Thursday, September 24, 2009

I have to laugh, why does it seem like when we make plans and start out our day that things just intervene and throws the whole day off but in good ways? Does that even make sense?
I started off yesterday with well meaning plans to get things accomplished and then ended up getting very little done, but yet getting what I wanted done after all. I guess I didn't have much planned after all for my day. lol I enjoyed very much the visit with my cousin and her husband. Played with Kiley again, as her mom wanted to paint her living room. Then we had meeting of club tonight, had things lined out for it this afternoon, so was prepared with list of things we will need for our cookout at the last of the year club pull. I will call and set up winter months meeting dates and times, then will have some time off from those duties til Nov. meeting. Be glad to be able to clean out corner in kitchen where all the club stuff sits all summer long. Won't be long til I need that corner for my plants which go out in spring and come in in the fall.
I am taking my cousin up to see our farm in the morning. She says she has to know where we will be living at someday, so we are planning on going up and I will get the rest of green beans and tomatoes while I am up there. This Sat. I will go up and clean up the garden area and get it ready for Steve to take down the fence and it will be out of the way of harvesting when it's time to take the corn out. I sure will miss my little garden area when it's gone this year. I have so enjoyed tending it this year.

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