Monday, September 12, 2011

Been Busy

Summer is on the way out of here, Fall is on the way in.

Thankfully with the ending of summer, the heat has left us also. Drought conditions still, but good news, we got rain last Friday. Home received an inch and half, farm got just under an inch.

I have been canning and freezing all my produce from my garden.

List of canning done: Tomatoes - sauce, juice, pizza sauce, sloppy joe sauce, and spaghetti sauce.

Frenched green beans

Mock apple pie filling, apple butter, raspberry jam, strawberry jam.

Sweet pickle relish.

Dill pickles.

Into freezer I added: sweet corn and summer squash (shredded, chopped, diced and sliced)

Now that cool weather has come here to my area, I have gotten some of those outside things done, which I didn't do, with the heat of summer.

Also, we are building a shed at the farm. It's been hit and miss, as Steve works all day, and we work on it in the evenings and weekends. Sides and back is up. Now we are working on getting the roof on it. We had 4 more post holes to dig, when the post hole digger broke down, so the guy's dug 4 foot deep holes by hand for those last 4, and the ground was hard like concrete from no rain.

During the day, while Steve is at work, I am cutting tall weeds along the ditch and tree lines of our little corner where eventually it will be yard. Still have sticks and limbs and a couple willow trees to clean up, from spring/early summer storms. Now's the time to get to them and pile them up for a fall hot dog roast/hayride in October/November weather permitting at Halloween.

I'm sure I have forgotten to add things, as my time has been limited on computer with being gone, and coming home late, getting supper and then getting things done around the house so the next day I can head out again. So looking forward to only having one place to take care of, instead of the 2.

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