Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Meet Grandpa and Grand daughter

This is one great way to spend a cold afternoon. 
They said they were going to watch a western on TV.  I re-enter the room,  and they were both zonkered.  Was such a cute sight,  I just had to grab the camera and capture the moment.  So as you have read through my blog here,  the name Steve I type in most every one of them,  this is him.  And the little one this is Kiley, our little grand daughter,  which you have met a few times throughout my blog. 
Steve and I worked on the rocking chair we are making for Kiley for Christmas.  Only thing left to do is glue on the arms and then set all joints with a screw,  and then I can start painting it.  It looks like a teddy bear,  so I will put face on it.  
We didn't do anything outside today,  except run to DMV,  and hardware store.  We stayed in out of the cold,  nothing pressing to get done today.  Steve did get to spend the day with Kiley,  they played and took nap together.  
Shoulder giving me fits again.  Thinking trip to doc may be in order.  Puts gray hair on head just thinking that.  Noted and dated with blog entry for future "when it started date".  
Steve got the presents wrapped tonight while I fixed supper.  Sometimes we get things wrapped and I forget what I bought,  and buy something else,  then come Christmas and unwrapping them,  I am as surprized as those they are for.  Just a blonde moment,  those times,  but they happen to me.  lol  So heading back to bed now,  hope all has a good nights sleep.  Wish I could sleep allnight,  maybe someday again,  someday......

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  1. Oh what a sweet, sweet picture.

    Your pain and spaciness sounds like me! Do you have fibro?

    Here's wishing you sweet dreams.


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