Monday, September 7, 2009

Sept. 09 Antique Tractor pull

Sunday was our annual Sept. Labor Day pull. We had to deal with rain on Sat. off and on. But only got half and inch. It made the top soil wet and had to get county to come in with grator and take off top, but it sure made for a great track which held up throughout the whole pull.
I only got to pull one class, placing 2nd. It's hard to be a participant when you have to do the signing in, colections, placing, adding, changing, paying out, and dropping of classes. So I did get to take a few minutes to get out there and pull the little H. As Steve runs the sled, he doesn't get to pull at our pulls. He has pulled only two times this summer at other pulls. Sure wish other places would start having their pulls again, but so many have found the cost of insurance and sled rental is just too high to put them on any more.
We didn't have many pullers to turn out, guessing they got more rain than us and thought ours was cancelled. But those who did come, seeemed to have a good time, so the day wasn't lost after all.
Oct. 4th will be our last pull of the season. It is our annual cook out pull. If farmers aren't in the field at that time, we usually have a pretty good turn out for it too. Guess we should pray alot and ask mother nature to cooperate with us for that one.

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