Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring 2011 Look around the Farm

While dropping off tree trimmings and some left over fall leaves from home in town, then loading up and bringing home the W-6, I took the opportunity of snapping some shots of the area of farm we were at. Our fields aren't quite dry enough to disk yet. My garden is still to wet down under the top 2 inches to till. The waterways are flowing with ground saturated from snow and rains so far this spring. Driving up, saw the creeks are just half way up their banks with the relief of no rain for a couple days now. The rivers in our area are on the rise with the water coming from up north heading our way. Everyday, the news reports another height in the rising water. Some of the small river side towns and farmers who farm along the river are experiencing some flooding in the lower spots. We are nowhere near the flood area, we do have many farm friends who are. Praying this year isn't a major flood year for our rivers. Back in the flood of 92' and 95, Steve's company he workes for volunteered help in getting farm equipment moved to higher ground before the rising waters could sweep it away. Then in the evenings we sat glued to the news watching the rivers rising. We were overwhelmed with sadness when we watched those we knew loose their homes and buildings being swept away by the roaring waters flowing fast down state. Often the news shows footage from those floods, and at least now, we can visualize the new homes they have now and know they are safer from building on mounds higher than flood stage now. Many lost everything and had to start all over. So, as I took these pictures, mental note of things needing done before it gets too far into spring were made in my head. Now time to put aside to get them done. I'm working on that time allotment now. Headed up today for a few hours to start on them.
Some of our natural waterway here where we parked our implements. Shed shoud be built this spring/summer for it to park in. But now all will fit in the shed we are going to build here. But it will be a start.

Tree line in the top of this picture is our border line to the north. There actually is the start to the creek which runs thru us.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Preparations

It's this time of the year, I question why I have flower beds at all.

The back breaking preparation of cleaning them and getting them ready

continues to cross my mind every spring.

By summer when they are in full bloom, the colors soothing to the eye,

peaceful to the spirit, and the wonder of nature, reminds me

God loves all things great and small.

I just got the bags of leaves and pine needles loaded and

tree trimmings. Headed to farm. Steve will meet me there

in case I get stuck, he can go get tractor to pull me out.

We are bringing the W-6 back to replace seals and

gaskets. Hope it's not too wet up there.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

I have sprouts!!!

Ok, here makes it offically Spring.

I have 1 broccoli seed sprouted.

And 1 pumpkin seed rounding out

to sprout tonight or tomorrow.

These babies make it offical to me

that spring is here.

Now if the weather would only

cooperate. Tonight we are suppose to

get a hard freeze, so I went out

and brought in my hotbed plants, as

they are planted in cups also.

I will keep them inside til the temps

moderate some and then they will

go back out under the glass.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Daffodils in bloom March 21 Picture

Sunday afternoon I took this picture of my
home flower bed with blooming Daffodils.
Today is Wednesday, and no picture today,
but the flower bed is now full of these
bright yellow flowers.
Monday afternoon, I spent the afternoon
getting my tomatoes, peppers, cantelope, pumpkins
and brocolli planted into my seedlying cups.
I have 4 types of tomatoes this year.
Looking forward to making sundried tomatoes
this year for the first time for me.
I am putting in more vegetables this
year than last. I need to go shopping for
an upright freezer, as freezing will be
equal to canning this summer.
I'm going to do the file freezing.
Should get much more in and not have
such a hard time finding what I am looking
for, or digging to the bottom for it either.
Of course, little Kiley was her while I
was planting my seeds. She discovered she
doesn't like potting soil too much.
The kid tries everything.
I have plenty of herbs to plant, so
I shouldn't have to buy many of those
this coming year, and hoping the fresh
flavor of them pleases the whole family.
We'll see with my picky eaters.

