Monday, December 21, 2009

A minute to myself, just a minute or two...

Sunday was spent baking,  cleaning up dishes,  visiting with kids and grand daughter and Steve. 
It started to snow very lightly in the afternoon.  At one point it come down fast enough to just cover the autos and ground where not covered from Friday nights snow.  We only have an inch or less from that one,  but they are calling for another wave of weather to hit here starting Monday night now,  going all week with mild temps and rain.  I was so hoping for snow....=( 
I made cookies today.  I used a oatmeal batter and added flavorings to little bowls of it,  ending with 5 different cookies from one dough.  I have oatmeal cookies flavored with coconut/walnut,  orange,  lemon,  eggnog,  and traditional oatmeal raisin. 
Monday I will do same thing with a vanilla cookie dough,  just make little bowls of different flavors,  chips,  and candy bits. 
I have my week planned out what I have to do,  so I won't be overwhelmed but will be busy making things and getting things ready for Friday. 
2009 is almost over,  2010 is approaching fast.  I wonder,  will we call it two thousand ten,  of twenty ten?  Oops just a ramble.
As I count down the days til 2010,  I think of things we will be doing in the year to come.  I can foresee lots of things I would like to do,  and with the good Lords help,  I may see them become reality. 
Steve is going up to other Steve's today to help him finish hauling his hay.  Kiley goes to doctor this morning,  Leslie is going with Melanie to take her.  I will get some alone time,  just me and my house,  just me....Oh I am looking forward to having my Christmas music blaring,  my cookies in the oven,  and me singing without being embarrassed that my singing bothers others.  YYEEAAAHHH.........

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