Sunday, February 20, 2011

Touch of color in my black and white world

For weeks, our trucks were the only color outside,
other than black and white.
My mood suddenly change to black and white also.
I was still me, outside, but on the inside, I felt quiet,
alone, and uninspired by any thought I had.
Energy only to do routine cleaning, yet I see so much
needing done, before spring gets here and
lets me out of this prison.
This view is from my front door. Another black and
white view to get excited about. yeehaw
My days have been brightened by babysitting
little Kiley. She is learning so fast, and mimics
perfectly. We all have to watch what we do,
and how we look at things, if you know what I
mean. She has been my sunshine thru these
weeks. When she goes home, I feel lost without

Warm temps come finally. The snow is melted now
with only giant piles remaining but disappearing fast.
Temps have been so warm, I have had the windows
in the house here open, letting in the fresh air.
My mood is starting to be so much better.
I can even find humor in the wrinkles I have
acquired this winter. That was a bad
discovery I made recently. But now I think
of it as "that's life".

So here is a peek of what was sprouting under
all that snow. Oh Thank You God. Some color
other than the red around here, in my of late
black and white world.
There also sprouts hope, hope that my mind will
also become colored again, giving me some good
thoughts, good words to come out of my mouth,
good days to look forward to, good ideas to keep
busy til gardening time.
Summing up my winter of 10'-11',
me, the snow lover, winter loving,
hang in there with physical vacation time
after a hard worked spring/summer/fall
season attitude thinging for the definition
of winter girl, thinks this winter

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