Thursday, April 29, 2010

Catching up

Even the little one gets to help mow the yard. Grandpa was mowing and Kiley decided it was a Papa night, so he let her go for a ride with him, without the mower deck engaged tho. Can't be too safe with little ones during the summer time when mowing, or gardening with small children. Here he was setting her down so she could play with the steering wheel. She didn't do to bad of a job going slow and keeping it straight. But I told Steve that is because she hasn't figured out that turning the wheel hard would make her go crooked during her driving. lol She is still to little to turn the wheels at all, but with time, she'll figure that out.
Bought her a baby swing, put it up on the back porch for her to swing in. She likes it well enough til she's ready to be down playing on the porch, which means keeping her out of the dirt and rocks at the edge of it. A major task when she's so fast to take off crawling away from me when I put her down.
I ran into a farmer from Brussels that Steve services his equipment this morning at John Deere picking up springs for our planter, he got to see Kiley and how big she is growing. yes, we have something green, not all our equipment is red, just our tractors. lol
Planned on mowing first thing this morning at pull area, but Steve said he would come straight home after getting battery off 706 tractor and he would help me mow tonight. The wind has been blowing all day long here, made any type of hair do into something totally punked out.
Hoping rain holds off til late Friday afternoon so I can get to garden and see how it's growing, and maybe stick in some of my tomato plants and green pepper plants.
Shopped at Walmart this morning, picked up some new toys for Kiley to play with, she's getting bored with her little baby toys, so now she has some little trucks, a peek-a-boo baby doll, a farm see-n-say, a talking turtle, a ball with shapes to scatter all over, and a little piano that lights up. She's enjoying them.
Time to head out and gas up and check oil on mowers and lad them onto trailer so I can head out and start mowing and Steve can meet me there.
Loved the 80's weather we had today, even if it tried to blow us away.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Kiley VS Aunt Leslie

An old saying, "laughter is the best medicine", well I got my dose good and strong the other day, just watching Kiley and Aunt Leslie play hard. In the one picture with Leslie and the toy in her mouth, little Kiley is putting her mouth up to the toy and making a growling sound at Leslie. She decided to look at me as I took the picture, but I laughed so hard I had to go pee afterwards.
When Leslie gets down on the floor, Kiley screams and crawls real fast to her and then proceeds to crawl all over Leslie with the two of them giggling. Kiley has learned to climb, and now they play the game of putting stool in front of chair and Kiley climbs all the way up Leslie to the top of her head and sits on the back of the chair. My heart does flip flops at times when Kiley has her very active daring days. Guess I had forgotten how fearless my own two girls were at that age til I see things Kiley does now. Thank God for the digital camera.
Kiley will spend Saturday night with us this week. Melanie will drop her off to spend the day and night, then pick her up Sunday sometime. I figure the shopping I want Steve to do with me, she can go along with us. She likes to look at things, and if I forget to take a toy of hers for her to play with, I usually buy her a new one. I do have to watch Grandpa, he likes to pick out her a toy, but then he finds another one he likes, and another, and we come home with whatever he thinks she should have. I keep wondering why I buy her any toys at all. She would rather have an empty box or clothes basket to play with than her toys anyway.
She's 8 months old now. Time has sure flown by, when your having fun the time flies, so true. With the rain here this weekend, we will be inside with her and Grandpa can do some hard playing on the floor for a change and I get to giggle at the two of them go at it. Hope the bathroom stays free.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Another day, more progress.

