Monday, January 24, 2011

Trouble with Snow on Jan. 22

Ditches are not a girls best friend.
Leslie went out Saturday night,
heading home in the snow, she was
sucked off the road and hit a ditch
bank. Clipped it mighty hard.

Everyone was ok. Sudden stop and
a rude awakening for a looped back
seat rider. But no injuries, except
the upset that now she had no wheels
til this is fixed.
The guy who pulled her out, also
pulled the bumper out so she could
get it off the road til we got there to
access the damage. Steve looked it
over and declared it drivable home.
Next day, Steve tried to start it,
no go. So he popped the hood and
thinks the new battery we just put in
it got busted in the crunch.
Now need new front clip and
headlight assembly. Bumper is
straightenable. Insured but on
liability and medical. So this
expense is on us along with the
work. Another project in the
works for spring.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

A day at Gramma's house.

Kiley decided to re-arrange my living room.
She was bringing the footstool down the hall
to the family room.
She had toys all over the living room, and
just for some reason decided to bring that
stool in here. My thought, she was going to
use it to climb up on something she wasn't
suppose to climb on, or reach something
higher than her little arms could get.
She knows where the step stool is in the
kitchen, and uses it to stand and watch me
cook and prepare meals when she is here.
She's such a monkey. She even climbs on
her pedal tractor and over the side arm
of the couch and back down.
She even knows how to climb crossed
legs to sit on lap with no assistance.
If not for her independence, and
learning how to do things for herself,
I wouldn't be able to keep her daily.
Kiley is sure a joy to have around to
watch explore and grow.

Snow Jan 2011

Just some snow pictures from Jan. 2011
I shoveled at 6:15AM.

By 7AM it had covered the walk and path to
feed my squirrels.
I love the snow, so not upset it fell.
Just adds a worry on Steve traveling back
and forth to work in it.
He doesn't mind at all.
Snow fell Wed. 19th Jan thru
Thursday 20th Jan noon.
I thought we got 7 inches, St. Louis
reported 10 inches for our area.
By 2:30PM I had our walks cleared.
Sun came out and I donned my
sunglasses and enjoyed the view
around the neighborhood.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saucy Saturday Jan. 15

No, No, I am not sauced up. I don't drink. Well, I am thinking of adding
red wine to my nightly rituals to see if it helps me sleep, but so far I haven't.
Saucy Saturday is the feeling I am carrying over from yesterday.
I had a whole day alone, home alone, I laughed as I thought of
the movie Home Alone, in which Kevin ran thru the house and
jumped on the beds, went thru Bud's room, and talked to himself
the whole time. Singing and dancing thru the house, laughing at
nothing in particular, picking and choosing what I wanted to do,
without the thought of anyone else for a few hours. That was me
I started off just hanging out on the computer, just seeing what was
going on in every ones world that I connect with. I didn't get to everyone
but I enjoyed catching up with those I did read about.
Time to get busy, I headed outside to clear the snow off the
trucks which I hadn't done since I didn't need to go anywhere
while it was so cold out. Steve had cleaned his work truck off
but the others stayed blanketed with snow. Shoveled paths
around them also, so we wouldn't track it in them while it
hangs around before the melting naturally removes it.
That done, I started stacking wood into the little trailer we
use to haul to front door to bring in and stack in wood box
by fireplace for use. Arm tired out and suffered neck/head
shooting pains from the use, story of my life.
Come inside, made me a pizza for lunch, emptied dishwasher,
loaded in what was in sink to run later.
Surfed the web some, ate lunch, then got off my butt and
started cleaning house. For some reason, as I started to vacuum
the living room, the little ditty song, Does your bubble gum
loose it's flavor on the bed post overnight?, popped into my
head and there I was vacuuming and singing out, with no
worry if the neighbors could hear me or not.
I figure they didn't, for no one come knocking on the door
wearing white coats to ask me to go for a ride with them.
On thru the house I come with the vacuum cleaner, this
time I was singing the Oscar Mayer song for wieners and
bologna. Seemed like the day for being saucy acting
since no one was around to witness it.
Of course my girls have witnessed this behavior over
the years by me, so there was need to worry about being
caught by one of them having my good time day.
So today I wake with the same ditties in my head and
the same feeling of giddiness, again, alone, at least for
a few today. Steve works til noon, then he's staying at
shop to fix his exhaust on his work truck, then he will
be home.
Am I stir crazy from too many hours at home? I think not
yet, but may be getting close to needing to get out.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

