Saturday, September 5, 2009

I have to post about my cat.

Since my Leslie has ring tone on her cell phone set for me as "Your momma's calling, talk about the cat...." I adopted my kitten Aug. 21st, the same day my granddaughter was born. She was 8 weeks old then, so 10 weeks now. The people at 5A's call her a tabby point-Siamese. She is a very beautiful little thing. She loves people, and loves to be cuddled. Then when I sit here at my computer, she likes to try to chase the cursor and today she found the letters running across the screen and tried to get them too. But, she can't be doing that, so I took her into living room with Leslie and put baby gate in door way so she has to stay in there, while I am journaling.

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  1. I didn't know that you had adopted a kitten, she is soooo cute! I'm a little concerned about our cat. the kids and I are out of town and dh isn't to fond of "livestock" in the house so I'm afraid that he, the cat, has been shut out since we've been gone.


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