Sunday, September 13, 2009

Watch out for that...Tree....

Just saw this picture in one of my albums, and it reminded me of mowing at the farm this summer. Steve and I were spending the day, he on the big tractor with shredder, me on my little cub doing the small stuff. It was hot and humid, very little breeze. I had this umbrella in truck and tarp strapped it to the seat, to give me some shade. So I set off mowing the road way, tootling along, and come up to low hanging limbs on the trees lining the drive, well you know what, I ducked under the limb, but forgot about the umbrella, and wondered why something felt like it was pulling on the tractor as I went along. When hey, the umbrella is taller than me. duhhh... It did break one of the supports, but I can use it again. I just have to remember it is taller than the person on the seat. When I told Steve about it, he laughed. Some days he just says I'm a blonde. Wonder what he means by that? lol

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