Thursday, December 31, 2009

Another day on the farm....

I will share my day with you all, and hope to make you laugh.

After lunch I was to meet Steve at farm to cut firewood. So I get there, park my truck and hop in to ride back with him. I have no idea where we are going to go. He had just said in the corn field which is now winter pasture for cows. He opens gate, we pull in, he hops out to close gate, back in, he tells me to hang on for we have to get through this mud area. So I hang on. We start going bee bopping over deep cut ruts from big ole combine tires, and all of a sudden we stop. Steve guns the motor, we are spinning, he puts it in reverse, again we spin. I hear, "Damn, I figured this would happen." And he hops out of the truck. I don't say a word, I have been in truck many times over the years when he got stuck, you just sit in your seat and wait for him to open your door to talk to you. So here I sit, he walks around the truck, the neighbor stops at gateway, Steve goes and talks with him. Steve comes back to my door and tells me he is going after tractor. He leaves with friend. I get out of truck and start laughing til I almost peed my pants. The cows in the field are standing looking at me.

Now here is why I am laughing. When we first pulled in, I could see the mess we were about to encounter, i just can't figure out why he even tried in the first place, but I ain't gonna tell him that. I have to live with him... Anyway he come back with tractor, and hooked chain to truck and tells me to just follow him. So I get in drivers seat, start the engine and put it in neutral, he pulls me all the way back to fallen tree area. We then start cutting up wood. And my little baby chainsaw does cut wood. I trimmed the little branches off for him. As we continue working, the field where we are walking is getting muddier and muddier. Water is starting to stand in our footprints. Then while he's running log splitter cause that's a man thing, he stood too close to a piece as it split and it kicked him good in the thigh. Hour and half, we had tree cut up and split and loaded. Now for treck back to road. Again he pulls me. During the pull to road, I can't tell how the wheels, his steering wheel is way off. And at one time he turned in tractor seat and makes circle motion with his finger. So I turn the wheel. Ok, moving right along. We get out of field and Steve can't hardly walk, for the muscle in his leg is so sore. At least when I was running it, I stood where he taught me to stand. As in "out of the way of busting logs". But it's one of those sayings, "Do as I say, not as I do."

Anyway, if you made it this far into my book here, We are a couple of tired old people tonight. Don't know if we will make it to midnight. Man, walking around in all that mud used muscles we forgot we had.  Steve is laying on couch smelling like Uncle Bengay,  and I sit here making fun of our day.  Couple of Advil might make these old ankles not so sore come bathroom trips tonight,  and bed looks so good right now,  but it's only 7:30.  If I whine,  will someone send me to bed early?   Oh, to be 30 again.............

Happy New Year to all. 

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Girls Toys

Today I  played around with my new little baby chainsaw.  It works too.  I told Steve when he got home,  I can even try my hand at carving with it.  I just may find I can make our farm name on log and put it at entrance of driveway someday.  I will have to practice and see how that would work,  but it worked on the firewood I played with today.   So I am happy to say,  there are some awesome girl toys out there for any of the ladies who would like to try doing things on their own without trespassing in husbands tool shed or shop. 
Guess I am not a diamonds and fur kind of girl.  I am sure Steve will find plenty of things to have to borrow it for cutting up,  but he will still make fun of it too.  Keeps our life interesting and fun.  I remember the first tools I picked out for my truck tool box.  They were all small "my hand size" tools.  And he laughed and said why would you want those things,  they are baby tools.  But at tractor pull the first time we needed a tool,  it was those which he pulled out to use.  I was like, hey those are mine,  they are for baby hands remember,  and he said they would work and more convienant than the big ones to carry to the tractor.   So after some ribbing about using my baby tools,  he doesn't make fun too often any more when I pick out my tools.  He does draw the line at pink and purple ones when in public use.  But he will use 'em at home.  I keep telling him that my tight on nuts and bolts is no where near his tight,  never to be removed without pry pipe on ratchet handle to remove, tight.   I have to say,  over the years  my little hands were called to help with mechanic work on tractors and combines and equipment in his Dad's shop many many times.   And when they needed them,  they called for "little hands".  I enjoyed helping when I could.  Some of my fondest memories are hanging out in the shop with Steve and his Dad helping them work on things. 

Tomorrow I will meet Steve after his half day of work at the farm to cut some firewood,  with my little chainsaw.  I look forward to using it and showing him it isn't such a baby.  Nanner Nanner

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I don't ever want to grow up...

Steve and I spent his last day of vacation just hanging out together.  Today,  little Kiley spent the day with her Dad,  as he was off work.  So Steve and I hit the road and headed to Litchfield to Rural King and Tractor Supply. 

Rural King,  we were walking around,  picking things up which we sort of needed.  I picked up me a pair of rubber overshoes,  stocking hats for both of us,  toy tool kit for Kiley,  some cleaning items,  and the ultimate little cordless chainsaw for me to use.  I am thrilled to have found it.  Since my injury leaving me 80% disabled in my right dominate hand/arm,  I am unable to use Steve's big chainsaw.  And years ago we had a small Homelite one that was just my size,  but it died after several years of hard use.  So the next one was a "boy toy" big saw and I haven't been able to use the big ones.  Anyway-Steve laughed at first,  about to make a crack about it being a "little" one,  and I looked up into his eyes and said,  "Steve,  I really wanted a chainsaw for Christmas,  (we had looked at small ones at Farm & Home while shopping)  can I please have this one,   it's little and light and I can use it for trimming the limbs off as you saw.................."  I guess I had that little kid look on my face,  for he immediately said yes.  I was so excited,  I was ready to head home that very minute so I could read instructions and charge battery so I can try it out.  But we left there and ate lunch at Long John Silvers/A&W place and then went on to Tractor Supply while we were in that area. 

Finally we got home,  and I immediately got out instructions and Steve put battery on to charge,  I have to wait til midnight for it to be fully charged,  and no I won't head outside to try it in the middle of the night,  as much as I would love to,  I'll refrain myself.  But you can bet first thing in the morning,  neighbors or not,  I will be out there checking it out and seeing how it cuts small limbs and pieces of wood.  I have a stack of wood on the porch already for the fireplace,  but maybe some of them are still just a little too long for me,   hhuummm.   Really though,  I think it will come in handy for the low hanging limbs this summer which the big saw is not really needed,  but the limb trimmer is too hard to use to cut them.  Too bad it's suppose to rain/snow starting in the morning,  or I would head up to the farm and really put it to work.  Oh yeah,  I bought an extra battery for it,  so I can use it longer periods of time. 

