Saturday, October 31, 2009

It's Halloween Night

Well, had quite a few trick or treaters tonight. Quite cute costumes too. Some of the moms were dressed up as the moms of there children. One mom was Betty Rubble and son was BamBam. Real nice idea to enjoy the holiday with the children. I never dressed up with mine, I was the one who stayed home and passed out candy while Steve took the girls and 2 of my nephews around. But the kids come home with all sort of stories to tell me and they were wound up for hours afterward. It was so fun listening to them tell of other kids and costumes. So the time is almost over for the little ones to be out. Kiley is spending the night, her Dad is still at his brothers for the weekend and Melanie is tired, so we volunteered to keep Kiley tonight so she can get a good nights sleep. If Kiley is anything like she has been when she stays the night when they work, she will sleep all night for us. lol Guess there is nothing to wake her here. At her house the dogs roam around all night and they have wood floors and the dogs nails click on the floors. I think with our house the quiet lets her sleep the night through.

So, Steve worked til noon today, then when he got home he finished wiring the little C lights up, thinks he has everything on it now. Only needs to pick up some bolts for the rear wheels. Little things like that were put off due to the rain off and on all week. I started raking the leaves out of the driveway and from under the tree out the back door, and raked the ones out of my patio area. There is a huge pile in the middle of the side yard now. Steve said we will put them on a tarp on the trailer and take them up to the farm to put in the washout area on road way back to garden and where the rest of the equipment is parked. He said it would help keep it from washing out so bad this winter. Next spring we will put in culvert and some rock along the wash outs since we know exactly where they all are after the rains we had this year. He said he wants to tile in some areas too. That will all be mapped out this winter and get it done in the spring before planting. If weather stays nice we can get some of it done this winter. But never ever rely on being dry enough to do something the way it's been so unpredictable this year.

Well, it's time to get the little grand daughter ready for her night bottle and into bed hopefully for the night. Hope she has sweet dreams here at grandma's and grandpa's tonight. We really do love this little girl so much. So glad she's in our lives.

Friday, October 30, 2009

It's Friday, and the sun did shine....

The morning started off with rain coming down still. The hours crept by, but by afternoon, the clouds started to break up and it had only showered once since 10 am. As the day passed, I found work to do in the house, laundry, picking up, playing with Kiley, talking with Leslie, talking with Melanie on phone, put starting touch on covering the tractor seat off the 966, watched a movie with Leslie while Kiley napped (17 Again - which I highly recommend you watching if you have the chance). Then by 5 pm, the sun did shine for a little while til it set. But it really did shine. I went outside and raked some of the leaves around, into little piles out of the driveway and from in front of the shed. The wind picked up and I know it will take several days to dry things out, but just being outside and making some of the place look better made me feel better.
Steve got home, and he had worked out in this weather all week, so he vegged out on the couch in living room, I fixed us hamburgers and potato salad for supper. While I sit here writing this, I am also watching Monk. As far as TV shows go, this by far is the best show they have come out with in a long time. Adrian Monk has to be the farthest person from normal and I so enjoy watching the show. Someday I will own all the DVD's and be able to watch it anytime I want.
Leslie is at Melanie's watching scary movies together, which is great for I don't do those types of movies. Tomorrow night is Trick or Treat night here in town. I bought a big bag of candy bars, but not sure if we will have any little ones come. As the family doesn't have many in our town, and the ones here are all grown up now, we only get some neighbor kids stopping by. But that's ok, we just spend the evening watching TV and all of us in the same room together for change. lol
The weather people have fore casted mostly sunny skies for the next 6 days, so tomorrow Steve and I will spend time outside doing whatever we can around house here, for we can't get anything done on farm yet til it dries. But as soon as it does, we will get up there and get more done in clearing it and hopefully get the corn out. Then we will take down fence around garden, finish clearing it out, and get the trailer of wood to bring down to burn in the fireplace. Only been bringing down enough to fill wood box, but now that the cold is coming, we need the whole thing here so I can build fire daily. After all, my kitty loves laying in front of it and staying warm.

Typical Thursday for 2009 pattern

Thursday turned into a typical rainy day here again. 5 more inches fell, it's still raining this morning. Hope the forecast is right and we are in for a relief from all this wet.