S & S Wednesday Jan. 12

Photo from

I started the day with cutting out and sewing on
curtains for Melanie's kitchen.
I mentioned started, right?
The K was here today. Need I say more.
She decided to try to help me, she wanted
to learn how to sew, thread the machine, cut
with scissors, and play with the top spool
of thread as I was sewing.
She kept climbing into the chair with me,
literally hanging over my shoulder, learning
way too much for her little mind and my
peace of mind.
The little monster has learned to carry her,
my step stool around to reach anything she
isn't tall enough to reach. You can imagine,
the stool is carried from room to room.
So I put the sewing away, hid the scissors,
moved the chair, and prayed I could interest
her in another activity. Making cupcakes caught
my eye as I looked in cabinets for something she
could help me with. So we messed/made cupcakes.
Then, when they were done, she didn't even
want one. Saved more for those who will eat them.
She sure was wound today. Running thru the
house, screaming, laughing, dancing, and
just wanting hugs and kisses, as she's my daily
little lovebug. My poor kitty, she will have to
find herself a higher place to take naps.
Kiley decided today, if she isn't napping,
Patches won't nap either. Naps suddenly
turned into 20 to 30 minute rest periods.
Doesn't leave much time for me to accomplish
things I get done during those naps.
Where, oh, where does the energy come from?
Next week we start a whole new hanging at
Gr-ma's house times. Melanie starts her college
courses at Lewis and Clark. Oh, happy
evenings a'coming for Gr-Pa.
So commenced my Sewing and Sweets day.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Mellow Sunday Jan. 9

Today turned into a mellow day for me. I heard from
a friend which lost her husband end of 2010.
I can not imagine the pain she is feeling.
Weather forecast is calling for snow for Monday.
2 to 4 inches expected. As a snow lover, I really
don't mind. I do rather love the way it has snowed
this winter so far. A few inches and stays on the
ground for a few days, then melts away, teasing
us with mild temps, which sends me outside to
soak up a little sunshine with my coat on.
Then another storm comes thru and drops a
few more inches of the white to enjoy again.
And the pattern seems to continue so far this winter.
Last week passed by so slowly for me. Don't know
why, it just felt like the days were endless and the
nights were too short. Cabin fever maybe?
I am praying for a little more normal feeling, going
into this new week.
I will, and not put it off, will get out my material
and get Melanie's kitchen curtains made, and with
the left over material, make her some matching
pot holders and place mats.
After I get those done, I have some ideas for some
aprons for me. I seem to always need to wipe my
hands and the towel over the shoulder tends to leave
my shirt damp where it lays. I get a chill every now
and again from that, as it's furnace time.
I will be sure to take pictures and post as I get my
items made. Today, with me being in my mellow
mood, I have only piddled around, cleared some
debris from desk, fixed lunch, run a load of dishes
in the dishwasher, and sat around surfing on the web.
Now I am heading to my easy chair with my book
for an hour or so. Supper time will be here before I
know it. Do people have to eat?

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Jan.6 - Talk about a Thursday

It's gonna snow again, yes, it's winter and snow is a must.
Suppose to come in tonight, and all day tomorrow, only about an
inch they are predicting, but snow no less.
Then stay cold, meaning it will hang around for several
days, that's good news, at least for me.
So, my title needs explained.
My day was spent watching little Kiley again, while her
parents work. I think she is getting more teeth in, for she
is thristy and her #2 is soft, very soft at times,
very soft soft today. So first off, mid morning, she'd
had lots to drink, so she sort of overflowed out the
leg of her diaper on one side, so off comes the wet/damp
clothes, and into the dryer, damp, not soaked, and
I have sent her other clothes home with her, so not
really any reserves here. I take my laundry that was
drying out of dryer, insert hers, 5 minutes should do
it. Kiley, takes off running and giggling anytime she
has her clothes off, so there streaks through the house
the little K. Such a cute sight those little chubby legs,
going as fast as they can.
Fast forward, clothes are dry, Gr-ma holds the clothes
in one hand and tells Kiley to come get dressed, holding out
other hand for her to take hold of. No such luck, kids
giggles, slaps at my outstretched hand and goes the
other way, with Gr-ma in hot pursuit. I corner her at
a chair in living room, literally drag a giggling little K
to an area on floor not covered with toys and building
blocks, get down on floor, lay her back, let go of her,
only for her to do the R & R from me. Yeah, she rolled and run.
Up I get, chase her little flying legs all the way to my
bedroom, where again I corner her, she hasn't figured out
yet that she should run to kitchen and around the table
to keep away from me.
I get her settled on floor, with legs flalling, giggles, feet jerking
back from me, I put her little panty hose on her.
What an adventure at least for me. Finally dressed.
Lunch time, she is eating her food, talking in between
bites, trying to share with me, but no thank you
anyway honey, Gr-ma has her own. All of a sudden,
she pushes her plate away and says done, and whines
and lifts herself up off seat of the highchair. Ok she's done
and wants out now. I get washcloth, clean food off her
hands and face, and oh my, oh my, oh my gosh, what
is that smell. Oh Kiley, you peeyou'ed. She says phewww.
Ok, diaper change immediately. I take her to my room,
lay her down, start stripping her clothes off only to
discover the doo had went up the back of her diaper and
started to escape out the top of it, and it had started out the
side of her leg too. Ok, ok, breathe, oh no, not breathe,
Take all clothes off the poor baby, clean her, take toxic diaper
to trash, and she had done the R, D, & R this time. She had
rolled, dropped off bed, and run, this time naked through
the house to living room, where again she was cornered.
Had clothes and diaper with me, as Leslie had dug up some of
her mismatched clothes we have, and I again did the wrestling
match to dress her. I won another round.
Nap time came, went well, got up in good mood, giggling and
running. So far so good. Wheewww.
I picked her up later on, and she had wet out her diaper again.
I think Mom needs to go back to Pampers.
So here we went again, doing the R & R and Gr-ma
again chasing her and wrestling her to get some more
mismatched clothes on her little bitty body.
How in the world does so much strength and energy
live in that tiny little body.
Her Dad is off work tomorrow, I hope he has just half as
good a day as I had today, for I sure don't want to have
all the fun times with her.
God please give Dave as good if not better day tomorrow
as I had today, for those wonderful unforgetable
memories. Amen