Life is so fun,  I don't ever want to grow up..........Thank you God for leaving that one on the shelf and leading me over to it to find.  Amen

Let's fry Laura's brain.........

I'm sad I couldn't find a picture to go with this blog post.  I guess I could have taken picture of the service manual,  didn't think of that til now. 

Anyway,  you'll just have to visualize this one.  Sitting here at my desk tonight,  is Steve.  He has this 6" thick service manual on table to his right,  class study guide spread out in front of him on desk top,  and his on-line test on the computer screen in front of him.  He has 27 questions of multiple choice to answer.  Ok here goes,  simple test for it's somewhere in the list is the answer,  some are true and false,  easy right?  He can use his study guide and manual if he wants,  yes he he looks up the first question,  he had answered but wanted to make sure it was right,  it is right by book,  second question,  oh he knows this one,  third question,  he's not sure which number this one should be,  but thinks it is multiple choice (b),  turn pages,  yes here it is.  So far so good.  Whewww....thought this would be really hard.....not sweating here..........WHOA,  what is this?????  interplant and non interplant implements?   Lauraaaaa,  come read this.........Laura enters into test area,  Laura looks over Steve's shoulder and reads question,  she re-reads question,  and re-re-reads question.  Heck if I know,  I didn't go to that class and I don't work on those things.  So she re-re-re-reads it to Steve,  note to blog,  this test started at 5:45PM... Steve flips through huge 6" thick manual,  pages flip, Laura stands behind Steve with mouth open,  eyes large,  mind blank,  holding breath,  re-re-and so on reading question over and over....finally Steve chooses answer.  Whew Laura can now breathe,  sneaks back into kitchen,  I don't think he really knew I left.  Steve contines with test,  again yelling,  Laauurrrraaa,  come here,  I meekly return to spot behind him reading his test question and frantically flipping through pages of study guide for some hint of any words from question,  note: this request is several times during this test taking by him of me.... here's one,  sweat popping off my forehead,  does this mean anything for that question.  Steve looks at computer screen,  he had already answered that one,  he's on this one.  Laura then does the duhhh,  I see the little green spot highlighted for answer.  Steve is flipping through big book,  I again disappear,  this time to bathroom,  alone...with my paperback book..........

It's 9:20PM...Steve sits back in the chair and takes off his readers,  and askes me if he should send it and get his test score?  I guess if he's done.  So he sends it.  Top of the page returns,  red letters and numbers show up.  He has to have score of 80% or higher to get his certificate.  Says he missed 4 out of 27.  His score is 85.19%.  HE PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

When ever I hear that someone is never too old to learn,  you bet cha I will hop right on board and tell them,  Oh yes we are.  I am sure the both of us grew gray hair at the rate of 50 per inch per minute after this session.  By his class being canceled,  the test was harder for it doesn't cover the manual,  it covers the class itself.  Anyway,  another night of fun at the Garrison's tonight.  I vow here and now,  if he ever has to do this kind of testing again,  I will find somewhere I have to go while he takes the test.  I will make up some sort of emergency to attend to just to leave the house so I don't get asked to help in anyway shape or form.  In summary,  conclusion,  findings,  I am too old for that sort of brain racking.........I love you honey,  but.......................I have no clue how to do your job........and no desire to learn it................

Monday, December 28, 2009

Face of author

So often when reading blogs or visiting social sites on the internet do we wonder what the person behind the keyboard looks like.  Well,  here I am with my husband Steve,  which I introduced you too a few journals ago,  our first grandchild,  Kiley,  whom I have talked of non stop,  and me,  Laura,  the face behind the words.  Note: date for journal,  Christmas 2009. 
LOL,  I think I woke Leslie up when I opened her door looking for my kitty.  She goes to bed with Leslie,  for her room gets really warm,  being right over the furnace and getting that first burst of hot air when it kicks on,  Sassy loves to stay nice and warm.  Anyway,  Leslie ventured out for a drink and bathroom visit,  shaking her head as I sit here in front of my computer pounding the keyboard.  She threatens me with Shady Pines Home when I need taken care of for my wierd spells.  Wonder if such a place really exists?  lol 

So I planned on doing nothing yesterday,  and I pretty well didn't do anything.  I put roast in oven for supper,  did the dishes after supper,  uploaded some pictures to computer,  (note to self:  have Dave put on my little puter UBS thingy pictures added to puter today)  watched some TV,  (don't remember what for I just had it on for noise while on computer)  enjoyed messaging back and forth with new friend on CM in the morning,  then meebo-ing with another one in evening.  Answered some e-mails,  group posted on facebook,  and started a new book at bedtime.  So I guess my day really was spent doing nothing.  Was fun nothings,  but nothing real physical.  I am already planning in my head another wood project to do.  I surfed the web and am looking for plans for my family room addition of complete shelving area to build around my desk for more organized look and use. 

I am still very happy with our snow fall.  We have had snow showers off and on all weekend since Christmas morning.  Must have about 2 inches out there.  The winds have blown it around so much can't really tell. But the ground is white like it should be for winter in my area.  Tiny little snow drifts all around things in the driveway and yard.  Pretty to walk around and look at.  Of course my footprints are in a lot of the drifts,  from my walk arounds outside.  I will enjoy it while it lasts. 

So,  now I will bid all good night and surf some more sites for a little while longer,  I love reading others blogs and knowing there are normal people out there in the world doing things they love to do,  as I too love the things I do in my world.  Signed:  Blog author with a face now,  ~Laura~

Saturday, December 26, 2009

White Christmas after all

After all the whinning I did about not having a white Christmas,  I guess Mother Nature decided to shut me up.
Temps at midnight Christmas eve was 52*,  and it was still raining.  By 9AM Christmas morning the temp was down to 30* and it was snowing.  Yes,  snowing,  and I felt like it was just for me.  I loved it.  I kept going outside on the porch just to watch it.  Even though the wind was blowing and it was cold out,  temp of wind chill was 9*,  I loved it and was so happy. 
So I got what I wanted for Christmas,  my snow,  didn't get but an inch and it all blew away,  but I got snow,  as well as my other nice gifts.  The kids liked their gifts and got us nice things.  Steve liked his gifts as well.  We were all happy and spent the day watching movies and eating junk food and pizza.  I didn't do a traditional dinner this year.  Asked the kids what they wanted and they didn't care.  When I suggested crackers and spreads and chips and dip and pizza,  they jumped right on it and agreed.  Made my day easier and I got to spend more time with them just hanging out together.  It was a great day for all of us.

