Saturday, September 5, 2009

Friends Forever

Often we find a friend or two in our lives which become irreplaceable. Fortunately, Steve and I have found a few of these in our years. Personally, if the choice ever come up to choose families, we would surely find we could choose the very best family in the world. You can count on the family to be busy picking their fingernails clean when you meet them in the store or out in public somewhere, but your friends will let their milk and meat get warm in their carts to share news with you about the family and whats been happening in their neck of the woods, and to be sure to inquire about you all.
Growing up we found friends and lost friends. Thought the world would come to an end, during those times of adolesence. But we all muddled through and found as we aged, true, loyal, and honest friendship is earned, not just available whenever. We're simple living people, not famous, or inventors. We have shared many funny, happy times, as well as bad times, lonely times, and of course lifes pitfalls of loosing our parents and other loved ones throughout the years. And in the end, those true friends held our hands tighter than most of our family. And still today, they hold that special place in our hearts.
We have several of those kind of friends, and I have come to believe they were sent from God to be in our lives. So to all those of you who know who you are, God bless you always.

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  1. Very sweet post. You are lucky to have people like that in your life. Just like you said, true friends are hard to find.

    Thanks for stopping by CM's Blogaholics. I look forward to getting to know you.



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