Friday, December 4, 2009

My Guy Works Too Hard

My Steve works too hard. His folks would be very proud they instilled the Independence in him in which they themselves practiced in their lives.
Today he went in to work, got jobs required done up and took the rest of the day as vacation time (he has to use it up before end of year) and headed to field to combine some more. Elevator closed at closing time, so he combined til trucks and wagons filled, then come home late only to have to winterize the last 2 tractors he hadn't gotten done yet. And the cold is here, so here he is working in the cold and dark, his long day isn't done yet.
When he got done outside, he found the energy to come inside and play with little Kiley after eating supper. It was so special watching him with her. When he holds her she just lights up. She sure loves her grandpa. Course he thinks she's pretty special too.
This afternoon when Melanie got off work, she and I went to Wal-mart, and little Kiley got her ears pierced. She did real well with it. She is still little enough that she doesn't grab her ears yet so they will heal and have no problems. With Leslie I got hers done at 18 months old and she wanted to touch them all the time. One of hers got infected and sore, but we kept the antiseptic on it and it got ok. With Melanie we got hers done very young age, like 6 weeks old, and hers never had any problems for she wasn't able to touch them and they healed real fast at that age too.
Also I picked up a Christmas dress which Steve had picked out for Kiley. Tomorrow I plan on taking picture of her and putting it in Grandpa's picture frame for him.
The day was a cold one here. The wind blew quite the chill into the air. Despite the cold, my yellow rose bush continues to bloom it's big yellow roses. I can't believe how hardy that one bush is. It must be like 9 foot tall now. Wondering how long it will bloom into winter. The sun is suppose to shine again tomorrow so I plan on taking another picture of the beautiful flowers again.
Good news come from lawyer today. Hoping for a close on the bad memories and look forward to leaving it all in the past and continuing to improve or at least do the best I can with what is left.
God Bless all eyes which read this and may he continue to keep you in his hands.

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