Today,  I took down the trees,  decorations,  and rearranged and cleaned the house up.  Nothing like starting the new year with a clean house.  I do have house guests,  my grandpuppies are staying the weekend as Melanie and Dave and Kiley went to stay the weekend with Dave's family.  Somehow,  Dave and his brother Devon came up with an idea to have an ugly sweater contest for Christmas,  so I dug out an old sweater of mine which should have been pitched years ago,  but somehow managed to hide in bottom of one of my drawers.  It is pumpkin orange and even had a hole in it at neck line,  probably from me and my obsession with tight neck lines,  anyway,  I dug out my craft embroidery paint and some tiny bulbs,  beads,  cottonballs,  glue and glitter, and Dave set out to paint an ugly green, blue, red,  and purple tree on it.  When Leslie got picture from Melanie of the boys in their sweaters,  I have to say,  Dave won hands down,  as the sweater come above his belly,  and was very ugly.  Can't wait til next year when they do it again.  lol

It is still snow flurrying here,  comes down slow,  then the flakes get bigger and then back to tiny flakes.  At one time this afternoon,  the flakes were so big,  they were clinging to each other and almost making snow balls all by themselves.  So I guess my snow will hang around for a while,  and that's just great,  our fireplace is going,  the house is clean,  the dogs are resting quietly,  my kitty is on the table in her basket,  Steve is watching Surving Christmas and I am happily blogging about our day.  May the rest of the world find just a little of the peace I am enjoying right now,  God be with you and safe journeys home.

Friday, December 25, 2009

No Snow on Christmas Morning

Merry Christmas - 2009

Woke just after midnight,  look outside to see if rain has changed to snow yet,  and was disappointed that it is 52* out and still raining,  and still to rain most of the day with flash flood warnings. 

I was so hoping to see snow this Christmas.  Looks like the middle of the country where I am will have a green Christmas this year.  I do have sympathy for those who are having the blizzards.  Wonder if this messing with the weather that Russia is doing has anything to do with our weather here in the USA. 

Started a new book last night when I went to bed.  Didn't get much read til I was tired enough that the lines were blurring and I was asleep before 10.  Course up by midnight as usual.  I stood at the window looking outside,  wishing for snow,  and remembered 2 gifts I had bought which I hadn't wrapped,  heck,  I forgot I bought them til thinking about the snow.  So I quietly wrapped them,  so I didn't wake Steve or Leslie.  My little kitty was playing noisily with her Christmas bells around the kitchen floor,  but I was quiet. 

I looked thru a recipe book,  I think Leslie left on my desk in hopes I would make her this Tiramisu bowl dessert she thought looked good a few weeks ago.  At the time she told me it looked good,  I told her to make it.  She's a big girl and a good cook when she wants to be.  So I might surprise her tomorrow and whip it up.  Like we really need more sweets around the house with all sitting on the table now. 

Well I guess the kitty is ready for bed,  she's attacking my feet under my desk now,  so off I go back to lala-land for another couple of hours.  Maybe I can dream of snow and wake up happier in the morning.......I'm dreaming of a white christmas,,,,just like the ones I used to know....

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve Night

Today we spent the day making food and cookies and goodies for tomorrow.  Made cracker spreads,  Taco dip,  6 kinds of cookies,  rice Krispie treats,  rocky road brownies,  cubed cheeses,  and finished wrapping final gifts of goodies,  as well as finished the place mats for 2 of our families.  Made trip to store for last minute items,  dropped off gifts to neighbors,  then went to Melanie and Dave's while they opened their gifts from each other and those for Kiley.  Then we took them out to their garage and presented them with one of the gifts from us parents,  both sides,  we went together and got them a little freezer for their home.  They were surprised and didn't even know it was in their garage. 
Tomorrow they will spend the day here at our house and get the rest of their gifts.  Then on Saturday they will go to Dave's families house for the weekend. 
So tonight we are watching,  listening to the Morman Tabernacle Choir on TV.  Caught White Christmas and repeats are on now of other shows,  so flipped channels and caught the last few songs of the Faith Hill special,  she did a great job as usual singing,  and she is so pretty to look at too. 
Prayers for peace tonight throughout the world,  and for Christ to be in every heart and home this night and tomorrow remembering what Christmas is all about....Love....So to the whole world,  Merry Christmas and God Bless everyone....

2009 Christmas Eve Morning

Merry Christmas

2009 comes to a close in 7 days.  Year reflections are happy ones.  New things to add to memories,  sad moments shared with loved ones lost,  but life has been good in all things considered.  2010 looks to be a better year as we age and have the wisdom, love and courage to meet and overcome any obsticals we should encounter.    God has blessed us with life and love.  Praying for another year making Him first in our hearts and minds daily.  Prayers added for people everywhere to feel His presence this Holiday season and let Him in their hearts,  homes,  and lives.  God Bless All

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Jesus is the reason for the season

Christmas is my favorite time of the year.  To say exactly why,  searching my mind I don't know why.  Maybe it's the family gatherings,  the planning,  the gift giving,  the knowledge of who was born just to wash away the sins of all man born after him,  it remains my favorite time of the year. 

I remember as a kid we would go to church on Christmas eve night,  then when we got home,  we got to open one gift,  then straight to bed.  I even got left behind one year,   with 6 of us kids,  parents relied on each of us to keep and eye out for one another.  Dad and Mom thought I had gotten into the car with the others,  only to find when they got home that I wasn't in the back seat with my brothers,  all 4 older than me.  When they headed back to church,  they were met by another church family and I was on the lap of the lady from church.  I can vaguely remember it,  and I had called the lady Grandma Meada.  When we got home,  we got our present and I got a baby doll that year,  probably like every year,  but I do remember her.  After that event,  I was about 5, I think, that year,  but my parents then did head counts and name calls before we left everytime we got loaded into the car after that night.  I can remember my Mom talking about how they didn't know I wasn't there,  except afterwards they should have known she said,  for I was always talking non stop and the car was quiet.  Good thing this wasn't a scaring memory,  for I don't remember being scared of being left behind after that.  So I wasn't clingy or anything while growing up.  So no harm was done and the nice people of the church were nice enough to start to take me home. 

I love the sounds of Christmas songs.  Oh Holy Night has to be one of my farvorite ones.  Silent Night,  Away in A Manger,  and oddly enough,  the humor and beat to Grandma Got Ran Over By A Reindeer, too.  Most days it doesn't take much to entertain me.  lol  I don't like the quote,  but.... I am..... a blonde......and have many such moments in life,  in which I like to laugh about.......for humor for the soul makes the wrinkles be laugh lines....Merry Christmas to all...........................

