Friday, January 1, 2010

It's now 2010

January 1,  2010.  Today was a relaxing day for us.  We unloaded trucks of firewood,  and then spent time with family.  Steve is still sore today,  this morning he was very stiff,  but tonight he is walking around a little faster. 

I even took some time to sit through a couple of Monk shows.  Kids got me the first season of Monk for Christmas.  I loved that show.  And I run across one on my DVD which I hadn't seen,  so I was real happy about that. 

Melanie,  Dave and Kiley come over.  Dave and I played around with my little chainsaw.  He hadn't seen it yet.  So I showed him how it worked and then we tried our hand at carving with it.  I think Dave likes it as well as I do.  We have some pieces of wood to play around with,  so he and I will get together one day and carve some more.  I also told him my plans to make some outside tables with some of the unique pieces of wood I brought home whole.  I also am thinking of making some shelves using sliced up large logs,  cutting them in half and hanging then randomly throughout the house for a very country looking decor.  I will sand them and finish them for easy cleaning and shiney look with polyurethane.  Another project to keep busy with.

Time now for my bible verse after dishes are done.  God Bless us as we enter into this New year,  guide us as we go about our days,  fill our hearts with love and pleasant dreams in our nights.  Thank You Lord for another year.  Amen 

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