Monday, August 29, 2011

August things.

Ending the month of August with some pictures of Kiley's 2nd birthday.

Yes the little K-ster is growing up fast.

She was the best little party person. She went around to each person, several times in fact, and talked and played with us all. She said her Thank yous, and blew out her own candle.

She loved present she got.

Opened them all by herself, and exclaimed over each one.

She entertained us all with her new microphone, and shared her rides with her Dad.

They even had a race, her on her new Quad and Daddy on the older Jeep.

Kiley won the race, as Dad's rides battery was low.

She looked at every card, and just had a blast of a day for her big 2nd birthday.

She loved her new table and chair set, making use of it to open her presents.

Her new wheels.

I will have to post the pictures of the race and how she graciously ended her win.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Kiley turns 2

The big day is here. Aug. 21, 2011, Kiley turns 2 years old.

She gets to celebrate with a huge party with family and friends.
There will be cake and ice cream, and many many presents to open.

She can tell you how old she is. Can't do the two fingers, she ends up just getting both hands sideways with open fingers stretched out.

But she can say "two", when asked how old she is.

Kiley, hon, you make this Grandma very proud. I hope one day when you look back on this blog, as a journal by me, you feel the love I have for you in every picture I post and word I write.

I can't leave Grandpa out, for he is so proud of you also. As all the family is proud you were sent from God to join our family.

So on your 2nd Birthday, May God Bless you with many many happy years, and many many birthdays to celebrate.

Happy 2nd Birthday Kiley Nicole.

Love you babydoll, Grandma and Grandpa.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Another batch of veggies.

Been so busy with gardening, harvesting and putting up what I pick and bring home, then keeping up with house work, babysitting, keeping up with my landscape and flower garden at the house, mowing of yard in town, pull area, and farm, doing odd and end crafts, sewing projects, laundry done, company, test pulling, running errands, beating the heat, and reading in my spare time (reading is done when I visit the little girls room), well, summer has been busy.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Zoo Trip on July 29, 2011

Dave and Kiley's first trip to St. Louis Zoo.

Free admission.
Took our own water.
Lunch cost $40.00 for 2 cheeseburgers, 1 chicken strip container of 3, 2 orders of cheese fries, 4 soda's.
Walked all around the zoo, no ride on the train. :(
One bite on the finger for Kiley by a duck, she grabbed Dave's hand and wouldn't let him near the fence afterwards.
Visit to the penguin house with air so cool you could see your breath was my highlight. Watching the look and joy in the eyes of granddaughter and hearing her laugh and point and tell us the sound the animal she saw makes, just priceless.
Plans are made already to visit in the late fall, coat weather, or in the winter with snow on the ground.
Total for the day, not a dollar could buy this memory from any one of us. Steve, I, Melanie, Dave and Kiley had a blast. It was hot, humid, miserable at times, but worth every pop of sweat out of our pores to spend the day at the Zoo together.

Quiet House

Wow, oh WOW..........July 15th was last entry. I sure have some catching up to do.

Summer is winding down, finally the heat broke, and we are now enjoying natural/normal summer temps. FINALLY

I've been blessed with a very hardy garden thru the heat wave. God saw that my vegetables continued to grow and produce. Thank You GOD!!!

I know he answered my prayers for all the hard work I put into my garden. I am grateful and have thanked him over and over.
It amazes me the people who pray for help, but then don't do their part in helping God answer those prayers.

Sorry no more soap box in this journal post.

Sadly, I only got 25 ears of sweet corn off my over 100 plants. Guess you could say, I fed the raccoons, fattening them up for winter, ya know. They had a hay day in my sweet corn patch. Glad they enjoyed it, I enjoyed the little they left for me.

As you can see, I had a table full at times, of my veggies as they ripened. They were good also as we eat them at our meals. Sure has saved $$ money on the ole' grocery bill.

Best thing is, can't beat the homegrown taste better than to harvest and eat what your own hands have tended.

My cantaloupe was/is the sweetest tasting cantaloupe I have ever had. I have many more in my garden ripening, and will ripen over the next few weeks. By the looks of the little melons growing, I should have cantaloupe til frost. Yipppeeee............

In my Attic

What you are about to read is things from my life in the real world as well as thoughts from my attic.
Attic: Storage space at the top of my head.
Some things will be just off the top of my head too. Beware, no view warnings will appear on posts. Enter my blog at your own risk.