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Rocking Chair for Kiley

Finished the rocking chair for our Grand daughter today.  I am real proud of the way it turned out.  I woodburned the face into the wood and painted the bow on it.  I stained and varnished it today.  I need to add one more coat of varnish for slick finish,  but otherwise she will receive this on Christmas morning,  the unwrapped gift from Santa.  I kept my pattern of the pieces so if I would want to make another one someday,  I won't have to draw them out again. 

Got the place mats ready to foot print when Kiley gets here tomorrow.  That should be fun.  I tried the other day,  but didn't get hand prints from her.  She only makes fist when I tried to paint them and lay them on the poster board. 
Here was my attempt at her hand prints and foot prints.  So,  I will have only foot prints on the rest of them.  After they dry,  I will then cover the front and back of poster board with clear contact paper and they will be water proof. 
Hope my kids and her in laws enjoy looking at the pictures as they eat every day.  Just something extra I thought to try out for Christmas this year.  If I like them real well,  I will print pictures on photo paper and do some more other gifts.  This year was experimenting. 

Steve and I kept Kiley last night all night.  She went to doc this morning and got another round of shots.  Last time she had shots she got sick and was real fussy for mom and dad and they didn't get any sleep and they had to work the next day,  we ended up going to get her the next night so they could sleep.  This time, I just asked Melanie if she could spend the night,  and she said yes for she had been up the night before off and on all night,  they got little sleep.  She was a fuss butt for us too.  Finally about 2 or after Leslie come home and I asked her to try to get her to sleep and I crashed myself.  Leslie got her to sleep,  but at the cost of her whole queen size bed.  Kiley was bed hog and Les didn't want to wake her moving her so she slept in her chair in her room while Kiley slept peacefully in the big bed.  Such a good Aunt. 

This morning she felt better and played with Grandpa while I worked on her rocking chair.  Then I put her on my bed with Sesame street on in family room for her to watch and take her morning nap,  which usually she does good at playing and then falling asleep on my bed.  This morning she was playing on her blanket and I had the diaper bag on the bed at her side of feet,  and somehow she got a pair of her pants and tee shirt and jacket out of that bag and was chewing on her pants leg when I went in to check on her.  I asked her how she managed to get those clothes out of the bag and she just smiled at me and kicked her legs.  Those legs kicking must have knocked the clothes out onto her legs and she was able to get hold of them with one of her hands.  She had really found them in the last week.  She loves to pick up her toys from tray on walker and shake them good,  then throw them on floor and my kitty then takes off with the toys that fall.  They get along great now.  Hope in the future when Kiley walks they still get along.  lol  We shall see...

So it's going to be an early turn in for me tonight as last night was short one.  So off to the kitchen for my glass of chocolate milk and then to bed with a few pages of my book and then to sleep for a couple hours,  I hope.....wish for a full nights sleep,  but my genie doesn't grant sleep wishes...............

Monday, December 21, 2009

A minute to myself, just a minute or two...

Sunday was spent baking,  cleaning up dishes,  visiting with kids and grand daughter and Steve. 
It started to snow very lightly in the afternoon.  At one point it come down fast enough to just cover the autos and ground where not covered from Friday nights snow.  We only have an inch or less from that one,  but they are calling for another wave of weather to hit here starting Monday night now,  going all week with mild temps and rain.  I was so hoping for snow....=( 
I made cookies today.  I used a oatmeal batter and added flavorings to little bowls of it,  ending with 5 different cookies from one dough.  I have oatmeal cookies flavored with coconut/walnut,  orange,  lemon,  eggnog,  and traditional oatmeal raisin. 
Monday I will do same thing with a vanilla cookie dough,  just make little bowls of different flavors,  chips,  and candy bits. 
I have my week planned out what I have to do,  so I won't be overwhelmed but will be busy making things and getting things ready for Friday. 
2009 is almost over,  2010 is approaching fast.  I wonder,  will we call it two thousand ten,  of twenty ten?  Oops just a ramble.
As I count down the days til 2010,  I think of things we will be doing in the year to come.  I can foresee lots of things I would like to do,  and with the good Lords help,  I may see them become reality. 
Steve is going up to other Steve's today to help him finish hauling his hay.  Kiley goes to doctor this morning,  Leslie is going with Melanie to take her.  I will get some alone time,  just me and my house,  just me....Oh I am looking forward to having my Christmas music blaring,  my cookies in the oven,  and me singing without being embarrassed that my singing bothers others.  YYEEAAAHHH.........

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday baking, visiting, chilling

Snow fell friday evening,  just enough to cover the grassy areas here.  Watched on the news as it pounded parts of the eastern part of the country.  Forecasters say we are to get some more starting wednesday thru friday morning,  but so far looks like in the form of rain/sleet/snow mix.  Mother nature will determine what form we get,  but hoping for some white for Christmas day.

Yesterday the house need some attention,  so I pulled out the vacuum and went to work.  As I cleaned out the fireplace ashes,  I found hot coals still from night before,  so left some of them,  placed firewood in on them,  shut the glass doors and left it sit.  By afternoon it had taken off on it's own,  and last night I just kept adding pieces to it everytime I was up and kept it going.  This morning Steve went in to watch some TV and there the fireplace was going for him,  which put a smile on his face, til he saw we need wood brought in,  then he just nodded.  lol  He really don't mind bringing it in,  but first thing on Sunday morning he likes to just veg out for a few hours.  He hauled hay again yesterday with other Steve.  They sure have a good time working together.  He's a very good friend to my Steve.  Thank you other Steve for keeping my Steve busy yesterday so I could get house cleaned while you's were busy mudding to get hay.

I also got Leslie to go with me to finish our shopping for our friends presents.  I even let her drive me around.  She is a good driver,  so it wasn't like I had to hang on or anything,  she just has to learn that I don't do corners well,  they make me dizzy(ier) than I am when I drive.  One of the perks of having ear problems all my life. 

Wednesday plans are to go to Alton and pick out a freezer for the kids for their big gift,  then pick up an area rug for Leslie's room she wants.  Christmas will be Christmas day here this year.  As kids both work on Christmas eve and they won't go to in laws til the weekend,  they wanted to wait til Christmas day to spend the day with us. 

Today Melanie and Kiley will come over,  for Dave has to work.  I figure I will get the girls in the kitchen and we will bake goodies today together while Grandpa plays with Kiley.  He says he doesn't spoil her,  but you should see how she looks at him when he's in the room.  She sure has him around her little finger.  Just like the girls did/do.   He is a good dad and grandpa,  as well as husband.