Beach Boys music today sounds good to get myself out of the gray funk. Then will pop in some Christmas music to lift spirits.
Sitting here listening to the news, I add a little prayer for all the military over seas to stay safe. We have lost so many soldiers since this last war started. Praying soon it can end, and our men can come home.
Yesterday we had to pick up some groceries, and saw some really neat Christmas gift ideas. Can't say what, for peepers may see them, but got ideas on what to pick up for several on the list.
I noticed lately, my kitten has sure grown a lot since I got her. Looks like she might stay a small cat. She's starting to like Kiley and want to investigate her more closely, so I keep a close watch on them when they are in the same room together. Sassy doesn't understand that the moving baby feet and arms are not playing with her. Kiley stares at Sassy, and I tell her she is not to get Grandma's kitty cats tail when she is bigger, and of course Grandpa says Yes she can. But I am sure since they will grow up together, they will get along fine. Kiley has 2 puppy dogs at home. Dusty and Jade. They are good to her. They still don't quite know what to think of her, but they ride on each side of her in the backseat of the car and truck. They never bother her, and Jade sometimes lays her head on the side of the car seat and sleeps like that. I am sure they will be very protective of her as she gets to walking and playing. Especially with Jade, for she loves to play ball, and as soon as Kiley is big enough, I plan on teaching her to throw for Jade while Mom and Dad are at work. Course Daddy will teach her that also, Jade is his dog as well as protects her Grandma too.
Steve headed to work this morning, said he probably wouldn't do much today for the rain is keeping farmers out of fields. Since no one is combining, no one has break downs right now. Then when weather gets better, any one who has a break down will want fixed right away so they can get crops out before more rain. It sure puts him on the road a lot of the time, hitting as many farmers places in one day as he can to get them running again.
Guess I will clean house today, get things done up, for Steve is off the weekend, and he can vegg out if he wants, or we can piddle around outside if the rain is gone. The shed does need some more organization-ing, I am not done straightening out in there, but need the help to put things on shelf and get things down.
Lets all pray for the wet areas to be dry for awhile and those in flooding areas not be uprooted long.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Will the rain ever stop to allow us to get crops out?

I'm beginning to wonder if the rain will ever stop to allow us to get our crops out of the field. It has rained so much this year, it makes me think we will be in for a drought coming in the next year or so. We don't need that, but the rain is making the rivers rise, and since we are not far from the IL/Miss. joining, our neighboring counties are getting the rising water into their areas causing some concerns of flooding. There have been many floods in those areas, but God sees to it to allow those who own there to rebuild and replant.
The rain is tampering with our plans for our place on our little farm. Guess things are not meant to be for now. God has a way of protecting us from something happening when he allows nature to prevent us on our journey. I do believe he protects us by letting roadblocks block our paths in our destinations.
It rained here all day and is still misting out. As I look out the window at the roads, they shine like ice layers on the pavement with the streetlights reflecting on them. I sit her tonight in the family room watching/listening to Halloweentown High movie on the TV. Steve is vegged out on the couch in living room watching something, not sure what. Leslie is in her room, probably watching her TV or on her computer looking for work.
I got a call from my cousin a couple hours ago, we chatted for a few minutes and I filled her in on the trip to Children's Hospital with Kiley today. Her test come back normal and she has not inherited reflux like Leslie had. I think I will work a while on my crocheting of baby blanket for Kiley for Christmas for few minutes. Then wilh the rain, it made the day dark and gray, so makes me tired and I think I will crawl into bed a little early tonight. I am reading a book by Fern Micheal's, her latest in series of vigilante books. They sure are enjoyable to read. Then I will fall asleep for a couple hours before being up again soon. Shoulder gives me fits so often, and I can't lay for more than 3 hours, and I am up to let it hang down and re pull the muscles away from the neck. Life isn't the same since I fell and tore up the rotator cuff. I often wish for the "if I could go back to one day and do something different, what day would it be..." That day would be the one I would go back to.
Wishing for some sunshine tomorrow and I might just get some of the millions of leaves raked which are laying on the ground right now. Just Sunday, there wasn't many, and I had cleaned up around the shed and driveway, only to see them all laying out there now like I didn't rake any of them. lol The trees still have quite a few leaves left on them, but if we use the yard sweep we can get most of them up now and then have a few for later on.
I am hoping Steve will get in the mood to put up the Christmas lights on the house, not plugged in yet, set on timer like we usually do, but just get them up so we aren't working outside in the bitter cold doing them later on. But we will see if the weather cooperates some and we get some nice evenings to come. Praying for good dry weather for next couple of weeks. God please hear my prayer. Amen

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The C is done.

