Sunday, December 13, 2009

Just keeping on....

I am sure I really need to be in bed right now. 
Come morning I won't want to get up. 
Early wake up is in order for tomorrow. 
Steve finished getting the crops out this morning before the rain and sleet hit here.  It didn't last long,  when it did come down,  it was slow and misty.  We were able to cut some wood,  and got it split up ,  stacked on porch,  some brought in to fill the wood box,  and enjoyed the fireplace going for the evening. 
Sunday to do list includes running to Breeze to pick up a truck we are buying.  Then home before 2 for a meeting with Club.  Probably won't have many show for meeting,  it's still election time and no one wants to hold an office,  they only want to make the rules for next year and complain.  This will be my 12th year as secretary,  it will be the same pattern as always.  Do this,  do that,  did we....We really had a good year as far as how things went. 
 Looking forward to spending some more time with Steve.  I really missed him this week while he was snowed in in Iowa.  So the work we got done today was some good time spent together.  We do work well together,  but he didn't like the way I was splitting the wood so he took over,  and of course I had to heckle him about it.  He thinks I shouldn't be running the log splitter,  I guess it's one of his toys.  lol  But I did get a few logs split before he took over the man's job. 
We got the 706 parked in the nieghbors shed today.  Steve helps him do his farming and he helps us.  Anyway,  he told me last night that he wanted Steve to get that tractor up to his shed and out of the weather for the winter.  He also wants Steve to get the 966 up there inside too.  But first it needs to go to the tire shop and get new tires on the back of it.  We are also going to get new duels for it.  So all 4 back tires are getting put on as soon as Steve can get it up to tire shop,  then out to friends shed.  Hope we get our shed built next spring,  then we can have them all stored at farm out of the weather.  But first things first.....the list is endless.

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  1. Stopping by from CM to say hi. Congrats on being the featured blogger in Blogaholics.

    I think it's great that you even attempted running the log splitter. My husband, Steve, would make me step aside too so he can have all the fun :O)


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