Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Girls Toys

Today I  played around with my new little baby chainsaw.  It works too.  I told Steve when he got home,  I can even try my hand at carving with it.  I just may find I can make our farm name on log and put it at entrance of driveway someday.  I will have to practice and see how that would work,  but it worked on the firewood I played with today.   So I am happy to say,  there are some awesome girl toys out there for any of the ladies who would like to try doing things on their own without trespassing in husbands tool shed or shop. 
Guess I am not a diamonds and fur kind of girl.  I am sure Steve will find plenty of things to have to borrow it for cutting up,  but he will still make fun of it too.  Keeps our life interesting and fun.  I remember the first tools I picked out for my truck tool box.  They were all small "my hand size" tools.  And he laughed and said why would you want those things,  they are baby tools.  But at tractor pull the first time we needed a tool,  it was those which he pulled out to use.  I was like, hey those are mine,  they are for baby hands remember,  and he said they would work and more convienant than the big ones to carry to the tractor.   So after some ribbing about using my baby tools,  he doesn't make fun too often any more when I pick out my tools.  He does draw the line at pink and purple ones when in public use.  But he will use 'em at home.  I keep telling him that my tight on nuts and bolts is no where near his tight,  never to be removed without pry pipe on ratchet handle to remove, tight.   I have to say,  over the years  my little hands were called to help with mechanic work on tractors and combines and equipment in his Dad's shop many many times.   And when they needed them,  they called for "little hands".  I enjoyed helping when I could.  Some of my fondest memories are hanging out in the shop with Steve and his Dad helping them work on things. 

Tomorrow I will meet Steve after his half day of work at the farm to cut some firewood,  with my little chainsaw.  I look forward to using it and showing him it isn't such a baby.  Nanner Nanner

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  1. Darn that sounds like a lot of fun playing with your "my little chainsaw"!! I used to for some reason love the smell of a chain saw being used!


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