Busy week planning out layout, placing fence, building fence, tilling garden, and planting garden. The first picture is fence laying along topside of garden area, second picture is of north end beginning of fence, third picture is of tractor and disk, front tire off, the last picture is the fence I had to get and the tire that had to be patched.
So far I have potatoes, onions, carrots, radishes, lettuce, corn, spinach and green beans planted. Now I have to get some more chicken wire to go around fence to keep small animals out and then I can plant my tomatoes and green peppers more corn, and ready some more soil for later planting for later harvest. I have grass seed to plant around the outside edges of fence to keep the soil from washing out so bad during rains.
Last week when I purchased the peet moss to add to soil, I got it on 10% off Tuesday, hoping to hit Farm & Home again for % off items as I finish getting all the things I need. This will be our permanent place for garden. This is only the 2nd year of gardening on our land, last year was test to see how things would grow, grew great, so this year Steve said to pick spot where I wanted my garden plot and I chose the far south east corner area of the 42 acres we have. Above on the hill, someday, we will build our retirement home and shed.
For now, I camp out beside my truck during the daytime while I work my garden, with my lawn chair for rest periods, my radio blaring, I must be the loudest gardener around, and my cooler of drink and lunch, truck filled with purchases, and garden tools needed. It will take several more weeks for me to get things all lined out and much of the things done, but I am having fun, non stressing days as I take my time working on it.
Each row of vegetables will have a different kind of flower at the end of it. I should have a colorful garden when it gets up and blooms and everything is growing.
There seems to be a breeze blowing most days, so I have plastic shopping bags tied to fence to help ward off animals and birds, as they flutter and flop along the fence lines. We will see how that works, I may have to get aluminum pans to hang out too.
So this has been a busy week for me. Next installment to come is my laughing husband as he stared down my crooked fence line and odd layout for garden area.
Oh, I am suffering from hives from the sun, I have awful bumps, blisters and itch bad on my arms. Sunscreen is soaking into me by the ounces, but hives still popping out. I also got a small patch of poison ivy on arm too. So it's covered in calamine lotion. Got that while I worked in the wood we cut and the brush I picked up to haul to washout. lol I am a mess, but it's enjoyable for me to be able to get out of the house and work. Suppers are eaten between 8 and 9:30 every night. Depends on what time I get home and get them ready. So simple meals are a must around this time of year.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Winners or Loosers

I often wonder why people contemplate things to death. I feel like I am watching a married beginning to end with one who is trying to think too much, the other trying to change and do everything the other wants just to hang on.
My theory is, say it, do it, learn from it, and get over it, when faced with problems and needing solutions. I am saddened that one party holds things inside, and has past hurts which attribute to letting things fester.
Expectations in life are such a let down when wanting another to conform to one persons way of thinking. As every individual is different, so are their brains, ways of life, how they perceive things they feel.
I took the time last night to sit down with one of the married couple, and explained how the color seen by the both of them isn't the same to each one. The color red can be a happy color to the eyes on one, but the color of drab to the other. All things in life is not taken with the same meaning, and unless we voice the difference in our thoughts, the other is unable to even try to see the color from the others eyes. Same with thoughts and expections in a marriage. If we don't talk, one will live the life of their ways and thoughts without regard to the other. I told them both, marriage is sharing, that means sharing the good and the bad. Open minds are required to live together. Closed minded, you might as well stay single so life goes your way, for your not ready to whole heartedly love someone, the way a marriage is to be.
Committment can't be made by one and not the other. Unless both are committed, a marriage won't last. I also asked them both to pray. God has his ways of making us see the light, when we start doubting ourselves and things around us. I didn't go into a big lecture with either one. But I hope I gave them both something to think about. Maybe some hints for a start to a closer relationship than they had.
So often lessons learned have a way of making us better people. For we win some, we loose some. Now I will wait to see if they are winners or loosers.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Busy but great day at the farm

