Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Progessing on restoration of C

Today it stayed cool outside. Highs only got to 70 by my porch thermometer. I had windows open this morning anyway, but closed them when Melanie called and ask me to watch Kiley. So I turned on the burners of my stove to take the chill off house, and snuggled her up in fuzzy blanket and she slept all afternoon.
This morning I went out early and got the rest of the C painted it's first coat. I have to paint the hood, gas tank and grill, and turn over the fenders, but other than them, all things have been one time coated so far now. Complete project is only a matter of a couple good warm days and the C will be done. I still have to do the wheels yet though. I think I will work on them tomorrow, get them gound down and primed, then the final shooting of top coat can be done. I am finally making real head way on it.
Steve went out to the track and worked tonight with Terry, to get track ready for Sunday. I am watching the weather channel right now and it looks like rain is moving in for this weekend. So that may make for a rain out pull. With this being our last pull of the season, I am looking forward to getting it done so I can put up everything for the winter. Hope to be able to finish out the season and be done.
I've been looking through the new 2010 farmers almanac and it looks like cool weather is here for the fall already. I had hoped for a few more weeks of warm, for I want to get up to the farm and get the limbs and stuff piled up to have us a hot dog roast by Halloween. There is quite a bit of debri from storms and such while ground was rented out, and we plan on cleaning it up and trimming some of the trees and cutting some of them down. Clearing out the water ways, and making good usable crossings. Some of the clearing can be done during winter months if there is not a lot of snow. And it's good energy spent in the cold. This weekend would have been a good one to start on it, for Steve is off work on Sat. But have to get the pulling season done with.
Today I am planning on going up and getting things out of garden, the corn which is done, the beans and tomatoes plants are almost done, so will get them pulled up and piled to dry. Cut a few heads off sunflowers and dry seeds. Marigolds will hold on til frost, so will leave them. Sorry feelings that garden is done for the year, but have reaped much and enjoyed every minute of tending it and watching it grow.

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