The seat come in for the little C, so we put it on today and Steve took it for a little drive. He ended up having to re-work the carburetor, but now it runs great. Little Kiley got to sit on it, it will be her tractor when she's big enough to drive it around. Until then, Grandma and Grandpa and Mom and Dad will take her for rides on it. We plan to put a wagon behind it for using at the farm, and for pulling her around in. This little tractor will be great for pulling the wagon for picking up debris and hauling things thru out the farm with. It took all summer to complete this one, but it sure turned out pretty if I do say so myself. lol

Kiley spent the night last night. She got her 2 month shots on Wednesday, and Friday she didn't feel too good. After a battle in the evening she finally went to sleep at 10:30 and slept til 5:30am. Today she felt a little better, but you can still see she isn't her usual self. I will be glad when she is feeling better, and the warm spell we had today, she was able to get outside and get some fresh air for a few minutes. She even got a wrench to play with from Grandpa. I keep telling him that if she is here and he's working on something she will have to have some tools to work with too. So he gave her one and she looked so cute holding it. So today we got the tractor pretty well done. Steve is still running some wiring for the lights, and needs to put the battery box and battery on it, but other than that, this one is done. I need Steve to get the tractor seats off the 706 and 966 so I can cover them before the winter gets here. Maybe he will get the 966 one tomorrow and I can get it done now, for that tractor is still here and the 706 is at the farm, and with the almost 3 inches of rain we got on Thursday again, we can't get back to it right now, unless we want to wade in the mud. So it will wait til later in next week for him to get it and bring it home. Guess I will make list of things for him to work on for tomorrow. lol He loves my "to do lists".

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Starting Christmas gifts

Started making an Afghan for Kiley. She watched me for a while today. She kept watching as my hands and fingers moved, I know she was wondering what in the world I was doing. Then of course, Grandma wasn't giving her attention, so she fussed and of course I picked her up and told her for the millionth time, she was Grandma's baby doll. I nicknamed her that, cause she looks like a baby doll. That little face, and bright eyes, and tiny little bitty mouth, her button nose. Well, the picture on left here shows what I am talking about. I love to play with her and she loves to listen to Christmas songs, any music really. She also loves the color red. I am sure she will grow up and her favorite color will be red, which will make her Grandpa and I very happy as we are very red people in our collection of tractors.

Today it was raining again, I think it is becoming a pattern on Thursdays, any way, i got out my yarn a couple days ago, and have now really begun to show some progress on it. It will only be one big granny square, but it will be white, lavender and light pink. Little girl colors. I hope she likes it well enough to hang onto it for years to come, maybe even save it back for her own baby someday.

She gets to spend the night again tomorrow night. She is good baby for us once she goes down for the night. I still get up and down all night long, but she sleeps through my messing around being up. Aunt Leslie is off tomorrow night, maybe she will want her in her room with her. Leslie does love her so much and as Kiley gets older and likes to see Leslie play with her, they are getting that much closer.

I have some thoughts on what all I want to make for Christmas and this afghan is just the beginning. I also have some jars to paint and put potpourri in for some people on the list too. Then there are the baskets I have an idea of making also. Then I will have to be prepared to bake just in time to fill those baskets. Goodies are always welcome to all our family and friends. And they take time to prepare and I also add lots of love to each batch I make. lol

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It Runs.........

