others and not for my needs. Maybe a self awakening for many as it was for me?

God bless all those who lost loved ones, homes, business' and many they talk more to God and those who don't believe, may they become faithful to one God, the great God.

My little Kiley played in the rain puddles after the brief shower before the storms moved in Tuesday afternoon.

My little squirrel friends that I fed all winter, they are invading my flower containers and flower beds this spring.
I think I am regretting feeding them so close to the house. But I wanted to watch them all winter. Now I am watching them destroy my flowers. Not a good thing.

Have to look closely to the bare spots in the flower bed, but I got my tender plantings in there, with the help of all kids.

I just hope they didn't get drowned with all the rain we received right after we got them in the ground.

My perennials are growing great. I wish I had started my seedlings earlier, so they had buds on them when we planted. But I held off due to cool temps.

And I had to get my garden plants started and growing first, then the flowers. I have 4 sunflowers yet to place in flower bed.

The afternoon got away from us, and I had the kids dig up 2 hos ta plants and take to their house, and they had to beat the rains coming in.

I am not sure what the flower here is with the pink and white blooms, but I sure love it. I have had this one going on like 8 years now.

Comes up every year and is loaded with flowers all spring and summer. My hollyhocks come up again this year. But really, I think they stayed green all winter under the snow.

They were growing when I cleaned the flower bed out and started working it for planting.

I cut all my daffodils to go dormant already.

So planting the transplants around those areas to fill in for summer blooms.

My yellow rose bush is bloomed already. It's short yet, but if it blooms like it has in the past few years, it will get over 5 foot tall and have the biggest most beautiful blooms this summer that I have ever had the pleasure of growing.

My little red rose bush didn't grow last year. But I left the root, hoping it might thrive. This year is has, and it has a side rooted rose bush growing about 6 inches from it. Can't wait to see how it turns out this summer and if it will give me some pretty blooms.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sunday was play time May 22

Sunday was a beautiful sunny day. West Alton, MO was host to an antique tractor pull. Of course we went, and had a good time. Started out with a moment of silence for a long time friend, sled owner / operator / tractor puller. Al Mankey lost his battle with cancer. RIP Al

I pulled 3750# class, finished with 2nd place. Track was a good hard one, and my little H did a good job holding the track as I pulled. Didn't float the front end one time. Steve missed me having the front end in the air. I was happy with no wheelies at this pull, like I had in March at Fruitland's pull.

Steve pulled the 3800#, 4000#, 4500# and 5000# classes. He took a 1st, 2-2nds, and a 4th place in his classes. We were very happy with the day. Dave and Kiley come over in my truck, and Kiley and I were able to leave when it got too hot for us. Guy's got home around 4. But Steve loves hanging around and talking with all the pullers after he's done pulling. He's always ready to help other pullers when they need a pull off, if their tractor dies and won't start up. Our friends know they can rely on us to help when needed, and they are always right there for us when we need them. Love our pulling buddies.

Catch up Saturday May 21

Got out of bed this morning, stiff and sore, downer 2 Advil, and Kiley and I read books and looked at pictures for half an hour til Grandma could move freely. Then we got Aunt Leslie up, and went out to breakfast at McDonald's and then off the K-Mart shopping. I detest shopping sprees of most kinds. Clothes shopping is the worst experience in the world for me. But I held in there and got me a pair of jeans and a dress shirt. (I have lost 23 lbs so far since Feb. And my clothes are hanging on me now. I have graduations and birthday parties and wedding shower to attend in the next few weeks, and didn't want to look like the youth of America in those loose baggy clothes.)
So, Saturday evening found us at our friends house helping celebrate their daughters 21st birthday. Had a great time, laughed at the guests as they drank too much and started dancing and karaoke. Was a blast as the little ones, from age 1 up got out on the dance floor. 8:30 come, Melanie and Kiley and Dave had to leave to get K in bed. Mel had driven her truck up with Kiley when we went, Dave come up after work. They left, Melanie in the lead, for Dave had to find Kiley's cup she left on table. Dave called Leslie about 7 minutes after he left, saying he got hit by a deer. Of course, we left immediately, and he hit the deer just about a quarter mile from the turn off to our farm, approximately 1 mile from where I hit my deer last fall.
That road is deer crossing area for sure. The deer hit him, he didn't hit it. It ran right into the side of his little car. Luckily, it didn't go in his window at him. He wasn't hurt, car was drivable home. Window won't roll up, so I duct taped a piece of clear shower curtain over it, til the insurance company can get there to look at it and get it in to get fixed. We let Dave borrow our 4x4 truck til he can get a loaner car. He loves driving that truck anyway. lol Gotta praise God for riding with us at times like these. He is for sure our co-pilot.