Monday, March 21, 2011

First Day of Spring

Sunday March 20, 2011 First day of spring.
God saw to it that our day was a beautiful one.
Started out with rain showers all night.
Missed the big super moon. Thankfully many
shared pictures of it, so I count myself lucky
to have seen it from all around the States,
and didn't have to pay air fare, or leave the
comfort of home.
Sunday, I brought the rest of the wood in
from the stack on the back porch, as now
I will use the fireplace for taking the chill
off the house as spring arrives and night time
temps stay warmer. 63* as I type now. 4AM.
Afterwards, I cleaned off the porch, and
Melanie, Dave and Kiley had walked over
with the dogs, Kiley got to ride in her little
red wagon all the way. Kids said she loved it.
So with porch cleaned off, I had them bring out
the yard chairs and table, set them up on the
porch, and we sat and visited outside in the
afternoon breeze and sunshine.
Since evening meals are never set in stone
at this house, never know how many will
be here to eat, I made homemade Pizza for
all. Using Naan Bread, everyone had their
own toppings on their own pizza.
So the day was great, and tomorrow I
plan to work around in the flower beds
again, puttering around til I can start heading
to the garden daily and play in the dirt.
I miss my conversations with the in laws as
I garden. I feel them with me all the while
I am up there. And no day of working up
on the farm goes by without thanking them
for our little acres. Most memories come from
the love and laughter we shared over the years,
while they were alive. Then their are those
questions I have for them, and I really do
hear answers and feel the peace.
Spring has sprung and I am so happy.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Super Moon and Spring Arrival

Sadly, I am not able to see the Super Moon tonight, it's raining here. Clouds are so thick in the sky, not even a shadow of light shining thru for me to take a peek at this rare event. Oh well, tomorrows a new day, and a start to a new season. So long winter dreary days, hello to color all around again.
I have good news, my daffodils are blooming. I have all these bright yellow flowers along the side of my house to admire. They should be just lovely first thing in the morning glistening in rain drops.
I will be sure to take camera outside with me to feed the squirrels in the morning.
Steve and I had Kiley today while the kids both worked. She kept Grandpa busy with trips outside. I love watching her little short body following around my big guy. Oh the joys of Grandparenthood.
It's sad when I see or hear of a family who wanted children, yet when they finally are able to be called mom and dad, they find so much to do, or constantly cry they need ME time. Me time from what, being a parent, giving up some things they are obsessed with, for that smile and hug and the I love you, your the best in the whole world, etc. sayings of a child who can make your heart burst with pride, seeing adoration in those little eyes, and all because YOU, you love them unconditionally.
Steve and I made time for our girls, let them grow up with us, putting everything on hold for those young years, and now we have our ME time. And most importantly, included in our ME time is those precious memory making times with our Grandchild, nowdays.

Friday, March 18, 2011

March 18 Happy Memories

Today I think of the anniversary of my parents
wedding day. This year would be their 61st anniversary.
And I know if they were still here on earth, they would
have still been married and living happily together.
Mom and Dad, Happy in heaven Anniversary.
Thoughts of years gone by's cakes, ice cream, gatherings,
special all out parties in your honor, and the years growing
up witnessing your love for one another. All happy memories
flowing around in my heart. May you celebrate in heaven with
the angels around you.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

March 17 - Heaven's Birthdays

I imagine there are birthday's in
Heaven. I wonder often if those
gone on ahead, are they frozen
in time as there earth ages?, or
do they continue to grow older
up there?
What ever you do up there, as in
aging, I want you to know I think of
you often and wonder what you look
like and how you've grown over the
Today, I again think of you, as it's
your earth Birthday today. Mom and
Dad are there celebrating with you,
along with one of your brothers.
The rest of us siblings, well, we will
someday get to meet you and celebrate
with you in Heaven too.
So to my baby sister who lives in
Heaven, Happy 47th Birthday.
Letty Lavonne March 17, 1964
Born an Angel

Monday, March 14, 2011

March 14, 1980 - Our life began together.