I wood burned face on rocking chair yesterday also.  Now I have to get out the craft paint and add the big red bow and I will be ready to stain and varnish it.  I should get that done today also while baking and candy making. 

Dear Lord,  Thank you for another day,  the ability to do the things I do,  the family you blessed me with,  and most of all Thank You for loving me and always being at my side.  Please help those in need this season and show your love in their hearts.  Bless all the troops,  Lord,  keep them safe and return them home to their families soon.  Bless the elderly that they have  family to be by their side too.  In Jesus' name Amen.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Bear rocking chair

Just wanted to add this picture of Kiley in her little bear rocking chair Steve and I made for her for Christmas.  The chair is not done yet,  but will be for Christmas morning.  Of course another picture and another one and another will be taken Christmas day.  So I will get one of it without her in it.  ... to be continued.....

Just another Friday....homefires burning...

This looks like my living room today.  Steve lit the fireplace early and I have kept it going all day.  That room is like 82*,  rest of the house is 78*,  furnace is set on 72*,  so it isn't kicking on at all.  And my house is one long one,  so the heat has to travel down the hall into the rooms and try to reach the far end of the house which is the kitchen and pantry.  I prefer the family room which I am in most of the time.  It's comfortable but not too warm. 

We picked up some more gifts last night,  ate supper at KFC/Long John Silvers.  I wanted chicken,  Steve had fish,  Leslie had shrimp.  We arrived earlier than rush hour,  so we pretty well had the place to ourselves,  so we could talk and act goofy all we wanted.   And we did. 

Shopped at a few places, didn't find everything we wanted,  just nothing caught my eye on those on my list.  I often wonder if others shop for gifts that way.  I don't like just grabbing something,  I make sure it fits the person's personality.  Wierdo

Steve and I finished Kiley's rocking chair.  Now I wait for my woodburner to return home so I can use it to engrave the bears face.  Then I can stain and varnish it up....before Christmas....if that thing finds it's way home...hint hint....child of mine....

Steve is hauling hay today with the friend of his he farms with.  The other Steve has 50 bales to move before end of year,  and my Steve has vacation time coming and has taken this week,  with 43 hours left to take. 

Steve wrapped the presents last night when we got home,  I hid his to wrap today while he is gone.   So now I need to get house cleaned up from that and the shopping we did.  Kitchen table is full of in there I go......another day.....another job I found to do.....laundry is going too....

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Join me in God's Garden

I come across this picture,  and no matter how many times I view it,  it always makes me feel so peaceful and in it somehow.  I can feel myself sitting on a bench listening to the water flowing down the stream,  across the rocks in it's whispering way.   I can feel the cool air on my skin.  I can actually smell the flower scents of the many flowers and the trees as they transport me into the lovely scene in front of me.  Sitting there in the shade of the willow trees,  I feel connected to God and feel the love he has for me lifting my spirits and filling me with his grace.  If a picture can make me feel this good,  I can only imagine what it would be like to really sit there in person.  I don't think I would ever leave. 
So tonight as I sit here gazing at this picture,  my thoughts turn to all that I am thankful for,  as this year comes to an end.  2009 has brought about so many changes in my life and that of my family as a whole.  For me,  I had to admit defeat from my injury and quit my job, ending my fiancial contributions to my families income.   On the up side to that,  I was able to put in a bigger garden,  contributing to the self suffiancy of food supply.  Adding to the fact that next year I can contribute even more with a bigger garden.  My over all physical activity has improved by being able to rest my injured arm,  making my headaches less intense,  meaning I take less medication for them,  and saving my internal organs a little.  Hopefully extending my years some.  
Then there is the greatest gift we recieved in the form of a grandchild.  She has given so much pleasure to the whole family,  and we are so proud to have her as an addition to our family.  God please bless her with long years ahead of her and happiness every day of her life.  Amen.  
2009 brought about a whole new adventure as Steve and I put in our first season of crops of our own.  The outcome was very good for us.  We prayed for nature to cooperate so often,  and God answered our prays with the days of sunshine and wind to dry the ground after the rain,  then to get out the crops again we were praying for dry weather and God sent the freeze so we could harvest our crop.  
Now as winter sets in,  we will take the nice days to battle the ever growing weeds,  and trim the overhanging limbs back out of the way.  We will put rock in our roadways,  cut dead trees for the firewood,  clear the overwashed out waterways and get the ground readied for the spring planting.  Overall,  this will give Steve and I more time together,  working side by side like we have for all our years together.  Building the strong bond we have built even stronger.  
I look forward to 2010 with a light heart and full of love for our heavenly Father,  as he walks with us and mostly carries us into the new year.  May God be present in your life and into your new year also. 

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Meet Grandpa and Grand daughter

This is one great way to spend a cold afternoon. 
They said they were going to watch a western on TV.  I re-enter the room,  and they were both zonkered.  Was such a cute sight,  I just had to grab the camera and capture the moment.  So as you have read through my blog here,  the name Steve I type in most every one of them,  this is him.  And the little one this is Kiley, our little grand daughter,  which you have met a few times throughout my blog. 
Steve and I worked on the rocking chair we are making for Kiley for Christmas.  Only thing left to do is glue on the arms and then set all joints with a screw,  and then I can start painting it.  It looks like a teddy bear,  so I will put face on it.  
We didn't do anything outside today,  except run to DMV,  and hardware store.  We stayed in out of the cold,  nothing pressing to get done today.  Steve did get to spend the day with Kiley,  they played and took nap together.  
Shoulder giving me fits again.  Thinking trip to doc may be in order.  Puts gray hair on head just thinking that.  Noted and dated with blog entry for future "when it started date".  
Steve got the presents wrapped tonight while I fixed supper.  Sometimes we get things wrapped and I forget what I bought,  and buy something else,  then come Christmas and unwrapping them,  I am as surprized as those they are for.  Just a blonde moment,  those times,  but they happen to me.  lol  So heading back to bed now,  hope all has a good nights sleep.  Wish I could sleep allnight,  maybe someday again,  someday......

A Dedication to those in heaven

I dedicate this poem to those who aren't with us physically,  but remain in our hearts forever.  God Bless Everyone.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sunshine brings visitors...

