Saturday, December 12, 2009

Thinking Spring Already, Work for Spring anyway....

Major planning for upcoming spring jobs on the farm.  With harvesting crops,  one gets a top shot of what the ground looks like from inside the combine cab.  As we traveled over the field,  we could see where the heavy rains this year,  and the neglect of the previous renters for 3 years,  have washed out all the hard work of making useful water ways for drainage of fields,  which Steve and his Dad had done and kept up over the years.  Most of the tiling they had done is gone,  causing wash outs turning into little rivers and low land turning into areas like swamps.  Since it got cold,  the frozen areas look like ice skating rinks right now.  We have had so much rain this year,  it's just sitting on top of the ground.  So notes being made in head of what has to be done before planting time next spring.  Do we ever get to stop working and take a rest in the winter?  lol

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