Friday, September 25, 2009

Sept. 25, 2009

I received a scary phone call today. Melanie called me crying and telling me she needed me to come over and get Kiley right now. Dave had been in bad accident and rolled their truck. No other details at that moment, and I went right over there. When I got there, Kiley was laying on the couch crying and Melanie was shaking too bad to pick her up. Melanie then headed right down to get Dave. He went to the Er to get checked out, he is real stiff and sore, but he climbed out of the truck, and a policeman was there at the scene and witnessed it all. It seems Dave was on green light and crossing road when the light turned yellow when he was in middle of road, giving him enough time to cross it. Lady come from the right at approximately 40 to 45 mph. She hit the passenger side of the truck so hard on level road that it rolled the truck 2 and half times the police said, the first roll was in the air, the second and half was rolling on road. Lady was ticketed for running red light for it hadn't changed to green for her yet at impact. She tried to say it was green, but the cop was there and there was no way she could have stopped even on red as fast as she was going when she hit Dave in the intersection. She was here in Alton on business from Peoria.
I brought Kiley home with me, and called Steve at work, he come home and we all went down to hospital to make sure Dave was alright and then to go with them to get personal things out of the truck. While viewing the truck, I told Dave flat out that God was riding with him in the front seat. He kept him safe. The truck is totaled, completely. It was Melanie's first vehicle. But it is replaceable and he is not. So Thank God for being with him. Will meet with insurance guy on Monday. Then get a rental car from there, and they will look for another vehicle.

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