Today while outside,  working on the rocking chair we are making for Kiley for Christmas,  I saw a bluejay.  I watched where he went to when he finally flew away,  and I saw him land in the neighbors big pine tree.  I think maybe they live there in the winter.  There are several I see off and on all day as the sunshine brings the little animals and birds out to entertain me.  I put out some corn I picked up from the field,  I am hoping they will eat it,  and the little family of squirrels which live in one of my trees can feast also.  We have one little squirrel that gets in the back of my truck,  sits on the side of the bed and eats his food,  cause he leaves me the empty acorn shell.  Wonder if that is a hint to leave him some food there this winter? 
Today was a warm day here.  Steve dropped off the tractor at tire center,  ordered the 4 tires we need,  they will call when it's done.  Steve will have a cold ride to farm with it getting cold here again,  when we pick it up.  We went shopping this morning.  Picked up new batteries for 966,  note date,  and a first toy tractor for Kiley's start of her collection.  We plan on buying her one every Christmas til...whenever....
Then this afternoon,  we worked on the peices I have cut out for the rocking chair we are making for Kiley.  Just need the get them the rest of the way sanded now,  and then drill holes for dowel rods then start gluing together.  Can't hardly wait for the finished project.  It sure looks cute right now.  I have placemats to make up yet for gifts.  Then I will be able to assemble my baskets,  tins,  bowls and little items and candy/cookie goodies and get then delivered. 
Well,  another year is almost a memory.  Have made many memories this year,  and will take them out one day and smile back on them with fond thoughts and lots of smiles.......and feel much loved....

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Just keeping on....

I am sure I really need to be in bed right now. 
Come morning I won't want to get up. 
Early wake up is in order for tomorrow. 
Steve finished getting the crops out this morning before the rain and sleet hit here.  It didn't last long,  when it did come down,  it was slow and misty.  We were able to cut some wood,  and got it split up ,  stacked on porch,  some brought in to fill the wood box,  and enjoyed the fireplace going for the evening. 
Sunday to do list includes running to Breeze to pick up a truck we are buying.  Then home before 2 for a meeting with Club.  Probably won't have many show for meeting,  it's still election time and no one wants to hold an office,  they only want to make the rules for next year and complain.  This will be my 12th year as secretary,  it will be the same pattern as always.  Do this,  do that,  did we....We really had a good year as far as how things went. 
 Looking forward to spending some more time with Steve.  I really missed him this week while he was snowed in in Iowa.  So the work we got done today was some good time spent together.  We do work well together,  but he didn't like the way I was splitting the wood so he took over,  and of course I had to heckle him about it.  He thinks I shouldn't be running the log splitter,  I guess it's one of his toys.  lol  But I did get a few logs split before he took over the man's job. 
We got the 706 parked in the nieghbors shed today.  Steve helps him do his farming and he helps us.  Anyway,  he told me last night that he wanted Steve to get that tractor up to his shed and out of the weather for the winter.  He also wants Steve to get the 966 up there inside too.  But first it needs to go to the tire shop and get new tires on the back of it.  We are also going to get new duels for it.  So all 4 back tires are getting put on as soon as Steve can get it up to tire shop,  then out to friends shed.  Hope we get our shed built next spring,  then we can have them all stored at farm out of the weather.  But first things first.....the list is endless.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

A happy birthday wish to my baby sister....

Today is my sisters Birthday.  She is 49.  I sent her a birthday song on her e-mail this morning.  I am sure she will say a few "words" to me about it.  But I do love her anyway.  Her being the youngest of us kids,  I included that she would be joining us at 50 and over next year.  But I also told her that it's not over the hill,  for when I turned 50,  I told my kids that I wasn't going down the hill on the other side,  I had enjoyed the climb up this side so much that I was sitting down and sliding back down it.  No need to travel roads not traveled before when we can take the same route and enjoy the scenery again,  we might have missed something on the first trip.  lol
Since I am only 2 1/2 years older than her,  I can't remember her as a baby,  the new addition to our family,   but I do have many memories of growing up with her and enjoying our lives as we aged and moved on in life in our own directions.  I am proud to say,  we turned out alright in life and I think our parents would have been proud of all 6 of us,  they just didn't know how to tell us when they were alive,  a void in our lives we made sure not to repeat with our own children. 
So she turns 49 today,  she has a beautiful daughter  and her husband and her have done a great job to raising her right. 
So to my baby sister,  I hope your day is bright and happy.  That you are loved more today than yesterday and less than tomorrow.  I love you sis.....

Thinking Spring Already, Work for Spring anyway....

Major planning for upcoming spring jobs on the farm.  With harvesting crops,  one gets a top shot of what the ground looks like from inside the combine cab.  As we traveled over the field,  we could see where the heavy rains this year,  and the neglect of the previous renters for 3 years,  have washed out all the hard work of making useful water ways for drainage of fields,  which Steve and his Dad had done and kept up over the years.  Most of the tiling they had done is gone,  causing wash outs turning into little rivers and low land turning into areas like swamps.  Since it got cold,  the frozen areas look like ice skating rinks right now.  We have had so much rain this year,  it's just sitting on top of the ground.  So notes being made in head of what has to be done before planting time next spring.  Do we ever get to stop working and take a rest in the winter?  lol

Friday, December 11, 2009

Home safe and bearing gifts

Thank You God. 
Steve made it home safe and bearing gifts for all.  Calculators note books for the kids and I,  a tee shirt and tote bag for me,  and a play blanket/mat for Kiley.  He was tired,  and thirsty for glass of our tea,  but immediately took little Kiley into his arms and she was good baby for him.  I really think she missed her Grandpa.  She was very good the rest of the evening.  He even gave her her bottle and she konked out sound asleep by 8PM.   Kids stayed for supper and stories Steve got to tell about the weather and the class he attended. 
The class he went to got cancelled after the first day,  the snow shut down the town and area,  so he only got the one day in.  They said they would mail the material to them,  so he can at least have the books to learn the new stuff he needs to know about the equipment. 
I was so glad to hear from him when he reached Hillsboro to head home.  No snow in our area, so was easy end trip home.  He said getting out of Iowa was slow,  but once they hit the IL line,  the roads were not bad.  Heading south then they ran out of snow band areas,  and come home to just cold windy weather. 
Another prayer answered.....

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Page of the day scripture.

Tonight the winds have calmed some.  Snow just amounted to flurries.  It's still bitter cold outside. 

I was looking for an instruction manual today and run across some old photo's which I had just stuffed into a drawer.  As I looked at those pictures, I realized that there are probably more hidden away among the papers in other drawers of my desk.  I put this "find photo's" on my to do list.  I didn't have the time or energy today to search for others.  But I know they are there waiting to bring back memories. 