Accomplishmented on Friday May 20

Friday found me working in my garden the whole day. I had to use the yellow tiller to work the soil up again. It did a much better job fine tilling it than the tractor tiller Steve just bought a few weeks ago. Using this tiller took me all morning to get it tilled, but I got it done. Planted 2 kinds of parsley, radishes, and have zucchini to transplant now when it dries, in the middle of the garden. I had planned on working in the garden on Thursday, but spent that day working with Melanie making her a flower bed at her house. She and Dave got an early anniversary present from us, as we bought the blocks and plants for them.

This picture was taken as I sat in my truck while Steve hooked the disk up for me to bring down to our pulling area to work the track for our first pull coming up on June 5. He had the service truck from work and pulled home the dirt scraper, he said my truck wouldn't pull it. I think he just wanted to make me a nervous wreck pulling the disk.

I got a tad bit nervous when he backed the tractor up so close to my truck. I cringed and prayed he wouldn't hit me, and he didn't, but it still was too close for comfort as I watched in the mirror.

Got home, unhooked the equipment at track, come home, showered, and headed to store, something that had to be done for we were out of things and I couldn't wait til morning. By the time we got to the check out lane, my sore tired body just wanted to be home laying out on the bed and resting. I over did it working in garden, but I don't think I will ever learn. Can't wait to be able to get up to farm to see what all is growing, as I hope my corn and green beans have loved the rain, and hoping to see some blooms on my tomatoes.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Another Sunny Day with a chance of clouds

Today was another nice sunny day here in mid America. White puffy clouds in the sky, reminding me how I spent some of my summer days as a child. Swinging as high as I could, watching the sky for cloud animals to appear. Often we could catch a glimpse of a face in the clouds, but mostly my imagination created animals and birds. Wind in my face as I reared back to point my feet to climb higher into the air, hair in my face as I come back to earth.
Instead of swinging today, Melanie and I mowed the track area. Come home to eat lunch, and an unexpected visit by one of my nephews. Was so good to see him and the girls and Kiley and I had a great visit with him. Told him to be sure to come back and visit with his wife and son one day soon.
The visit cut short my things to do today, but I will just get to them tomorrow.
We had a club meeting tonight, only 6 of us showed, others busy in the fields still. Nothing major, just me letting the members know what we needed to be ready for the first pull. Most of the organizing and things to get for the pull fall on me anyway. My list is long, and I will be ready.
Melanie and Kiley left at 3, I mowed our yard, Leslie used the weed eater around things, and then she started raking maple tree seeds, I call twirlies, from pea rocked patio area. I have more raking to do in the flower beds and landscaping to get the buggers out, many are already growing little trees, and the lawn have many growing as well. I had started raking this morning while waiting for the sun to dry the dew from the grass. Didn't get much accomplished raking, but a start is better than nothing.
I need to tell Steve, the shocks on the mower is bad, I felt every bump out there mowing, in my back, oh, no shocks on mowers, that's right. Wonder why no one has invented easy riding rider mowers? Are we that far back in inventions, no one has thought of this idea? Huuummm, maybe a patten pending in the future?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Monday May 16th Pictures

I got up yesterday morning, and first thing, I headed to the farm to check on our corn crop and my garden. I am so glad I did. Our corn is up about an inch tall, planted on May 8th. The rain I didn't like falling over the weekend, produced the results of helping the corn grow. Now I feel guilty for not liking being cooped up.

