Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tuesday's work and Steve got stuck...

Today I helped Dave (sil) build a work bench in his shed. It was time well spent. Him and I often do things together. He loves to learn how to do things he has never had the chance to see done, or helped do. He is a very avid learner. He listens and watches and helps. I love working with him on projects, for he is particular in his doing of things, he tries real hard to do things right. I love it.
We laugh at each other often, and sometimes just laugh at what we are doing when we come across something we are doing we don't really know if it's the right thing to do or not, so we just wing it and laugh. Steve is usually at work when Dave and I are doing these things, like today, building Dave's work bench. It turned into a "good enough for who it's for" project. Some of the nails would bend and we would say a few "not so nice" words, take them out and put in another. When Steve got home, we took tables and chairs and picnic table over to Dave and Melanie's, I showed Steve the bench we made and talked of the bent nails, he said I could have brought over the portable air tank and used the air nailer. Oh now he tells me. Then it turned out that his friend has the big nail gun anyway. All in all, the bench is useable and Dave is already cutting out trophies and he even cleaned, vac'ed, his work shed.
When I got home, I got my table covered and put all the little C parts out on it to start the "red" painting. I should be able to get most of them done in one painting, as long as the sun shines for the baking process.
We had supper with Dave and Melanie, and of course I got to take care of the little grand baby while her mommy did other things. I sure loved that part of the evening. loved spending time with the kids too. Steve and Dave run a load of limbs to the farm after supper. I told Steve to be sure to give Dave a flashlight, so Dave could go get the tractor when Steve got stuck, and he would have to turn on the gas for I had shut if off since it was leaking after I parked it yesterday. Steve said he wouldn't get stuck, and again I told Dave to turn on gas when he went to get tractor when Steve got stuck. Low and behold, they come back and Steve had gotten stuck. But he didn't make Dave walk to get the tractor, he walked and got it himself. What did he expect. When he told me where he was going to take the pile of debri to, I figured he would get stuck. They both laughed when they got back and told me about it. Not often, but every once in a while, "old blue" won't go where Steve thinks he can take it. Them are the times we find humor in the adventures of farming.
The kids haven't been up to the farm this summer since the corn was like 3" high. So when Steve took Dave up tonight, it was dark when they got there, and Dave couldn't believe how things look now. The garden is producing, plants are tall, flowers are bloomed, we have kept it mowed, and the corn is over 8 foot tall. He told Steve he wishes he could have seen it in the day time. So I plan to take him up next week one day when I go to get tomatoes and more green beans, so he can see it before we start taking out the crops. Since there are no buildings yet, we only have our equipment and 2 tractors up there, and odd and end things there for now. The other 5 tractors are here in town with us. But the building should commence this fall after corn is out and then we will all be spending time there building and organizing. They have all volunteered to help, so we are taking them up on the offer. Once we get built and get our home there, they will be spending alot of time with us up there. Til then, it's just maintaining work to be done.

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