This time of the year,  memories seem to cloud my mind.  Lost are those who helped shape my life and put me on the path which I have chosen.  No one is ever sure where that path my lead us,  but in my heart I hope it's to the pearly gates of heaven some day. 

In my bible opening yesterday,  I run across scripture in Psalm 86,  which I didn't quite understand til today,  they pertained to my life so closely.  7,  11  and 13.  7-in my 30's I put God to work in my life,  and truely became a faithful follower in my heart and mind.  11-God has showed me over and over again he is the way to eternity,  by answering so many of my prayers and getting me thru the rough patches in life.  And 13-God took my hand and brought me up from a deep dark hole which had become my mouth,  my mind,  and my personality.  He made me who I am today,  just by loving me and guiding me thru my life. 

So tonight as I say my prayers for a safe journey home for Steve tomorrow,  I will include in them,  my thanks to God for never giving up on me and showing me his love in every way.  Even the snow and winds today were some of the beauty I had forgotten,  but will keep them as a memory of a cold winter day,  where I was safe and warm in my home which he has blessed us with. 

Cold winds, light snow, oatmeal and hot chocolate....

Winter blasted through this morning.  Got up at 6AM,  temp was 35*.  By 8AM,  temp had dropped to 10* and the wind had kicked up to 30 MPH,  gusts up to 55 MPH.  Snow coming down light,  but can't seem to stick unless it can hide from the wind in cracks and crevis'.  Poor little birds that try to fly are not going in the direction they are heading,  so they just sit under the eaves of porches,  barns and sheds. 
My rugs on my porch blew around,  so put pieces of firewood on them to hold them down.  Furnace is working non stop.  Every vent I walk by the air is shooting up like heat from blacktop road in summer sun. 
Steve called at 8:30AM saying he is snowed in in Iowa,  where he went to class,  and class was canceled.  He said the wind is blowing so hard,  you can't see across the parking lot of his motel.  Said also that I-80 is closed due to wind and snow.  They have 12.7inches where he is at. 
In some neighboring counties across the river in MO they are reporting power outages.   Praying we don't loose power like that.  I would not want to see the guy's who repair lines having to work out in this weather.  
This morning was just one of those hot raisin-walnut oatmeal and hot chocolate breakfast days,  before heading out to do chores and check the animals,  and see what has blown away or is trying to.  The oatmeal evoked a memory from my teen years.  I milked a cow for 3 years as a teen.  The job of milking was passed to me after the 4 older brothers got jobs,  married,  and moved away.  Every morning and evening,  rain,  snow,  sleet,  heat, or storms,  the milking had to be done.  in the winter months,  Nusiance,  my milk cow stayed in the barn out of the weather.  It was still cold out there,  but milking wasn't too bad for she was plenty warm.  I always milked before breakfast,  and when us kids got done with our chores,  Mom always had us a warm breakfast ready to sit down to when we were done.   Many mornings like this it was oatmeal,  but some were maltomeal,  cornmeal mush,  or rice with raisins,  and always hot chocolate with marshmellows.  Does winter really evoke more memories than the summer months?  Something else to think about on these cold mornings.......

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Smells and Tastes of Childhood

As adults, many times we encounter smells and tastes of our childhood. One of my most recents encounters was during my baking on Thanksgiving. I decided to undertake the task of making homemade cinnamon rolls. As I worked the dough, kneading, punching, pulling, squiwishing, pushing, well you should know the routine if you bake bread. I returned in my mind the days when as a child, my mom made dough up and she made several different things from it. Cinnamon rolls, rolls, and even enough for a loaf of fresh baked bread too, would all come from that one big bowl of dough she sat on top of the kitchen cabinet to rise. In the winter with the old drafty house we lived in, the heat always went to the ceiling, and didn't come back down, so the dough sat on top of the wall cabinets.
As I worked and mixed, the smell of the yeast brought back memories of, oh, so many years ago. In the oven, I watched, as a child watches for Daddy to come home from work at night, the cinnamon rolls bake through the oven door. Then after hours of preparation, the first taste of that cinnamon roll, the melt in your mouth buttery flavored cinnamon zing, made my eyes close and transported me back to the age of 9 at least.
My mom would have been proud that I carried on at least this one tradition of hers. Baking. She could make most anything with few ingrediants. Unfortunatly, my children didn't follow in my foot steps, the joy of cooking. I pray that someday they too, will smell or taste something and remember the love I put into making meals and goodies for them as children.

One precious photo memory

My girls and I played dress up and photograhers with Kiley. We dressed her in her "Grandpa's choice" first Christmas dress and snapped away. She didn't mind too much. Then the game got old, and we adults weren't done yet. She was and she let us know who was boss.
Can't wait til Steve see's these pictures we took today. This is only the start of the first Christmas pictures of her, so she will just have to get used to us poseing her and telling her to smile. After all, she being the only grandchild and neice, we have no one else to put through the torture.
Oh yeah, we have more dresses and more people she has to pose with. More to come...

Monday, December 7, 2009

Dec. 6th and 7th

We finally got a dusting of snow. Yesterday I went up to farm to get more firewood for fireplace before the rain and snow hit, forecast said it would move in late Sunday night. Sure enough, by 8PM it was flurrying. Got all excited and was hoping for enough to stick to the ground. When I got up this morning, on one of my nightly ups, I looked out to see the ground covered, but the roads were clear. The best kind of snow to stay off the roads.
When I got up to the farm the drive and lane back to the trailer was very muddy and slick on top of the ground. Of course my truck is light and sits on top and spins, so I called Steve, he was on his way to help neighbor get crops out, he stopped by and drove his truck back and hooked to trailer and brought it up to my truck, Dave, Steve and I loaded up, Steve then took trailer back to parking area.
Got home with wood, fixed lunch for the kids and I, unloaded the wood, Dave helped me bring some in and then I cut out rocking chair for our little grand daughter for one of her Christmas gifts.
So with things moving right along, my Christmas gifts should be all done and wrapped and under the tree this week. Then I start on making the cookies and candy which I have planned for this years gifts to family and friends.
The house is lonely tonight. Steve had to go to Kinze school for 2 days. So it's just me and my cat. Oh Leslie is in her room like usual, but it's really just me, for she will probably head out to see her friends in a little while. I am planning on heading to Wal mart after midnight to get the newest Harry Potter movie which comes out. Thank you God for 24 hour Wal marts. lol
Well, since I am listening to more Carrie Underwood Christmas Special than thinking here, I will finish the show and take my book to bed with me and read til I fall asleep or midnight comes whichever comes first. God Bless everyone.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