Under these strings tied to kabob sticks, lies my garden sweet corn, 2 kinds, and green beans, and a row of spinach, all planted on May 13th. They haven't sprouted yet, but hoping they do so soon, as the rain should help them out. Days are warm and sun filled right now, but nights are still chilly. Hoping the ground holds the heat allowing them to grow faster.

My tomatoes are thriving, growing fast, and needing tied to the cattle panels so they grow up, not out. I've had much success using panels to hold the tomatoes off the ground, and with 31 plants this year, I should get another bumper crop of these red beauties this year to make my sauces and juice, as well as enjoy fresh tomatoes with every meal.

Broccoli is looking real nice. Can't wait to have fresh veggies at every meal in a month or little longer. I have enjoyed radishes and using my green onions in meals. Lettuce is about ready for picking and having wilted lettuce for my meals soon.

On the way home, I stopped on the Macoupin bridge and took a picture of the water racing down stream. It's up, but not out of it's banks. IL river is out of it's banks in places, but slowly going down. the river towns are getting back into business, which were closed for a few days, with water up into them. I pray the south, which is now flooded with our waters from up north here, don't have long til they too can get back to normal, and clean up will take long, but hope their spirits last and God blesses them with help and not much loss.

I don't feel guilty at all for running away yesterday for a couple hours. I so enjoyed walking in the mud to see how things were growing. God does bless us even when we are selfish.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday May 15, 2011

Another rainy day here in mid America. The rain fell slow and steady all afternoon. We need this type of rain, instead of the down pouring storms we had in April. But it would have been nice to see a peek of sunshine at some point in the day. We had this same type day yesterday, and two days in a row, when I am finally able to do more than little things, as my back and hip are feeling much better, has made for some stiff muscles from sitting around.

I got little things done around the house, some laundry, cleaning of cabinets, going thru pantry to make grocery list, which thankfully can be put off for another week, as shopping isn't something I like doing at all. I have a project to make for Melanie now, she called and asked me to make her 2 runners for the new shelf Dave made her for her birthday. She doesn't want anything sitting on her stain and varnish job yet. I am catching up on some crocheting I had started this last winter, didn't get done, so it's got my hands busy. Just wish I had more physical things to do right now, feeling like walking and bending with the little I had done lately. And of course, there is the gardening bug in me right now. I did plant some zucchini seeds today in cups. I had forgotten to plant them back when I planted my tomato seeds. I hope with the sign right, I will have sprouts in a few days and they will be ready to set in the garden as soon as it's dry enough. I have flower plants to put in, but too rainy to work at that.

Too bad we didn't plan for a rainy weekend and invite over or invite ourselves to visit while we couldn't do anything. Our tractor pull Sunday was cancelled due to rain.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Some like it cold, some like it hot.

Mother Nature is answering all the wishes for

hot and cold weather demands it seems.

One day it's hot enough for the air conditioning

that evening it's back to turning on the furnace

to take the chill off the house.

Today would have been a good day to finish

burning my brush pile at the farm. I started

it one day while working in garden, but it didn't

take off and burn, but for the back side of it.

Rain set in, so now I will have to wait to try

again when it's dry. But the cool front we have

would have been a perfect hot dog roast day,

as the temps are only into the 50's for highs.

We have to take the wood splitter up and get

this pile of wood split in the next few weeks.

I had help one afternoon a couple weeks ago

cleaning up around the waterways, and we

all got all this wood cut and brush stacked

in only 3 hours.

There is always more to clean up, and once

I am watching my garden grow, those days

I will be able to get more picked up and finally

see much improvement. Last years storms

pretty well dropped most of the limbs off of

the willow trees growing, and my mower

doesn't like chopping up those.