31 years have gone by since we married. 31 of the best years so far we have shared. Tomorrow, I look forward to starting off another 31 years with my best friend, soulmate, and love of my life.
Steve - you are one of a kind, and I am so glad your mine. I love you more today than yesterday, less than tomorrow. My heart will always be yours.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

2011 Pulling Season Begins

Pulling season officially started this
weekend for Steve and I. We headed
to Fruitland, MO for the Egypt Mills
Pull at the Flickerwood Arena, on
Friday night. Pulled Saturday.
Saw many of our friends there also.
Picture above is our friend Gene
on his Farmall C.
This is our friend John on his AC.

This is the inside arena we pull in.
Keeps us out of the weather in March.
This year the temps were in the 60"s
so outside would have been great.

This is me, the front end heading
up, up, and up. This is low compared
to how high I got. And this totally
scared the crap outta me. I don't mind
the front end floating, but not climbing
so high that the wheelie bars dig into the
dirt track. Not for this girl.
And of course, Steve loved it.

This is Steve, and this is about as high
as the front end came up for him. He
was praying for higher, but didn't do it.
I would so have traded this wheelie,
instead of the one I did.
Since this was our anniversary get away weekend, we enjoyed doing what we love doing together. Antique tractor pulling is our thing.
We started out Friday evening in our 4 x 4, got 20 miles from home, and the front brake locked up on the truck. Steve got it unstuck, went a couple miles farther, made some stops at stop signs, brake locked up again. We turned around and headed back home. He used the manual brakes for the trailer to get us home without using the truck brakes. Unhooked from trailer, unloaded everything into my truck and hooked up and went on our way.
Talked with some friends at pull, they said to try first, putting a new brake line on it. Said that is usually what will fix it. So this week, we will get new line and Steve will put it on. Then take it for a test drive and hope it's fixed. He missed his truck. Of course, I love mine, so I enjoyed the smoother ride down and back. Three and half hours riding, mine is so much smoother. He just likes pulling tractor and trailer with V-8, instead of my V-6. But that baby done good.
It's not the first time it's taken it to that pull. Been the pull truck since 1999 when I got it, til 2010 when we got the 4 X 4.
Funny thing was, I had asked Steve earlier in the week if he wanted to take mine, cause it gets better gas mileage, and with price of gas, well it made sense. But he said no, it would be less work on the truck and motor taking his. Now I wonder, did I jinx his truck, or was it a premonition???? What ever it was, God rode with us and got us there and back and let us enjoy our trip. My bed will sure feel good tonight tho.................31 years tomorrow............

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Around about the Farm

A couple weeks ago, Dave, Kiley and I got a chance
to get up to the farm. I needed to get 2 posts for my
hotbed, and Dave was going to check see if there was
a gear on an old motor for the 50-M for Steve.
No gear, we got posts and Kiley got to play without
hearing come back here, get away from the street,
don't climb on that, etc. She's so fearless, she gives
me heart stopping moments most days.
The grass outside my garden, I refer to as my
yard, is growing real well. I need to pick up some
more grass seed and sow it before it's going to
good so it will fill in the bare spots.
Note to self, add that to list of things needed
for gardening.
It was still pretty muddy up there, we had to park
at entry on top by road and walk, but the walk was
oh so good for us all. And little Kiley kept up,
she actually ran most of the way to where all
we went. Didn't run out of steam at all.
We picked up some downed limbs and
twigs from around wagons and W-6, fencing,
and out of the road way. Lots more to pick
up, but with the rains, it's just to muddy yet
to go up and work at farm.
We've gotten a lot done around the house here.
Not as much as I'd like to have gotten done,
but an improvement after not getting much
done in the winter between thaws like we have
done in the past. Course we didn't have thaws
this winter, so really got behind.
The first tractor pull of the 2011 season is
this weekend, and we really are looking
forward to heading south for the weekend
and pulling, as well as seeing our friends too.
Will celebrate our 31st anniversary while there.
What should I ask for this year?

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