Tonight Steve and I worked on the little C. He had to get new gas line, hooked it up, put gas in the tank. Cranked it over, wouldn't start. Had fire going to all the plugs. Motor whirled over nice and free and fast. Just wouldn't hit and run. Changed plugs, checked rotor, adjusted mag position, still would not run.
HHMMMMmmm. Steve had me look in manual for firing order, 1-3-4-2, OK, check plug gap specs. .023 to .027, OK, then he changed the plug wires on the distributor cap one around each. BBRRRMMMM it started running right off. The little thing started faster than a car. OOHHH the relief and the pride we felt is beyond words. I guess I'd have to say it is close the feel of the birth of a child. Forget all the hard work to get to where we are at this very moment.
Now we wait the arrival of the seat. Steve ordered it on Monday, it's suppose to come in sometime this week. Oh I hope he gets it today. I can't wait to drive it around. Since I didn't get to drive it before we took it apart to restore, I really look forward to my first spin on it.
Since this tractor will be for Kiley, our grand daughter, I can't wait to get her picture taken on it. She is only 2 months old, but she will grow up knowing it is hers. Our tractors all have been designated to each of us. Steve has 2, the 706 and the 966, then I have the little 42-H, Leslie the 39-M, Melanie the 50-M, Dave the W-6, and now Kiley the littlest tractor in our collection, the little C. We are indeed an IH-Farmall family.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Halloween is right around the corner. It's not a holiday I participate in other than handing out candy for the little ones who come Trick or Treating at our home. I think growing up, we didn't do much for it either and I never come up with the spirit of the holiday other than Thanksgiving and Christmas was right behind it.
I enjoyed making my girls costumes for years, and I attended their parties at school. Several years we attended some hayrides at one of my brothers place. Then as the girls reached teen years, they wanted to have a bonfire and small party, we made sure they had them and we had fun with them, but nothing like traditions set. But this year, we are pondering the bonfire thing at the farm with family and friends with music and hot dog/marshmallow roasting, sitting around the fire and also having a hayride around our farm. Our Dave loves Halloween and this would be a perfect time to plan on starting a tradition for us all just to add to the other holidays we are making tradition with the family.
In planning this party, means making list of things needed as well as getting things ready up at the farm. As of today, the little C is done other than carburetor and lines put on it, so that project is done on my part, and this will give me one last thing outside to do before being cooped up in the house for the winter. I am really looking forward to sharing some time with those we love seeing and visiting with.
So it's off to make the list and get things done around here and then make trek to farm to see what I need to get done to set up and have area ready for our get together.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Haunted House

I have read people posting about haunted houses and they post pictures of their homes expecting others to tell them they see something in the pictures. For me that does nothing. I don't believe you can feel the ghosts by looking at pictures.
I do believe my house has someone or someones in it. Over the years hearing noises when your home alone, or the two of us are sitting watching TV and hear the dishes rattle in the cabinet like someone placing a plate too hard while putting dishes away just isn't the house settling. I do think it is my in laws, and I have never had bad things happen, never have goosebumps breakout on me, or feel negative energy when I feel them around. I have come to learn to talk to them and ask them things on my mind, for those are the times the "guests" are more noticeable.
Back in 1980 when Steve and I bought our house, I would not step foot in the spare bedroom after dark. For some reason I never felt comfortable going in there and I would be scared the whole time if I did enter that room. BUT, mind you, I had guests which slept in that room and never had any problems with feeling weirded out. I didn't talk of my fright, but I often wondered why it was only me, not Steve, nor any guests. There were times when I would shut the door to it also, when I was home alone during the day time even. In 1982 I got pregnant with our first. We were waiting for our income tax to fix up the room for baby. In April 1983, 3 months to due date, our house caught fire and that room is the one which burnt. The rest of the house was only smoke damaged, but everything in that room was lost. It held all our wedding gifts, ribbons, cards, high school memorabilia, stuff like that. There was nothing of baby arrival things in there, just storage items. After the fire, I was never afraid of that room again. It was like I knew it was a lost room when we bought the house. That's how I thought of the room, just lost. Then 4 years ago, we noticed a lot of vibes of someone in the same room as you, when no one was. The vibes were very peaceful, not threatening, or eerie, nothing to make your hair raise on your arms or back of your neck kind of feelings. Just a wanta talk to who ever is there sort of thing. At that time we were going through a major life change with Steve's Dad having a stroke and that was the beginning of movement and sharing of our home with who ever came. I often wonder if it is Steve's Mom, she died in 1992, and Steve's Dad was the last of our parents left. The ghost stayed here, and at times was more noticeable than others, usually when Steve's Dad wasn't doing so well, and Steve was so lost in his life during that time, for his way of life had come to a complete stop, and his family let him down so fast and hard, I often thought it was his Mom here helping comfort him in that time. Then the day came when his Dad passed away. A heartbreak as well as a relief too, for the man had suffered and lost love for his family for leaving him so alone. Steve's heartbreak was so major that he had no fight left in him at all. He eventually just let go and let his brothers deal with the last year. After his Dad passed, is when we started hearing things in another room, and I told Steve it was his parents, and that his Mom is the safe feeling one and his Dad is the noisy one, often getting your attention with the movement of something to make the noise. I talk to them when I feel them here. And just a couple weeks ago my cousin and her husband spent the night, she told me she thought someone was sitting in chair in her room, and she wasn't scared, just didn't bother them for the chair she was going to read in. The very next day, my son in law was hit in the side in their truck and it rolled 2 and half times over, he didn't get a scratch out of it. Totaled the truck, but God had to have been riding with him, and my ghost must have been waiting to be here for us when it happened. So now I call them my guardian angels, and I know if I ever need to talk, they are always here to listen and let me feel their presence. I often think of my in laws, they were such good people, they will always be memories I will treasure and I am sure Steve has so many that is why he is such a happy person.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Cold rainy weather here for early Oct.

