Thursday, October 1, 2009

My painting went well...

Today the weather was just right for painting on the little C. So instead of working at the farm today, I got things ready and mixed the paint and loaded the paint gun and went at it. I got all the parts done with the first coat and now we can assemble most of it before I finish the rest of the top coat. I used hardener in my paint for the extra shine it adds and the faster dry time. I think the look of the paint is better and it sure holds up under weather and time.
After I got my parts painted, I still have left over paint, so I cleaned up Steve's lawn mower which is apart for his oil pump key and pin broke and he has to replace them, so I took advantage of it and Melanie helped me paint it up. Looks good if I do say so myself. lol
I taught Melanie how to paint with air paint gun today. She enjoyed it and took right to doing it the right way after I showed her how and she watched me paint. I am proud that she took interest in it. Now when Dave and her have something they want to restore, they both have some experience and they can do it themselves. Since I am self taught, I had some major goofs at first, but by doing it I learned from my mistakes and I have told them what happens from time to time and if they remember my stories, they won't make those mistakes.
With every tractor I have painted, I have done things a little different an I like the way each have turned out. I will take pictures today in the daylight and post them for future reference as well as brag boasting. lol We hope to get the tractor assembled early next week. The parts will be dry enough to handle and won't roll the paint if we wait for a few days. The sheen on the parts right now looks like glass. I am very happy with the look of it. When it is totally finished, I will admire it often as I drive it around or watch Steve driving it.
I hope one day our kids are as proud of the collection we have as we are. We have spent a lot of hours on these tractors and have much pride in them, as well as we enjoy driving them around and pulling them.

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