Friday, December 18, 2009

Just another Friday....homefires burning...

This looks like my living room today.  Steve lit the fireplace early and I have kept it going all day.  That room is like 82*,  rest of the house is 78*,  furnace is set on 72*,  so it isn't kicking on at all.  And my house is one long one,  so the heat has to travel down the hall into the rooms and try to reach the far end of the house which is the kitchen and pantry.  I prefer the family room which I am in most of the time.  It's comfortable but not too warm. 

We picked up some more gifts last night,  ate supper at KFC/Long John Silvers.  I wanted chicken,  Steve had fish,  Leslie had shrimp.  We arrived earlier than rush hour,  so we pretty well had the place to ourselves,  so we could talk and act goofy all we wanted.   And we did. 

Shopped at a few places, didn't find everything we wanted,  just nothing caught my eye on those on my list.  I often wonder if others shop for gifts that way.  I don't like just grabbing something,  I make sure it fits the person's personality.  Wierdo

Steve and I finished Kiley's rocking chair.  Now I wait for my woodburner to return home so I can use it to engrave the bears face.  Then I can stain and varnish it up....before Christmas....if that thing finds it's way home...hint hint....child of mine....

Steve is hauling hay today with the friend of his he farms with.  The other Steve has 50 bales to move before end of year,  and my Steve has vacation time coming and has taken this week,  with 43 hours left to take. 

Steve wrapped the presents last night when we got home,  I hid his to wrap today while he is gone.   So now I need to get house cleaned up from that and the shopping we did.  Kitchen table is full of in there I go......another day.....another job I found to do.....laundry is going too....

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