Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I don't ever want to grow up...

Steve and I spent his last day of vacation just hanging out together.  Today,  little Kiley spent the day with her Dad,  as he was off work.  So Steve and I hit the road and headed to Litchfield to Rural King and Tractor Supply. 

Rural King,  we were walking around,  picking things up which we sort of needed.  I picked up me a pair of rubber overshoes,  stocking hats for both of us,  toy tool kit for Kiley,  some cleaning items,  and the ultimate little cordless chainsaw for me to use.  I am thrilled to have found it.  Since my injury leaving me 80% disabled in my right dominate hand/arm,  I am unable to use Steve's big chainsaw.  And years ago we had a small Homelite one that was just my size,  but it died after several years of hard use.  So the next one was a "boy toy" big saw and I haven't been able to use the big ones.  Anyway-Steve laughed at first,  about to make a crack about it being a "little" one,  and I looked up into his eyes and said,  "Steve,  I really wanted a chainsaw for Christmas,  (we had looked at small ones at Farm & Home while shopping)  can I please have this one,   it's little and light and I can use it for trimming the limbs off as you saw.................."  I guess I had that little kid look on my face,  for he immediately said yes.  I was so excited,  I was ready to head home that very minute so I could read instructions and charge battery so I can try it out.  But we left there and ate lunch at Long John Silvers/A&W place and then went on to Tractor Supply while we were in that area. 

Finally we got home,  and I immediately got out instructions and Steve put battery on to charge,  I have to wait til midnight for it to be fully charged,  and no I won't head outside to try it in the middle of the night,  as much as I would love to,  I'll refrain myself.  But you can bet first thing in the morning,  neighbors or not,  I will be out there checking it out and seeing how it cuts small limbs and pieces of wood.  I have a stack of wood on the porch already for the fireplace,  but maybe some of them are still just a little too long for me,   hhuummm.   Really though,  I think it will come in handy for the low hanging limbs this summer which the big saw is not really needed,  but the limb trimmer is too hard to use to cut them.  Too bad it's suppose to rain/snow starting in the morning,  or I would head up to the farm and really put it to work.  Oh yeah,  I bought an extra battery for it,  so I can use it longer periods of time. 

Life is so fun,  I don't ever want to grow up..........Thank you God for leaving that one on the shelf and leading me over to it to find.  Amen

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