Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Rocking Chair for Kiley

Finished the rocking chair for our Grand daughter today.  I am real proud of the way it turned out.  I woodburned the face into the wood and painted the bow on it.  I stained and varnished it today.  I need to add one more coat of varnish for slick finish,  but otherwise she will receive this on Christmas morning,  the unwrapped gift from Santa.  I kept my pattern of the pieces so if I would want to make another one someday,  I won't have to draw them out again. 

Got the place mats ready to foot print when Kiley gets here tomorrow.  That should be fun.  I tried the other day,  but didn't get hand prints from her.  She only makes fist when I tried to paint them and lay them on the poster board. 
Here was my attempt at her hand prints and foot prints.  So,  I will have only foot prints on the rest of them.  After they dry,  I will then cover the front and back of poster board with clear contact paper and they will be water proof. 
Hope my kids and her in laws enjoy looking at the pictures as they eat every day.  Just something extra I thought to try out for Christmas this year.  If I like them real well,  I will print pictures on photo paper and do some more other gifts.  This year was experimenting. 

Steve and I kept Kiley last night all night.  She went to doc this morning and got another round of shots.  Last time she had shots she got sick and was real fussy for mom and dad and they didn't get any sleep and they had to work the next day,  we ended up going to get her the next night so they could sleep.  This time, I just asked Melanie if she could spend the night,  and she said yes for she had been up the night before off and on all night,  they got little sleep.  She was a fuss butt for us too.  Finally about 2 or after Leslie come home and I asked her to try to get her to sleep and I crashed myself.  Leslie got her to sleep,  but at the cost of her whole queen size bed.  Kiley was bed hog and Les didn't want to wake her moving her so she slept in her chair in her room while Kiley slept peacefully in the big bed.  Such a good Aunt. 

This morning she felt better and played with Grandpa while I worked on her rocking chair.  Then I put her on my bed with Sesame street on in family room for her to watch and take her morning nap,  which usually she does good at playing and then falling asleep on my bed.  This morning she was playing on her blanket and I had the diaper bag on the bed at her side of feet,  and somehow she got a pair of her pants and tee shirt and jacket out of that bag and was chewing on her pants leg when I went in to check on her.  I asked her how she managed to get those clothes out of the bag and she just smiled at me and kicked her legs.  Those legs kicking must have knocked the clothes out onto her legs and she was able to get hold of them with one of her hands.  She had really found them in the last week.  She loves to pick up her toys from tray on walker and shake them good,  then throw them on floor and my kitty then takes off with the toys that fall.  They get along great now.  Hope in the future when Kiley walks they still get along.  lol  We shall see...

So it's going to be an early turn in for me tonight as last night was short one.  So off to the kitchen for my glass of chocolate milk and then to bed with a few pages of my book and then to sleep for a couple hours,  I hope.....wish for a full nights sleep,  but my genie doesn't grant sleep wishes...............

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