Cold rainy and no sunshine here today and tomorrow thur Friday. Suppose to be pretty come the weekend. So what to do on these types of days is hard to find when mind says it's suppose to be outside getting the crops out and tending to winterizing the farm. I do have some sewing I need to get to. Then there are those Christmas gifts I am wanting to make. Potpourri I need to cut and get to drying. Guess I will start my list so I can not be so bored.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Our Sunday Success

Today was a success here at our place. We aimed to get our shed cleaned out and things done up outside, things put away in basement, and the yard got mowed too. If it wasn't for Dave's help though, it would not have been done near as fast as it was. So glad we got one great son in law.
The shed had all my painting things laying around in containers and buckets, so I collected them and put them into a large tote, and the guys packed it to basement for me, so the fluid and paint doesn't freeze. The shelf in the shed needed repaired, that made taking everything off it and then fixing it, and putting everything back on it. We eliminated a lot of the card board boxes I used while painting. All in all, Steve has a truck load of things to haul off to dump. lol We couldn't find 2 bolts for the drawbar of the C, and Steve kept telling me I had painted them. But low and behold, I found them on the bottom shelf of wood/work cart. lol They had rolled off the cardboard they were painted on.
Anyway, the shed has been cleaned out also, so that is good for the winter months to come. We at least know where most everything is at now, or close to it. Steve and Dave talked about putting snow blade on mowers to push snow with if we get quite a bit this winter.
Still have to get up to farm and get it ready for the winter, but with the rain we had last week, if the sun don't shine quite a lot for several days that will be on hold a few more days also.
The C is almost done completely. The wheels have to be painted, and carb worked on, but Steve has it almost put back together. We also need to get a battery for it. Can't wait to be able to drive it for the first time. Looking forward to that.
Always something needing done around here, and we love doing them together. So I am sure next weekend we will find something else needing done and work on it too.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Rainy Days and Nights

I think I am done with rain, for the next few weeks if mother nature reads this. Here at our place, we have gotten almost 5 inches dumped on us in 36 hours. I know other places have been harder hit, but this spring and summer has been gully washers here. I makes it hard to get things done which I would really like to do before getting cooped up in the house for the winter. I know that if it was draught time here I would be complaining about that too and wishing for rain. But it sure would be nice to have showers when needed and dry time when we have things to do. lol
I baked a cake today, trying out some new things before the holiday, to see if I want to include them in my baking. Well the recipe I did today is going to be modified when I re-make it. Just wasn't what I was looking for in a coconut cake. Leslie was off today, and she made brownies. We both got to take care of little Kiley, she even spent the night last night with us. She slept for 7 hours straight for us. Mommy said she hopes she sleeps like that for her tonight. Then she napped off and on all day long, guess the little thing was just wore our with playing with Grandma the last 3 days. Tonight Grandma is wore out. lol

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Painting Is Done

Today I finished painting the little C. Now we have to wait til it dries before handling it to put it all back together. So glad it is done before cold weather hits. Suppose to start in raining tonight then rain Thur. afternoon some storms to be severe. Expecting 1 to 3 inches to hit. So am glad tractor is done and I don't have to work in the dampness.
As soon as it is all put together I will be sure to place picture of it here in my blog.
I do have the front and rear wheels to paint but they are silver not red so they won't be quite as a big job as the overall tractor has been. It sure is red, suppose to be red, but til it completely dries the brightness stands out. It will dry a darker red, not so brilliant, but the shine right now is just blinding.
Had Kiley for the first day since Melanie went back to work, Dave was off on Monday and Tuesday so he kept her, she was sort of a stinker this morning, but she finally took nap on Aunt Leslie while I was out painting, then I come in and showered and gave her some more bottle and she zonked out for me and took over an hour nap. I got dishes done, her stuff gathered up for her mom to pick her up so they could head home, and all her other stuff put away that I had to have for her to spend the night last night. So got those things accomplished while she napped.
When Steve gets home from work tonight, we will put things away outside before the rain hits, and tomorrow I think I will bake some cookies that I want to try before Christmas, as I like to know what they will taste like before I include them in my list of goodies to make to give to friends and family.
While shopping Sat. afternoon, I picked up the ingredients I will need. So with the storm coming in, what a better way to be cooped up inside. Hope the rain isn't what they predict it will be. We really don't need 3 inches. We'll see come tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Yesterday Ramble

