Sunday, July 29, 2012

Fighting the 2012 Drought for a Garden

It's been a lot of work this year to have a garden to help feed our family for another year. Unsuccessful with so many seeds. Tomatoes and melons survived for a time. Now they are swirviling in the hot soils of the drought area here in the midwest.

I have so far almost 100 pints of tomato sauce canned up for future use. Looks like we will be eating lots of tomato soup, chili, and pasta dishes this winter. Maybe I'll take up drinking, and make some bloody mary's. Wonder if I could find some friends to join me.
I Thank God for what he has helped provide us with. We could have had nothing at all. Praying for rain everyday, watch clouds build, only for them to just float on over top of us, and not a drop of rain. Trying not to lose faith, but it seems to be drying up like the world around me.

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