Friday, September 18, 2009

Garden Update

Today I went up to farm and collected tomatoes and green beans out of my garden. I am surprised that I still have green beans coming on strong. My tomatoes are starting to die off. I will just have to keep them picked as they ripen, for there are no new blooms on them. So I now have some canning to do.
Soon I will need to get up there and start pulling the sunflowers and corn stalks out which have ended for the year. They sure were pretty while they lasted. I think often of Steve's parents, and wonder how their lives were years ago when they started farming this ground. They bought the farm in 58', the year Steve was born. He never knew another home but the one we created together, he was so lucky. I remember moving around as a child, I hated moving. So the memories we have will forever be etched in our hearts. The piece which Steve inherited was the last field we had worked physically side by side with his Dad in before his Stroke in 05'. So this piece of property means the world to both Steve and I. I still remember him and I cutting wild sugar cane tops out, before Steve combined the beans. He and I kidded around while working at it. Was a great memory made which no one can take from us. Material things can be taken away, but the memories made will live forever etched in our hearts.

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