Sunday, December 6, 2009

It's Sunday Morning

Not sure what is up with my page here.
Had a productive day. Did some shopping for some Christmas presents. Found some deals. Need to make pile and have Steve wrap them and then with presents under the tree it will look so much more like Christmas, minus the snow. Only had flurries so far. Looking forward to snow.
Steve said they are almost done with crops. When they are done, we will be able to have some time in the evenings without him so tired. Tonight was good for us. We had the evening alone and took advantage of it to watch the movie "Christmas with the Kranks". Tim Allen is a favorite for the both of us. He does justice to his role. Love him in " The Santa Clause" movies too.
So, kids are coming over for the day, should head to bed and get some sleep. Too much walking left shoulder having "spasms". Need to run to farm and get some more wood for the fireplace before it rains again. Will do that later today.
God Bless the family of a CM member which just lost her life to cancer. May she rest in peace and God hold each of her family members close and guide them through this time. May they be able to have a good Christmas living and remembering the good time they had and the memories which will live in their hearts forever. RIP catgirl.

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