Trying to get things done has been one major feat for I can not control the pain anymore. Some days are better than others, but today wasn't one of the better ones. Set out to get quite a lot accomplished, got one third of it done.
Melanie went back to work today. She seems glad she has, and on the other hand, she went back to un-organization and she tackled it like a trooper. Then this being Dave's day off, he kept Kiley and she was a stinker for him. He come over in afternoon and she was good here for us. He just shook his head and I feel for him, he's a good Dad, just has to get used to the little things which make her a happy baby. Maybe my sanity as my own girls were small were the stories and odd little happenings I shared with them. I talked to them all day long, just little stuff, things I was doing, things I wanted for their future, my dreams of what they would be like when they grew up, things which bothered me, people who irked me, troubled thoughts I had, prayers I shared with God, just anything on my mind was heard by my little babies ears, what their little minds did with the processing of those things they heard didn't seem to hurt them, and they grew up being my best friends. So now I am taking the journey with doing this with my grand daughter, she will hear all about my life and be bored out of her mind, but also she will hear my voice and learn to live life to the fullest and laugh often everyday to keep her happy and love with all her heart the people and things in her life she chooses.
Worked on the little C today. Last week I thought by this time this week we would have it together, but things didn't work out that way. I guess I still need to have busy work and when the day comes when it is done and put together, I will not know what to do with myself. By then, the weather will chance for the season and I will be stuck inside working. So I will take this time to spend outside. Looks like rain is headed in for us, so I will need to get up early and get started if I want to get things done out there. The weather channel just showed snow falling in Montana. Winter is headed this way.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Pulling Season comes to end for 09"

Club pulling season come to an end today. Turn out was great. Hot dog roast was good, food only lasted for lunch, but nothing much left over, which is good thing.
Many members did not help out as usual, but visitors helped out tremendously, and us working members sure do appreciate the help we got from them. Sure wish some of the members which make the club look bad would just quit and go to some other club and do their bickering and stirring of trouble. But those kinds of members seem to just hang on and run off friendly pullers and make for poor turn out of pulls.
Hoping to run some ideas by some of the open minded members about some changes for next year. A big Thank you goes out to all those dedicated to helping us and hanging in there this year. To the other useless members, your day will come. Beware.......

Thursday, October 1, 2009

My painting went well...

Today the weather was just right for painting on the little C. So instead of working at the farm today, I got things ready and mixed the paint and loaded the paint gun and went at it. I got all the parts done with the first coat and now we can assemble most of it before I finish the rest of the top coat. I used hardener in my paint for the extra shine it adds and the faster dry time. I think the look of the paint is better and it sure holds up under weather and time.
After I got my parts painted, I still have left over paint, so I cleaned up Steve's lawn mower which is apart for his oil pump key and pin broke and he has to replace them, so I took advantage of it and Melanie helped me paint it up. Looks good if I do say so myself. lol
I taught Melanie how to paint with air paint gun today. She enjoyed it and took right to doing it the right way after I showed her how and she watched me paint. I am proud that she took interest in it. Now when Dave and her have something they want to restore, they both have some experience and they can do it themselves. Since I am self taught, I had some major goofs at first, but by doing it I learned from my mistakes and I have told them what happens from time to time and if they remember my stories, they won't make those mistakes.
With every tractor I have painted, I have done things a little different an I like the way each have turned out. I will take pictures today in the daylight and post them for future reference as well as brag boasting. lol We hope to get the tractor assembled early next week. The parts will be dry enough to handle and won't roll the paint if we wait for a few days. The sheen on the parts right now looks like glass. I am very happy with the look of it. When it is totally finished, I will admire it often as I drive it around or watch Steve driving it.
I hope one day our kids are as proud of the collection we have as we are. We have spent a lot of hours on these tractors and have much pride in them, as well as we enjoy driving them around and pulling them.

In my Attic

What you are about to read is things from my life in the real world as well as thoughts from my attic.
Attic: Storage space at the top of my head.
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