Saturday, December 26, 2009

White Christmas after all

After all the whinning I did about not having a white Christmas,  I guess Mother Nature decided to shut me up.
Temps at midnight Christmas eve was 52*,  and it was still raining.  By 9AM Christmas morning the temp was down to 30* and it was snowing.  Yes,  snowing,  and I felt like it was just for me.  I loved it.  I kept going outside on the porch just to watch it.  Even though the wind was blowing and it was cold out,  temp of wind chill was 9*,  I loved it and was so happy. 
So I got what I wanted for Christmas,  my snow,  didn't get but an inch and it all blew away,  but I got snow,  as well as my other nice gifts.  The kids liked their gifts and got us nice things.  Steve liked his gifts as well.  We were all happy and spent the day watching movies and eating junk food and pizza.  I didn't do a traditional dinner this year.  Asked the kids what they wanted and they didn't care.  When I suggested crackers and spreads and chips and dip and pizza,  they jumped right on it and agreed.  Made my day easier and I got to spend more time with them just hanging out together.  It was a great day for all of us.

Today,  I took down the trees,  decorations,  and rearranged and cleaned the house up.  Nothing like starting the new year with a clean house.  I do have house guests,  my grandpuppies are staying the weekend as Melanie and Dave and Kiley went to stay the weekend with Dave's family.  Somehow,  Dave and his brother Devon came up with an idea to have an ugly sweater contest for Christmas,  so I dug out an old sweater of mine which should have been pitched years ago,  but somehow managed to hide in bottom of one of my drawers.  It is pumpkin orange and even had a hole in it at neck line,  probably from me and my obsession with tight neck lines,  anyway,  I dug out my craft embroidery paint and some tiny bulbs,  beads,  cottonballs,  glue and glitter, and Dave set out to paint an ugly green, blue, red,  and purple tree on it.  When Leslie got picture from Melanie of the boys in their sweaters,  I have to say,  Dave won hands down,  as the sweater come above his belly,  and was very ugly.  Can't wait til next year when they do it again.  lol

It is still snow flurrying here,  comes down slow,  then the flakes get bigger and then back to tiny flakes.  At one time this afternoon,  the flakes were so big,  they were clinging to each other and almost making snow balls all by themselves.  So I guess my snow will hang around for a while,  and that's just great,  our fireplace is going,  the house is clean,  the dogs are resting quietly,  my kitty is on the table in her basket,  Steve is watching Surving Christmas and I am happily blogging about our day.  May the rest of the world find just a little of the peace I am enjoying right now,  God be with you and safe journeys home.

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