Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Today finds me getting ready to head out and get started on outside work, for with the way the weather is heading, it won't be long til it's time to stay inside and find things to do.
Yesterday I made curtains for Leslie's room. She hung them up and they look good with her new paint job she did.
Then I was looking for something in one of the "junk" drawers, and pulled that sucker out and cleaned it out, arranged items in little cups and now the drawer is neater looking and I am able to find what I look for. But the draw back is I have more "junk" drawers to do. So putting them aside for now, that will be one of the inside things I do this winter. My list is growing for busy "to do's" for cold weather.
Played with Kiley yesterday, she is growing so fast. She is just a month old, and already I can see her learning things. She has learned that grandma loves her lots and smiles when I talk to her. I know she doesn't understand yet, but she does respond well when talked to by people. When we are heating her bottle when she's crying and ready to eat, I keep telling her to listen for the "beep" for that is her food. She now quits crying when she hears the "beep" and listens for a few seconds then starts to squirm and whimper. By the time she is ready to get the full blown cry out, the bottle is ready and heading to mouth, making her a very happy baby.
She went to her doc appointment on Monday. Weighs in at 9.11 and is 21.5 inches long. Doc gave Melanie news that Kiley is growing good and that she is very healthy baby. She loves to be cuddled yet, and I am taking every opportunity to cuddle her while she likes it. lol
Well, it's time to head out and get started on my day of things I want to get accomplished, or at least some of them done. Some days are better than others, hoping for a good day today.

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