With the weather today, we sort of took a

lazy day to just rest and hang out. Kiley had

spent the night with us, slept all night,

and then went shopping with us this morning

for some grocery items we needed. Steve

and I even took her to McD's for breakfast.

Steve and I love spending time with little K.

She's not spoiled, she's well loved.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy 25th Birthday Melanie

Today our youngest daughter turns 25.

Happy Birthday Melanie Sue.

Dad and I love you more today than

the day you were born, and

we are so proud of you.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

2011 Garden adventures continue

This picture here is of a neighbors farm. It is a no till field from last year, covered in goldenrod. Fields all around us are full of this weed. It's pretty yellow flowers are nice to look at, but the farmers aren't happy with them being so invasive this year. Luckily for us, we worked out ground last fall, so we don't have the abundance of them on our ground.

This here is my latest play toy Steve bought for me to use in my garden. A customer of his lost her husband last winter and asked Steve if he'd be interested in buying it to get rid of it, as she said she would not need it. I've spent a few hours on it working my garden, and it sure was easier than the walk behind tillers we have to keep in straight line. lol Of course the best tiller we have is our cub cadet he bought me last year, only it takes a lot of man/woman muscle to hold it on my slight hill side garden. But it tills the finest soil and so it too gets used.

This is my tomato patch this year. 31 tomatoes of 4 varieties are planted and growing. No wilted ones and this is day 3 in the ground with temps in the high 80's. So looks like I will have a bumper crop of tomatoes again this year. I plan to make more sauces than anything with them as I still have some juice left. But last year was mainly juice made.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day May 8, 2011

Today was just perfect in every way. Spent time doing what I wanted.

Spent time with Steve and the kids.

Friday, May 6, 2011

May 6, 2011

Time gets away from me. For some reason I thought today

was Tuesday, yet I knew it was Friday, cause I was thinking

today was Melanie's birthday.

I am beginning the think I don't even really think.

Today after errands again, and taking Steve's phone up

to him at work, I come home and sat under my new

heating/massage pad, got the back to feeling better,

then headed out to plant some flower seeds in starter

containers, along with some herbs. I got my inside

plants that go outside every spring/summer out

along the edge of the back porch. I guess that

shows I am confident it won't frost or get too

cold at night now.

This weather is something else, we had had the furnace

on off and on to take the chill off the house. Next week

forecast says it will get 89° of 90° on Tuesday and

Wednesday. Talk about bizarre.

Steve is working late with SD, and I needed to baby

the back/hip, so I just stayed home tonight.

I did make a delicious batch of banana nut muffins.

Left over pizza for supper and fresh hot buttered

muffin for dessert.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hiding places from Gramma

Kiley has figured out she can crawl under the tractors and

Gramma can't reach her to take her in the house. She's yet

to figure out, Gramma has patience and catches her on the

other side.

Saturday April 30, I transplanted my pumpkins and broccoli.

We got a tiny frost May 3 night, but it didn't hurt any of my

things growing in garden. Didn't look like it hurt the corn

which some farmers have planted either.

Yesterday, I had volunteers to help go up to the farm

and help me get the brush cleaned up. We had trees

that fell over the winter, needed cut into firewood

and stacked, limbs picked up, waterway to be opened

to drain the water standing in field, and some mowing

to finish up. My helpers did a great job, and come

home tired and sore. They worked hard and I am

proud of them, it's not things they normally do, but

they hung in there.

So glad that part is finished, even tho there is more to pick,

but I can get that in the next couple days, if rain holds off.

Kiley has been so good while we work around at farm.

She got her first big tractor ride Sat. with Papa and I.

Now every time the big ones are started she cries to

go for a ride too. I am sure she will grow up to be

a little farmer, with her interest in all we do, she helps

with everything. She even picked up wood and sticks

yesterday, along with her daily dirt clods and picking

every dandelion seed head she could find.

So off I go to do some more getting things done on my

to do list. I love marking thru that list.

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