It's Sunday Morning

Not sure what is up with my page here.
Had a productive day. Did some shopping for some Christmas presents. Found some deals. Need to make pile and have Steve wrap them and then with presents under the tree it will look so much more like Christmas, minus the snow. Only had flurries so far. Looking forward to snow.
Steve said they are almost done with crops. When they are done, we will be able to have some time in the evenings without him so tired. Tonight was good for us. We had the evening alone and took advantage of it to watch the movie "Christmas with the Kranks". Tim Allen is a favorite for the both of us. He does justice to his role. Love him in " The Santa Clause" movies too.
So, kids are coming over for the day, should head to bed and get some sleep. Too much walking left shoulder having "spasms". Need to run to farm and get some more wood for the fireplace before it rains again. Will do that later today.
God Bless the family of a CM member which just lost her life to cancer. May she rest in peace and God hold each of her family members close and guide them through this time. May they be able to have a good Christmas living and remembering the good time they had and the memories which will live in their hearts forever. RIP catgirl.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Sat. Dec. 5

Heading out to do some Christmas shopping today. So wish me luck with the traffic, crowds and finding what I am looking for in this trip today. I really don't like crowds and traffic jams. Hoping for a treasure find to finish up my shopping. Under the tree is quite bare yet. Wrapping party at my house tonight, all welcome....

Friday, December 4, 2009

My Guy Works Too Hard

My Steve works too hard. His folks would be very proud they instilled the Independence in him in which they themselves practiced in their lives.
Today he went in to work, got jobs required done up and took the rest of the day as vacation time (he has to use it up before end of year) and headed to field to combine some more. Elevator closed at closing time, so he combined til trucks and wagons filled, then come home late only to have to winterize the last 2 tractors he hadn't gotten done yet. And the cold is here, so here he is working in the cold and dark, his long day isn't done yet.
When he got done outside, he found the energy to come inside and play with little Kiley after eating supper. It was so special watching him with her. When he holds her she just lights up. She sure loves her grandpa. Course he thinks she's pretty special too.
This afternoon when Melanie got off work, she and I went to Wal-mart, and little Kiley got her ears pierced. She did real well with it. She is still little enough that she doesn't grab her ears yet so they will heal and have no problems. With Leslie I got hers done at 18 months old and she wanted to touch them all the time. One of hers got infected and sore, but we kept the antiseptic on it and it got ok. With Melanie we got hers done very young age, like 6 weeks old, and hers never had any problems for she wasn't able to touch them and they healed real fast at that age too.
Also I picked up a Christmas dress which Steve had picked out for Kiley. Tomorrow I plan on taking picture of her and putting it in Grandpa's picture frame for him.
The day was a cold one here. The wind blew quite the chill into the air. Despite the cold, my yellow rose bush continues to bloom it's big yellow roses. I can't believe how hardy that one bush is. It must be like 9 foot tall now. Wondering how long it will bloom into winter. The sun is suppose to shine again tomorrow so I plan on taking another picture of the beautiful flowers again.
Good news come from lawyer today. Hoping for a close on the bad memories and look forward to leaving it all in the past and continuing to improve or at least do the best I can with what is left.
God Bless all eyes which read this and may he continue to keep you in his hands.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Snow didn't fall upon us like forecast predicted. Glad for now farmers can keep harvesting. Sad for I was so looking forward to watching it and feeling it cleanse the air.
We have received more Christmas cards from friends, and hearing good news as all are well and families are doing good also.
Looking through the photos included in cards and wondering where the time has gone. The children I am looking at in the photos are the children of children of yesterday in my memories. The years have been good to all our family and friends, and seeing these new little ones brings joy to my heart as time goes by.
I await eagerly everyday for the mail just to see more of these shining little faces and the beauty of seasons and holiday spirit in each card we get. Doesn't take much to make me happy. Little things in life are the most pleasant.
Baked bread today, and made a cake. Both were yummy. Played with grand baay, she too is getting big. Today she wanted held and loved on and of course I made sure she was loved all day long.
Today I thought a lot of parents and those who are no longer with us on this earth. I even wondered what they were doing, if they too are preparing for the holiday coming up. I'm sure in heaven it is like Christmas everyday. The joy, happiness, love, good spirit, blessings to/for all. May they all rest in peace and someday we will meet again.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Little things that make me laugh.....

So many little things in life we find to laugh at or about. A list of mine today is as follows.
1. My oldest daughter Leslie, lives with her phone in her hand or in her pocket at all times. When she goes to sleep, it lays on her bed or pillow. This picture so reminded me of her sleeping. She's just as cute too.
2. My little grand daughter sneezing with a mouth full of green beans, while I stand in front of her to catch the over spray. That precious little laugh at the look on my face. I should carry a mirror with me to see the funny picture too.
3. My husband walking in the door with mud all over his boots, putting his lunch box away and empty dishes in the sink after a long day in the fields.
4. Starting the washer, tending to grand daughters cry, only to find half hour later, I forgot to add the Tide and Downy after the water filled washer.
5. Chasing down Christmas tree ornaments which my cat has decided to take off the tree and play with. Today's choices were bulb and bell ornament, along with partial stand of lights and beads.
6. Phone ringing while stepping into shower, waking baby from napping, removing those 15 minutes to myself til next nap time.
7. Watching the dust grow on shelves and nicknack's every time the furnace kicks on. Add dusting to my to do list.
8. Turn on water to make dishwater to keep up on the growing mound in the sink, when they were all done last night, it's only 9AM, sinks half full, only to run see what grand daughter is doing screaming in other room, come back to kitchen, sink is overflowing into other side, bubbles galore.
9. Check that baby diaper, only to find it oozing out one side of rubber panties. Fingers do wash though.
10. Crack door to take a pee, only to have the cat decide it's time for some loving and hop into my lap and crawl to my shoulder. Is there ever really any privacy in the bathroom any more?
11. Get into bed, tired from the day, and not much sleep last night for grand daughter spent the night and Grandma doesn't rest well, listening for her to not wake up, only to notice lights still on in the kitchen. Can no one else find the light switches.
12. Crawl back into bed, only to find Steve is cold and has the electric blanket on high while I'm having a hot flash early tonight.
Life is a barrel of laughs if we can find the energy to laugh at them. I find time often, for it's good for tightening the belly muscles. Who needs excise videos when you live at my house. Welcome to the funny farm.

In my Attic

What you are about to read is things from my life in the real world as well as thoughts from my attic.
Attic: Storage space at the top of my head.
Some things will be just off the top of my head too. Beware, no view warnings will appear on posts. Enter my blog at your own risk.