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Patches and Kiley

Patches had the chair first, and as I was taking
pictures of her, Kiley decided she wanted in the
picture too. Can you see the "I got what I wanted"
look in Kiley's eyes?
My kitty loves playing with Kiley and her toys,
and Kiley is very good about sharing with her too.
When it comes to the little toy dolls with the fake
hair, Patches carries them around by the head of
the hair, and she even manages to toss them in the
air too. Tiny stuffed animals are her favorite things
to carry around, and her and Kiley sort of fight over
Kiley's little stuffed loin that Aunt Leslie gave
Kiley from her room.
Now days Kiley is into Leslie's lip gloss and nail
polish, as you can see in the picture, Kiley got her
nails done by Aunt Leslie. Hot Pink.
So these 2 best friends have lots of fun
everyday, and my house has become a
race track as they chase each other from
room to room.
It's sunny but cold outside today. If it gets a little
warmer, little Kiley will get to go outside and
at least walk around the yard some.
I think we all need to absorb some sunshine.
I know I can sure use some this time of year.
Spring fever is setting in way too soon, gotta
nip it in the bud.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Praying Jan. 3

I heard from my friend again. The services for her husband are Tuesday evening
and Wednesday morning. I did not go up to visit her. I know she has many family
and friends rallying around her right now. I plan to go visit and take her out in a few
weeks from now. That seems to be the time in which so many feel the loneliness
after a loss of a loved one. Everyone has to get back to work, back to school and
just on with life, leaving us to feel the void so terribly deep.
I was able to wire flowers to her thru the funeral home. A card is in the mail, and my
prayers continue for her and her family. Bo, may you rest in peace.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Tearful Jan. 2

I sit here today with a very heavy heart.
A friend lost her husband in an accident.
She is heartbroken, scared, shocked, and wanting to die too.
Words fail me, for the this friend.
I am ashamed I can't think of words to help her, as I too am in shock.
I have never been in this type of situation to know what to say.
My heart breaks for her and her family. She is hiding right now.
She messaged me to pray for her and little detail of what happened.
I am praying God will send me the words to offer comfort.
I am waiting for word if she wants me to come to her.
I so much want to go, but here's the thing.
We are only cyber friends, but very close and talk often via group we are in together.
We have shared ups and downs, vents and happiness.

I pray God introduces us and I am able to hug her in person.
In this instance, I am sure a virtual stranger is the best ear.
But I want to be her friend in person now, more than ever.
She has come to be someone very special to me.
I await her message back, for I offered to be there in person if she will let me.
God please let her hear my heart in my words.
God Bless this family, let them grieve in peace, with them in your arms.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 - January 1

"Hang onto your hats, here we go". "Here I come,
ready or not".
Those words were recited many times as I grew up.
My siblings and I would utter them while playing
hide and seek, or heading on an outing.
Or just entering each others rooms.
I have used them over the years with my kids,
I am using them now to my granddaughter.
Seemed fitting to use them today this being
January 1, 2011.
God Bless us all throughout this new year.

In my Attic

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