Spring clean up at farm started today. Grass was tall, got it mowed, trimmed low hanging branches from trees along drive, cut fallen trees into firewood pieces, hauled debri to wash out area hoping to stop the errosion process, and admired the view along with the wind and warmth, and peace and quiet. Checked thw W-6 for mice nest around radiator and under hood of motor, so far looks like they didn't set up house in it for winter.
Friend of ours had mice nest in his big tractor's breather, so it wouldn't run when he tried to start it to use in the field, so Steve went over and looked it over and found them, removed them and tractor is running great.
Leslie helped mow today, she got sunburnt. So now I have a whiney 26 year old, Melanie and Kiley brought us up lunch, Melanie told Leslie she got sunburnt too, but Leslie said she wasn't as red as Les is. M and K were only with us for couple hours tho. Leslie stayed with me til we had to go take Steve his truck to SD's Kane farm so he could come home late, then Les took me back to farm and went on home. I finished up, loaded the mowers, left the wagon up there for the night, took stock for mental list of what else needs done over the next few weeks, and headed home for shower and nice glass of tea, and comfy chair.
Kiley is spending the night, as kids went to movie and dinner. She had herself a very cleansing fit for us, cried it all out I guess, then played in playpen in my room while I read, then she sung for a minute, and fell asleep. During her fit time, she wanted nothing to do with any of us, but yet she wanted us to hold her, then she didn't want down, she'd crawl around and bury her face in blanket on floor and cry, we'd hold her, she'd cry, we'd try to give her a bottle, she'd cry, she just had to get it out of her system, then she was a happy baby and went to sleep on her own. Go figure, PMS in early stage?
I will head to farm in morning for another day working there, kids will pick up Kiley who will stay with Leslie at home, Steve will go to Kane farm and work ground for his friend SD. I just love staying busy when the weather is so beautiful. Didn't get any garden planted, or worked. Steve did bring disk to farm from pull track in our town. So it's ready to be used to break up the soil so I can till it fine with tiller. Looking forward to gardening so much.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter and somethings.

Spring rain storm here on Friday night. Some areas were hit with strong winds out in Kansas City area, luckily our area was spared those, but we did get rain, putting a damper on our plans to work outside preparing for gardening at the farm on Saturday. The sun did eventually shine, but we had enough breeze blowing, it ended up being a jacket kind of day.

Spent the morning straightening in little shed, putting up some winter items, getting more spring gardening tools together. Kids went to Dave's parents for the night and will have morning with them, then head to our house for dinner. Kiley loved her Easter basket , we gave her it before they left early afternoon. Can't wait to see her in her little Easter dress.

Our ghost guests have been ever present the last week, noisy, hot air spots. It may be God too, for he has been needed around here lately, I have talked to him constantly asking for advise and for him to give his hand in guidance. The "chair" has opened by itself 2 times this week, making me believe it's our ghosts, or guardian angels as I like to think of them.

My 3 year streak of not having a cold, has come to a stop this weekend. Stuffy nose, sneezing, water eyes, dry cough, tired feeling, fuzzy slow brain, type cold has hit me, and most of us in the house. I need to keep up with the cleaning and sanitizing of the house a little, for usually I am able to ward off what others have by doing the extra clean thing. I think I got mine from battling the runny nose which poor little Kiley had all week. So house will get thorough washing down this week to wash away the germs.

As I sit here tonight, Jade, one of the kids dogs I am dog sitting with while they are out of town is wanting me to go back to bed. I just sent her, telling her to go on without me, reluctantly she went, but she is very protective of me, and likes to be where ever I am. lol Border collies are very good dogs, that's what she is. Kids will pick them up tomorrow afternoon, and I will miss them when they are gone.

I have been watching the local free ad paper we get, looking for a kitten, for I am missing mine real bad now. Spring usually finds many barn cats having babies, and owners giving them away. They keep a few new ones at their farms, but share in the overstock, as I like to call them. lol One day I will see one I want and give it a loving home. I refuse to give $80 again to adopt one from humane society.

I pray for Easter blessing to be with each and everyone today. Feel the presence of the Lord God in your homes and your hearts, know God is ever present in your life and allow Him to guide you and protect you as you go about your days. Remember Jesus died for all of us, cleansing our souls for sins we commit, and lives on to guide us as we follow our paths in life. Amen

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