Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday baking, visiting, chilling

Snow fell friday evening,  just enough to cover the grassy areas here.  Watched on the news as it pounded parts of the eastern part of the country.  Forecasters say we are to get some more starting wednesday thru friday morning,  but so far looks like in the form of rain/sleet/snow mix.  Mother nature will determine what form we get,  but hoping for some white for Christmas day.

Yesterday the house need some attention,  so I pulled out the vacuum and went to work.  As I cleaned out the fireplace ashes,  I found hot coals still from night before,  so left some of them,  placed firewood in on them,  shut the glass doors and left it sit.  By afternoon it had taken off on it's own,  and last night I just kept adding pieces to it everytime I was up and kept it going.  This morning Steve went in to watch some TV and there the fireplace was going for him,  which put a smile on his face, til he saw we need wood brought in,  then he just nodded.  lol  He really don't mind bringing it in,  but first thing on Sunday morning he likes to just veg out for a few hours.  He hauled hay again yesterday with other Steve.  They sure have a good time working together.  He's a very good friend to my Steve.  Thank you other Steve for keeping my Steve busy yesterday so I could get house cleaned while you's were busy mudding to get hay.

I also got Leslie to go with me to finish our shopping for our friends presents.  I even let her drive me around.  She is a good driver,  so it wasn't like I had to hang on or anything,  she just has to learn that I don't do corners well,  they make me dizzy(ier) than I am when I drive.  One of the perks of having ear problems all my life. 

Wednesday plans are to go to Alton and pick out a freezer for the kids for their big gift,  then pick up an area rug for Leslie's room she wants.  Christmas will be Christmas day here this year.  As kids both work on Christmas eve and they won't go to in laws til the weekend,  they wanted to wait til Christmas day to spend the day with us. 

Today Melanie and Kiley will come over,  for Dave has to work.  I figure I will get the girls in the kitchen and we will bake goodies today together while Grandpa plays with Kiley.  He says he doesn't spoil her,  but you should see how she looks at him when he's in the room.  She sure has him around her little finger.  Just like the girls did/do.   He is a good dad and grandpa,  as well as husband.

I wood burned face on rocking chair yesterday also.  Now I have to get out the craft paint and add the big red bow and I will be ready to stain and varnish it.  I should get that done today also while baking and candy making. 

Dear Lord,  Thank you for another day,  the ability to do the things I do,  the family you blessed me with,  and most of all Thank You for loving me and always being at my side.  Please help those in need this season and show your love in their hearts.  Bless all the troops,  Lord,  keep them safe and return them home to their families soon.  Bless the elderly that they have  family to be by their side too.  In Jesus' name Amen.

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